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Posted by: Michael on Mar 31, 2011 at 11:07:01 PM

Quick, nobody tell Mark Teixeira the calendar’s turning to April tomorrow.  The Bronx Bombers were back in action at Yankee Stadium and are assured of an unblemished March in this 2011 baseball season.  We also found out that apparently Curtis Granderson’s strained oblique when translated from basketball to baseball equals “Jordan Flu.”

CC Sabathia was also on and had seven strike outs over six and yielded only three runs.  There was also the debut of “JobSorMo” working the final three frames flawlessly out of the pen.

Cowboy Curtis Granderson was on his horse, bookending the game with a diving snag in the first and an overhead grab in the ninth.  Sandwiched between those highlight worthy plays, Granderson took ex-Yanks hurler Phil

Posted by: Michael on Mar 29, 2010 at 05:51:03 AM

OK so for some good fodder and feedback before Opening Day.  Most of us on here who follow baseball are likely in a fantasy baseball league, be it on Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS or elsewhere.  And this past weekend I'm sure a lot of us had a marathon draft (or five). 

So my questions for those of you out there, how many Yanks ya got?  Do you cater towards your favorite team when push comes to shove?  Make any pacts with fellow fans in your league not to take players from certain teams named say the Red Sox or Mets? 

Who was that player you drafted and held your nose in the process?  Ever draft one of those star players from a team you hate and get offered somebody from the team you love and maybe that player wasn't as good as the one you had and really put you