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    Thursday, May 6, 2010, 9:39 AM [General]

    A brilliant post by veteran YES Board Poster, Qwik.

    May 5, 2010 -- 5:14PM, qwik3457 wrote:

    People believe in what they see and read.

    The see Johnson with a .130 BAVG. They read in the papers that he's too passive. They see he's hefty. They read he's a National Leaguer.

    And then they completely ignore his career record, as if a bad 15 games in April wipes out a career of 800 games, 8 seasons.

    A player who's not really too old is in a slump, that becomes a sinkhole, that becomes a canyon. You're organization he's with; what do you do?

    What you do is: you wait.

    You wait because it's early.

    You wait because the player has a track record of much more significant length than this short slump.

    You wait because your eyes, and the scouts, and the staff, say there's nothing wrong with him; he hasn't "lost it" overnight.

    You wait because if you make a move in haste to get rid of him, you're trading him for 10 cents on the dollar, or you're releasing him so someone else, maybe a playoff competitor, can pick him up for free.

    You wait because if you call a kid up from the farm in panic, you're rushing his development, possibly damaging him permanently. If you dump prospects in a desperation trade, you're shortchanging the future just to feel better at this moment, because the player you're trading for is no better than the player you're burying,  90% of the time.

    You wait because you don't want to look like you're panicking; not to your fans, not to your opposition, and especially, not to your own players.

    You wait until you can't wait anymore without significantly damaging your chances at the post-season.

    The Yankees were never close to that point with Nick Johnson; nor are they close with Javier Vazquez. Yet.

    You act like an adult.

    You wait, patiently.

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    One of my favorite quotes ever from the 1998 video: Team of the Century

    Saturday, November 7, 2009, 3:38 PM [General]

    Tell them it wasn't easy.

    When they look back and see 125 wins, tell them that we never took a single one for granted.

    Teach them about our passion.

    .....and out patience.

    If they ask, who was out star.....

    ......give them 25 names.

    And if you forget our names,

    ....just tell them, we were YANKEES.

    And in the season of our live, we became a team.

    A team that made people believe that baseball could be magic,

    and men could be perfect.



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    Yankee Prayer

    Monday, October 26, 2009, 12:05 PM [General]

    Yankee Prayer as posted by scottsdaleyankee on the FORUMS.

    Dear God

    From Babe Ruth to Thurman Munson
    Bobby Murcer and all the rest
    All of them wore pinstripes
    All of them were the best.

    There’s the great Iron Horse Lou Gehrig.
    And who can forget Mick – number seven?
    We proudly watched them play baseball
    Now they’re all with You up in Heaven.

    Twenty six times You graced us
    And helped us to reach the top.
    We know that You’re watching over us
    And we’re hoping that You never stop.

    There’s magic in being a Yankee fan
    Through the good times and the bad.
    We know that You’ve been on our team
    When we’re happy and when we’re sad.

    Please gather up our Old Timers
    We need their pride and their love
    Bring them to the stadium in the Bronx
    So they can watch us from above  

    Bless CC and Jeter and A-rod
    Andy and Swish and the others
    We need the guys in Baseball Heaven
    To guide their Yankee brothers.

    We’re ready to win twenty-seven
    We’re knocking on that door.
    Please send us Your strength and Your guidance.
    And help us be winners once more.

    We know You are a Yankee fan.
    For us, You’ve always been there.
    Help us lift that trophy one more time.
    This is our Yankee prayer.

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