fellowship of the ring

    Monday, October 25, 2010, 9:56 PM [General]

    Hey everybody,

    Long time no see. Me that is.

    Just read a blog by Jon Lane. My favorite.

    His title “End of the Fellowship” is right on the money. In my eyes, the true baseball magic that our core 4 had all those years is no longer there. Was gone even before postseason began. And I, for one, blame Jeter, Posada and Girardi. There were no sparks, no emotions, no memories. Even Cano was not smiling which is unheard of.

    The whole team looked as if they were on Seroquel doing business as usual. I hate that phrase Jeter uses.

    Playing in postseason is not “business as usual!”  It’s not any other game! I think that philosophy grew old with our shortstop. It’s not a God’s given right for Yankees to play in World Series, it’s an honor and a great accomplishment the team should celebrate!  And sometimes it looks that we are forgetting it.

    So maybe we need a new Fellowship. Like this: Cano, CC, Gardner, Hughes and Mo. You’ve got to have Mo!

    A lot of great players are battling for championship rings and it’s time for those who have five give way to younger talent no matter if they are voted an MVP or not.

    Because following old Fellowship logic: loosing is unacceptable, winning is normal. Where does it put victory?!!!

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    #42 pride

    Friday, April 16, 2010, 10:51 AM [General]

    Being in Ireland handicaps me in watching games. Time difference, you know. Well, not only that but a busy evenings life as well…

    But I had some time to plug myself back into the baseball field and when I read about Jackie’s legacy honor displayed all through the major league yesterday – I had goose-bumps.

    It’s an honor to have an active #42 amongst our players. An honor Rivera is proudly carrying throughout each and every game he plays.

    I just love the article written by Barry M. Bloom from MLB.com.

    At least for 1 day the Yankees were not thought of as a team everybody hates. 11 games that were played that day had #42 for all of their players and coaching stuff.

    It’s an honor, we, as a part of the Yankees legacy, should always remember.




    Even the dust and ashes from Iceland can not cloud the profound feeling of pride!


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    Eye opener

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 5:04 PM [General]

    A lot of elite eyes were watching today’s game.

    In the dugouts, on the field, in one of the 162 Legends seats, in the bleachers, anywhere else in the stands. And millions of us – watching the home season opener at home.

    The whole thing started way earlier than today’s 1p.m. playing time.

    I, for one, had Bernie William’s CD playing in the background all the way b/4 his ceremonial first pitch. I am ecstatic to see him being recognized as part of the present, the future and the past of the Yankees.

    Too bad the same cannot be said about Matsui. But we all gave him the standing ovation none the less.


    So – all eyes are glued yet again to the unfolding saga of a new season. And we did open it with a win – how, that’s another story, but a win nonetheless!

    Buy, everybody, see ya in Ireland for the next 10 days.

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    Woulda-coulda-shoulda. Did happen.

    Sunday, April 11, 2010, 3:10 PM [General]

    I knew there’s more of John Flaherty to like than just the good commentator’s voice!

    ESPN New York. 9:30 a.m. April 11, 2010.

    Ryan interviewing John.

    Yesterday’s game. What was said after.


    ESPN - Joe Girardi said that Shoppach would have been CC’s last batter no matter what.

    John Flaherty – does “not believe him”. ..CC would have been surprised if that argument was brought up with him. As a “work horse” expects to go as far as he can. Plus yesterday’s no-hitter would have been the first one in his impressive career. So Joe was probably happy that Shoppach did get that hit.”

    Woulda-coulda-shoulda – No way there was a chance that CC would have not finished the game if the no-hitter was still going into the 9th! No matter how far in the season we are. Some personal records take over the actual game we are playing and yesterday could have been one of them.


    ESPN – Francisco Cervelli and CC? The previous year the big left hander started 10 games with him (10 games with Molina and 15 with Posada).

    John Flaherty – “He did a great job last night. Was impressed from all the way back when he did a Staten Island game with the YES Network. Remarkable, calling the no-hitter way into the 8th inning. An easy choice for Girardi when Posada needs a day off.”

    Woulda-coulda-shoulda – Cervelli is and (hopefully) will be our back-up catcher. I see him as a great replacement for Posada in the future.


