Lifetime Points: 402
    Location: new york and westchester
    About Me: I love baseball, I love Yankees and no – I do not wear pink t-shirts. In fact I proudly wear designed by yours truly cropped navy one with …. #70 M KAY on the back. Why? #70 is for YES network channel number (as I explained to Tino Martinez during spring training game on March 13th, though he WAS nudged to ask the question by suddenly shy M. Kay himself, who, without realizing it, singed the t-shirt in question during one of his Center Stage tapings) plus – they do not actually play the field after #69. Why M KAY? Easy! I am a Yankee fan, the whole team. So I could not choose THE name of the player. But decided to choose the VOICE. Thus – Michael Kay, obviously. No disrespect to John Sterling or Suzyn Waldman, but even they can not fix the only game – baseball - very much “seeable” on radio, due to almost every second mentioned sponsors. I don’t know about you – but I loose track when every pitch, catch or hit is being announced with a long name of the sponsor in tow. Plus for me – M. Kay does signify the voice of the Yankees. The man works as hard as the players!
    Favorite Sports: MLB
    Favorite Teams: yankees
    Favorite Players: see about me
    Favorite Sports Memory: D.Jeeter's grand slam. I was at the stadium. Last game at the old stadium, I was at the game...
    Favorite TV Shows: yankees baseball on Yes, sometimes even W.Mason presents...
    NCIS, of course, House (I am not that original!), old shows on Nickelodeon, once in a blue moon...
    Favorite Movies: sling blade, up in the air, straight story (probably THE most)
    Hobbies: Watching people passing by while sitting in open cafés (by now you realize I need spell-checker all the time, thank you very much!) and traveling.
    Relationship Status: Single