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Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Aug 26, 2011 at 01:16:01 AM

The Yankees get a hit 27 percent of the time. During the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth inning, they had a hit 62.3 percent of the time.

By going 15-for-23 in those innings, the Yankees actually topped themselves by hitting grand slams. When Russell Martin hit the second grand slam, the Yankees were in the process of announcing the last time two had been hit in the same game.

That actually was a game I remember. It was September 14, 1999 in Toronto in the eighth and ninth when Bernie Williams and Paul O'Neill pulled it off in rallying the Yankees from five runs down for a 10-6 victory.

The other time that happened was June 29, 1987 at Toronto. Dave Winfield hit a grand slam off Tom Henke for the go-ahead runs in a 15-14 victory and Don Mattingly hit one off John Cerutti in the third.

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Jun 13, 2011 at 01:15:45 AM

Many times when a Yankee pitcher puts a runner or two on base, the fan's first reaction is to either panic on some social networking site that begins with a "T" and ends with an R". Another reaction is not to sweat it and focus on the next batter.

If he was a fan and not a major league pitcher, Freddy Garcia is the type of person who fits into the second category and that's a good trait for a pitcher to have.

In other words, if there is a runner on base, he's not the type to worry about it and does not get distracted by it. If you want proof consider this statistic of Garcia's at the time of his first pitch.

That would be his batting average with runners on base, which stood at .221 (21-for-95) with men on base.

By the time the Yankees wrapped up the win, that number dropped to .198

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on May 25, 2011 at 12:39:26 PM

Today is May 25 and eight years ago, the Blue Jays were successful in a four-game sweep over the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. That weekend featured four dreary losses that saw the Yankees strand 34 runners.

If that sounds familiar, it is because it is what has happened to the Yankees at times this month and seemed destined to happen again last night, putting Toronto in position to go for the sweep.

Instead, things like Curtis Granderson’s first four-hit night as a Yankee, Jorge Posada’s pinch hit double put the Yankees in position to change the script and that was achieved with Mark Teixeira’s single off ex-Yankee Juan Rivera’s first baseman glove.

"Toronto tended to have our number from last year to the start of this year,” Granderson said last night. “They're

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on May 23, 2011 at 06:28:31 PM

When it comes to power hitting in the major leagues, it is Jose Bautista's world and opposing pitchers are living it in. It is that way even if he puts it "every time I hit the ball hard, it just happens to sail over the fence".

"As weird as it may sound, I don’t try to hit home runs when I go up to the plate," Bautista said. "I do try to hit the ball very hard and it just happens that when connect well on a 2-0 pitch – it’s going out."

It's not everytime.

But it's close such as once every 7.5 at-bats this year and once every 9.7 at-bats. That accounts for how frequently Bautista has hit home runs and since becoming the premier power hitter in the game at the start of last season, he has 72 over his last 705 at-bats.

While skeptics may find it hard to believe, some

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on May 22, 2011 at 11:30:43 AM

Today is May 22 and a year ago at this exact time, the Yankees had hit 50 home runs. Two years ago at the same time, they had 66. Three years ago at the same moment (the morning of May 22), the Yankees had connected 46 times.

Those are the home run figures through games of May 21 the previous three years of Joe Girardi's managerial reign and following yesterday's four home run display, the Yankees have hit 70 in 1482 at-bats, which means that every 21.1 at-bats a home run will leave someone's bat.

The home runs have helped the Yankees lead the AL with 226 runs scored and with a .447 slugging percentage, but they also have seen the Yankees rank low in other hitting categories. In doubles, the Yankees are 14th, in total hits, they are 11th and in batting average, they are ninth.

Much has

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on May 16, 2011 at 04:01:35 AM

Shortly before 1 AM after another marathon Yankee-Red Sox game, the police officers assembled on the mezzanine overlooking the tracks where the D train would take people away from Yankee Stadium.

And what they heard from their commander was a job well done followed by applause.

An hour earlier, the Yankees walked off the field up the stairs and across the street and probably did not hear the same.

"It seems like when things are going bad," manager Joe Girardi said, "It goes bad."

Bad would be a nice way to describe the events on the field after the Yankees had been swept by their biggest rival and then headed for a flight to play two games apiece in Tampa Bay and Baltimore with the hope they can figure out why their performance has been the complete opposite of those officers getting

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on May 6, 2011 at 02:27:52 AM

First a confession, I didn't watch most of this four-game series with Detroit that from the looks of it and accounts in the paper was not the Yankees' finest hour of the first 29 games. First it represents their first three-game losing streak of the year and secondly it is a continuation of the offensive slump that seems to be two weeks old.

You might remember two weeks ago. That was when the Yankees went from Toronto to Baltimore. After a rainout on April 22, the Yankees scored 15 times on 14 hits the next night.

Since that time, the Yankees have split their 12 games and the reason is mostly at the plate. The Yankees have scored 46 runs (3.8 per game), which is not great, but also not terrible. Yet it is a dip from the six averaged through the first 17 games.

The most noticeable dip

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Apr 28, 2011 at 05:51:17 PM

Today is April 28 and two years ago Curtis Granderson was the leadoff hitter for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park for an 11-0 loss to CC Sabathia and the Yankees. Granderson went 0-for-3 that night but has done fairly decently there by hitting .272 in 550 games. That's where he is tonight as Derek Jeter gets his first night off and a chance to enjoy the action from the dugout.

One person who hopes to enjoy the action more is Phil Hughes. Hughes found out that there is a low-level of thoracic outlet syndrome and is headed to St. Louis for a Monday consultation with vascular surgeon Dr. William Robert Thompson.

"The more I listened the more I was led to believe it was a done deal," GM Brian Cashman said. "We did not come up with any kind of diagnosis. That’s why Phil is going

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Mar 31, 2011 at 12:12:56 PM

Today is March 31 and the Yankees are playing a regular-season game before April for the first time. In fact this is their first game in the United States during the regular season before April 1.

In 2003 Alfonso Soriano hit a grand slam off Roy Halladay in Toronto and a year later in Tokyo, Tony Clark and Hideki Matsui hit two-run home runs in a 12-1 win over Tampa Bay.

Mike Mussina was a member of both teams as he was in the middle of a 10-year stint with the Yankees that sandwiched World Series titles 26 and 27.

Mussina was also on the team that last had a March 31 game on the schedule in 2008 and that was ultimately rained out. He won 20 games that year, enjoyed it immensely despite a non-playoff year and was back to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Chances are this will be

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Sep 25, 2010 at 03:13:57 PM

Today is September 25, another way too hot day for the first few days of fall.

A year ago, the Yankees were two days away from re-claiming the AL East title that was theirs from 1998-2006.

Now, the defense of that is questionable despite the one-half game difference between them and the Rays. As we begin this, the Yankees are taking batting practice to Pearl Jam’s Corduroy, a song whose chorus is “The Waiting Drove Me Mad”.

Based on some of the phone calls from Yankee fans to ESPN Radio and WFAN, that feeling is emerging with some as the Yankees have not looked very good in losing three straight and 12 of 18 following an eight-game winning streak.

So how do you solve that problem?

The Yankees have eight games remaining so maybe doing something like winning five or