    ESPN – AJ Burnett and Jorge Posada?

    John Flaherty – “despite the fact that pitching line reads that Burnett’s outing was not that impressive it looked like those two guys got along great, looked like they were on the same page”.

    Woulda-coulda-shoulda – I thought we are not talking any more on the subject of AJ and Jorge? AJ stated that after his first start. Enough already!


    ESPN – Joe West stuff?

    John Flaherty – “first question: is there a place that he has to be when those (Yankees and Red Sox) teams are playing? Knowing Joe – he has a touph personality, he tries to run the game, make his presence known. When you are working those games, on the field or in the booth, you expect them to last 3 ½ - 4 hours. That’s just the way it’s been for years…Disappointed that umpires are worried how long the game is. Why don’t we just worry how good the games are.”

    ESPN - Is glad that John said West has a tough personality. What “you really telling us – is that he is a jerk. And that’s what I long thought anyway”

    John Flaherty – “well, I am glad that those words came out of your mouth and not my”.

    Woulda-coulda-shoulda – cannot agree more with both!!!


    Did happen. We won the game!

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    Dead man walking … sort of

    Saturday, April 10, 2010, 10:10 AM [General]

    I am not talking about yesterday’s game. Though we did lose, as we do most of the time right after playing the Red Sox. Balloon bursts following all the tension of the rivalry. Enough written about it. Why repeat meaningless statistics ?  And they are, at this point of the “almost virgin” season.

    I am talking about a bizarre story I heard on ESPN yesterday. Mike and Mike in the morning.

    John Lennon airport somewhere in England (I missed that part). Two ladies pushing a wheelchair with an elderly gentlemen sitting in it.  All good. Nothing to it.  All three were to board the flight to Berlin, Germany.

    Next thing you know – all three were arrested. Why? The gentleman in question after closer inspection was dead! And not sleeping as the ladies were trying to say!

    They somehow got him into the taxi to get to the airport, into the wheelchair from the taxi and, I guess were stopped at the security check point. The dead man was not playing the sleeping man part too convincingly despite the big sunglasses and sitting still. So, all were arrested on  suspicion of failing to get notification of death.

    My questions:

    How did they get him into the taxi?

    How did they get him into the wheelchair?

    Did he have the window or the aisle seat for the flight? And who would have been sitting next to him? One of the ladies or a chance passenger?

    Why they did want to get him to Berlin? One of the Mikes suggested :”…to be dead there”… well, obviously, they did not want him dead in England!

    Was the dead man arrested as well? Where did they put him? Holding cell or the morgue?

    If they would have notified the authorities – would he be allowed on the plane?

    How many people are still hysterically laughing?!!


    I am telling you – next time I fly (and that's next week!) – I am poking my fellow passenger with whatever sharp instrument I am allowed to check on board! Though, come to think of it, a dead man next to me would be a huge improvement vs. all the others I usually get. At least he will be quiet. And no pretend snoring while dropping his head on my shoulder.

    Yeah, I’d rather travel with a dead man – as long as I am not the one pushing the wheelchair!

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    Reaction to the reaction to the reaction

    Friday, April 9, 2010, 8:45 AM [General]

    April 8th. 2:11p.m. ESPN New York on the radio. I need to remember to bookmark ESPNNewYork.com on my browser. The predictable topic: Tiger Woods.

    Dam it!!! I said NO! How on Earth am I dragged into this discussion? Reaction to the reaction to the reaction.

    Why would anybody camp out for 8 hours on the golf course in Augusta?

    I do not think it’s a pure golf fan who does it. They end up way behind all those parked forever folding chairs. In the front row – people with sleazy curiosity. How is he gonna look? What’s his body language? What he is gonna say? Those questions, I think, are more important to them than the question “How is he gonna do?”

    It’s the reaction to the reaction to the reaction. Media talking him up non stop and Tiger talking to media non stop. I believe he should just shut up. Enough already. He explained himself once (more than once, to tell you the truth – I lost count by now how many times and in which form he “went public”) – should be sufficient! But he himself, on purpose or not, is providing endless information for all the speculations and unhealthy curiosity.

