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Posted by: Pinstriped Bible on Jan 15, 2010 at 03:16:49 PM

It’s probably just Dave Winfree’s name. A guy named Dave Win-something out of Minnesota? That worked well the first time; sign me up. Of course, the original Win-something had been a Major Leaguer for two years by the time he reached Winfree’s 2009 age of 23, so this is comparing apples to bruised pears or browning bananas (or mangled star fruit—I could keep going), but it’s unusual that the Yankees sign a Minor League free agent who has some hope of redemption, evocative name or not.

Winfree was a 13th-round pick of the Twins, a high school player out of Virginia Beach. The Twins took some time figuring out what his position was. At first they thought he was a third baseman, but his error rate never got to a place you would want to live with, so he was shifted