Lifetime Points: 9071
    Location: NYC (NY) , Newark (NJ)
    About Me: Attorney; Businessman; World Class Amateur Ballroom Dancer (Latin & Standard)
    Favorite Sports: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL
    Favorite Teams: New York Giants; NJ Nets; and of course the New York Yankees.
    Favorite Players: Phil Simms, Derek Jeter
    Least Favorite Teams: New York Mets, Boston Red Sox
    Favorite TV Shows: 24; Fringe; Lost; Dancing with the Stars; Heroes; Hell's Kitchen; Kitchen Nightmares; Yankee Baseball; CenterStage; Yankeeography
    Favorite Movies: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, My Cousin Vinny, Life is Beautiful, Casino Royale, The Living Daylights, From Russia with Love, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, For Your Eyes Only.
    Relationship Status: Single
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