    My hairdresser’s son is a very good golfer. Like excellent; won quite a few competitions. He is 12. He was watching Tiger yesterday at home, excited for his hero’s return to the field.

    I am not sure if Woods should fire his advisor or not, but “talking” Tiger is way less entertaining than “playing” Tiger. That is if you are a golf fan and not Jerry Springer fan.



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    Walk the line.

    Thursday, April 8, 2010, 8:36 AM [General]

    Yesterday’s game was yet another thriller. Sort of like walking the line… The movie with the same title was on FX. Started at 7PM, ended at 10:30PM. Just a few minutes before the game ended in the 10th

    I liked what “Walk the line” director James Mangold said about the movie’s title and the name of the song that inspired it. Johnny (JT to the family with it being not an abbreviation but a full name commonly given in the 30s) Cash was walking the line his whole life – trying to be good for everybody, yet failing to do so for the reason of trying to be good for everybody. You cannot be yourself since different people want you to be in different “places,” and that’s impossible. So you live on the edge, taking every day as it comes. Of course the movie is much deeper than that but I stop at this statement.

    Joba Chamberlain was the guest on M. Kay radio show. Was asked: How he pictures himself – as a reliever (and hopefully the closer later) or still as a starter in the future? The “walking the line” answer, no matter how hard Michael Kay pushed, was – he is living the role the team needs him to be, taking one day at a time, enjoying life and making wins possible. He must have rehearsed the answer a gazillion times seeing that he is asked that question a gazillion times. For everybody involved, including media – that’s the attitude of a healthy person. I hope he really feels that way…

    Yesterday the Yankees were walking the thin line of winning the game in extra innings. All the talks of the season opener forgotten – we have a great bullpen! I thought so from the start – with the arms we have there. But, as any group goes, we sure will have days when a part of it is not going to be “all that”. Just don’t jump on the wagon that pulls the hair in frustration next time we fail. Because we will, and likely more than 50 times. We want them all to have Mo’s perfect post season record type of a year, but it’s impossible! Even with Mo, the skewed numbers worry me – nobody stays perfect for long! I just hope that his “down days” will be less noticeable in the records and team standings than the media is going to play it (“he is getting old, not himself” and such other BS). He is walking the finest line possible in the game! And doing it regally.


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    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 8:45 AM [General]

    Yesterday’s game was a carbon copy of the season’s opener.

    Just as CC Sabathia did not have it in the first one, AJ Burnett was not his best on April 6th. Our offense scored enough  runs in both games to put 1-0 for each pitcher. Was not in the cards for CC and Yankees the first time around; was not in the cards for AJ but we pulled it off (with Aceves being the pitcher for the winning record. Here we go again – Ace, uninterrupted by the off season, winning record continues with him – being the leader in the league’s wins from the bullpen).  I guess, it was a mirror image, and not a copy, from 6th inning on.

    So – it boiled down to the bullpen again. Mixed feelings. We discussed in puking detail for 2 days how bad our bullpen looked. We are discussing in puking detail how good our bullpen looked. Joba – terrible (not my judgment) in his first start, brilliant (with 2 strike-outs) in his second. The swinging opinions rushing down from every possible information channel both times. Even during the game – our commentators start the at-bat with praise shifting to negativity by the end of it.

    The only sure thing – it looks so far that Joba is the 8th inning guy. But even that is not set in stone, I assume. The fear of commitment prevailing – men, what did you expect?

    Nothing else is obvious. The ## are very skewed for all players due to the poll insufficiency – only 2 games! But smirks on D. Ortiz batting average are always welcome in our camp.

    The point is – we (and I am talking about the media, bloggers, professional and amateur commentators) are going to talk and criticize everybody and everything no matter what happens. So, in my head (not that you want to be here) the name of the game is: “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!”

    The Show must go on! And it will go on for another 160 games with leading men and understudies (hopefully only once in a while) present.

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    Error, but not Posada’s!!!

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010, 8:08 PM [General]

    Today’s game. April 6, 2010.

    We are in the bottom of the second inning right now.

    But I want to talk about the first.

    It seemed that in the bottom of it all went wrong (again) between AJ Burnett and Jorge Posada.

    Not so fast, my friends!

