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    My YES

      About Me: semi retired and loving it
      Favorite Sports: MLB
      Favorite Teams: NYY
      Favorite Players: Too many to choose.
      Favorite Sports Memory: Going to the games with my family.
      Least Favorite Teams: Obviously - Blosucks and Mets.
      (did not watch an inning of the '86 WS).
      Favorite TV Shows: Yesnetwork Yankee pre/post games.
      Favorite Movies: Chariots of Fire, Pride of the Yankees.
      Hobbies: Guitar, running.
      Relationship Status: Married

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    Mdg, I essentially agree with your perspective as it pertains the Joba. He, along with Hughes, can permit the Yankees to have either or both available for the 7 and/or 8th innings from game-to-game. I also would like to see Gaudin "spell" Pettitte from time to time in the rotation in order to keep Andy "fresh" for the entire season.

    December 28, 2009
    8:25 PM
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