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Posted by: Pinstriped Bible on Jul 13, 2010 at 12:11:54 PM

I have but one personal Bob Sheppard story, and it’s not really mine, but it’s a nice one to think about now that he’s gone. One of my best friends used to work in a high position with the Yankees. He was married during his time there. Working for the Yankees comes with a few perks, and here was his: at the reception after the ceremony, when it was time for the newly married bride and groom to make their first entrance as man and wife, there was a silence as the band quieted. A very familiar voice then echoed from the PA system. “Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please: presenting Mr. and Mrs. John and Mary Smith.” Enter the bride and groom, introduced by the Voice of God. How nice, and apparently how typical, of Mr. Sheppard to take the time to make that

Posted by: Pinstriped Bible on Apr 14, 2010 at 05:42:48 PM

…Are not what Javier Vazquez heard at Yankee Stadium today. At the risk of indulging in some amateur psychology, it must be difficult to execute when you’re aware that the stakes of a given game transcend winning or losing. Having had a bad start in Tampa and, we assume, being fully aware of the skepticism with which most fans regard him after 2004, Vazquez must know that if he has a bad start today he’s going to face at least a month of hostile home crowds and scathing press and internet chatter no matter how he does in subsequent appearances, whereas if he wins the game he can nip the grumblers in the bud or some equally sensitive part of the body.

The good news is that all Vazquez has to do for the Yankees is put together a season somewhere between his career ERA of