    The throwing error on Posada was definitely a huge mistake that nobody (at least our “3 commentating musketeers” –  Michael Kay, Ken Singleton and Al Leiter) noticed. Yeah, Jorge threw off line. At first I thought the ball hit the umpire.

    On the replay I saw it – the 2nd base umpire was straight in the line of sight between Jorge and Cano! In the infield! What the hell was he doing there? Even if Posada would have thrown the ball on the money – he would have hit him! I am sure our catcher is having a long screaming dialog with the umpire – in his head, though.

    So there is an error and it should be on Rob Drake! Too bad the “human element” cannot be penalized during the game!

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    I wish we WERE in Baltimore!

    Monday, April 5, 2010, 10:40 AM [General]

    For some reason Michael Kay was in Baltimore and not in Boston. In his mind that is.

    And for some reason the first sentence of the game coverage was “from Baltimore” with it not being edited even during WB Mason encore on Yes (told you - I am watching it once in a while) . Why?  Maybe everybody wished they were in Baltimore and not on the biggest stage in baseball.

    Mentally – Red Sox were better yesterday. Which does not help but fuels the discussions and counting on how many games, out of 18 playing against the Sox, we win this year. I sure hope we finish better than we started since we are playing the last 3 games of the regular season on the same stage (and not in Baltimore) – in Boston.

    The schedule for Yankees is somewhat spotty when it comes to playing our division rivals.  After this series – we play 5 games in May (2 at home), then 4 in August at home (so no Boston for June and July), 3 at home in September and, as mentioned above – 3 games in October, ending the season.

    I do realize that it’s too early to talk October after just 1 game, but that’s all I have to work with so far.

    Yesterday’s game was as much a “rivalry” game as they come. All the way unpredictable and gripping 'til the last out. It boiled down to the bullpens. And at this moment – Red Sox have it together more, or at least were fortunate more. So, quoting both Mr. Curry and Terry Francona before the game – “packing” is not in the cards for Boston as it looks right now. But since it’s only one game – no biggie! If it were Baltimore, that is! But it’s not – so we better get it together as soon as possible and get out of the spring training blues. Jitters are acceptable and understandable so far but not for long. Figuring out which team is better for real and not alphabetically – does not take long, despite the  “human element” (brought up by M. Kay and Al Lighter during the game) mistakes, which were in our favor last night – thanks to the 1st base umpire Angel Hernandez.

    And though there are 162 games to be played in the regular season, there are only 18 to play (17 left) with Boston. And I do not care if everybody on the teams in question says that Red Sox are just another club – the history, tradition and yesterday’s game showed that it’s a season all by itself. Not more important than the regular season in standings, but morally – equally so.

    I am looking forward to Tuesday’s game. The battle of which part is it gonna be? Offense? Defense? Pitching? Bullpen again? We shall see, unless all the commentators move to Baltimore and wait for the April 27th game from there.

    I wish we WERE in Baltimore now, but we are not – so deal with it!

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    The perfect story!

    Sunday, April 4, 2010, 12:16 PM [General]

    Just read “CC’s first start to be whole different story. Yanks’ ace doesn’t expect nerves like ‘09 Opening Day” by Bryan Hoch.

    Delicious from every possible angle.


    I am a fan, thanks Bryan!


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    Rating your own blogs

    Saturday, April 3, 2010, 11:10 PM [General]

    I’ll be quick and to the point. I promise, after this – I am firing myself from that volunteer police department and speak more sports than morals.

    As I was told – the bloggers should write – readers – rate the written.  I do not think it’s appropriate (to say the least!) to rate your own blogs.

    Not only you are doing injustice to actual readers (who assume that your blog is better than it might be, since no one rates themselves poorly), but earning points to your profile while at it. 2 points for each rating.  There are some new bloggers that have 3 posts, 10 photos (4 of which are the same one) and gazillion points for rating. And guess what? All the 3 of their posts are rated!

    I do read a lot of very good and educated blogs written by wonderful, opinionated  people. The “better” the person – the least rating he/she has. One has to be judged by the writing and not by the stars that follow in tow with anonymous comments.

    To be fare – I am gonna rate this as soon as I finish.

    Think it’s good?

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