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Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Jun 13, 2011 at 01:15:45 AM

Many times when a Yankee pitcher puts a runner or two on base, the fan's first reaction is to either panic on some social networking site that begins with a "T" and ends with an R". Another reaction is not to sweat it and focus on the next batter.

If he was a fan and not a major league pitcher, Freddy Garcia is the type of person who fits into the second category and that's a good trait for a pitcher to have.

In other words, if there is a runner on base, he's not the type to worry about it and does not get distracted by it. If you want proof consider this statistic of Garcia's at the time of his first pitch.

That would be his batting average with runners on base, which stood at .221 (21-for-95) with men on base.

By the time the Yankees wrapped up the win, that number dropped to .198

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Apr 30, 2011 at 02:26:07 AM

When three hours and 35 minutes of tightrope and high-wire baseball ended, there were a number of words thrown around.

Walking over to the Blue Jay clubhouse, presided over by first-year manager John Farrell, words like game-changing, complete player and lead pitch were used as descriptive terms. Also used were angelic.

Game-changing described the speed element anchored by Rajai Davis. Complete player referred to Jose Bautista and lead pitch described the normal role of Casey Janssen's final pitch. Angelic was used by Ricky Romero, who described being lucky enough to avoid getting hit by a line drive in the third inning by saying:

“I guess there’s an angel next to me right there."

All of those components led to the end result of a really long night at Yankee Stadium, the

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Apr 18, 2011 at 03:52:15 AM

During the week of October 16-23, the Yankees stopped hitting and stopped pitching in a six-game series with the Texas Rangers and lost their chance at repeating as World Series champions. During that mostly unproductive week, Eric Chavez, Russell Martin, Rafael Soriano and Freddy Garcia were elsewhere.

Since the regular season and in Soriano's case, postseason had ended a few weeks earlier, the quartet might not have necessarily been thinking of future plans then. Eventually they would have to, either by having the benefits of free agency or being unwanted by a previous team.

Martin was the first since the Dodgers non-tendered him on December 2 and decided to go with Rod Barajas. Although Martin is considerably younger than Barajas, it didn't seem like the Dodgers had confidence in staying

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Apr 6, 2011 at 05:39:29 PM

Today is April 6 and a year ago, Rafael Soriano was in Tampa Bay and was the winning pitcher in a 4-3 Rays' victory over the Orioles. That day, Soriano began a 45-save season by working out of a bases-loaded jam.

Last night, Soriano failed to work out of the same situation as he gave up three walks for the first time as a relief pitcher. Then he did one of the cardinal sins, especially in New York and that was not owning up to it.

Whether he pitches a third straight game remains to be seen, especially since he has thrown 51 pitches during the last two games, but one thing is certain, Soriano deserves a lot of credit for apologizing. Not only did he apologize but he was authentic, engaging and vowed it would never occur again.

"I think it takes character and I think it takes self-evaluation

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Apr 5, 2011 at 06:20:04 PM

Today is April 5 and 32 years ago Bucky Dent became a Yankee. There are no such momentus occasions unless you consider the unveiling of the lineup against left-handed pitchers as significant.

The Yankees had the same lineup for four games against right-handed pitching and that had Brett Gardner leading off and Derek Jeter. In the small sample size, it did not necessarily work out since Gardner was 2-for-15. So with the first lefty (Brian Duensing) scheduled to pitch against the Yankees, Gardner gets the day off and Andruw Jones makes his Yankee debut.

Yankee Stadium memories for Jones include his two home run in Game One of the 1996 World Series or one of the three mammoth home runs the White Sox hit off Javier Vazquez last May. Jones is a career .261 hitter off lefties though that number