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Posted by: Larry Fleisher on May 6, 2011 at 02:27:52 AM

First a confession, I didn't watch most of this four-game series with Detroit that from the looks of it and accounts in the paper was not the Yankees' finest hour of the first 29 games. First it represents their first three-game losing streak of the year and secondly it is a continuation of the offensive slump that seems to be two weeks old.

You might remember two weeks ago. That was when the Yankees went from Toronto to Baltimore. After a rainout on April 22, the Yankees scored 15 times on 14 hits the next night.

Since that time, the Yankees have split their 12 games and the reason is mostly at the plate. The Yankees have scored 46 runs (3.8 per game), which is not great, but also not terrible. Yet it is a dip from the six averaged through the first 17 games.

The most noticeable dip

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Oct 14, 2010 at 01:03:55 AM

If a ballplayer gets a hit out three out of 10 times, he is considered successful. During the ALDS, the Yankees had a hit 31.4 percent of the time as they batted .314. Hitting .300 in a series of three to seven games does not happen often, especially in the postseason.

For the Yankees it was the ninth instance they hit at least .300 in a postseason series. Below are the previous years and below that are the other times it has happened in the postseason.


World Series:

1932 - .313 (45-for-144) - Lou Gehrig .529 (9-for-17)

1936 - .302 (65-for-215) – Jake Powell .455 (10-for-22)

1960 - .338 (91-for-269) – Elston Howard .462 (6-for-13)

1978 - .306 (68-for-222) – Brian Doyle .438 (7-for-16)

1998 - .309 (43-for-139) - Ricky Ledee .600 (6-for-10)


1976 -