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Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Dec 14, 2010 at 11:02:52 PM

Let it Bleed is the 10th American album released by the Rolling Stones. The ninth track of that album is called "You Can't Always Get What You Want".

The hook to the song is the following and in some ways though it is a love song, it can be applied to the Yankees' failed bid to sign free agent Cliff Lee.

"You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you just might find
You get what you need"

Basically it is a reminder that no matter what our efforts are in anything, you can't always get what you desire. No matter if you're the Yankees, no matter how much money you offer, how much you describe playing for the Yankees, sometimes it doesn't work.

It didn't work in 1992 when Gene Michael offered nearly

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Dec 13, 2010 at 11:16:41 PM

You get tied down at work and you spend most of the day away from the internet you tend to miss things. Watching tonight's Giants-Vikings game and with the computer turned off, I missed the online chatter that was abuzz among baseball media and fans.

Earlier in updates, it had been mentioned a mystery team had thrown itself into the Cliff Lee bidding. Over the weekend, the Red Sox were mentioned as a ploy for oneupsmanship. It had been speculated that the Angels were the mystery suitor especially after losing Carl Crawford.

At some point tonight, the cat was out of the bag and that cat would be the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies saw firsthand what a dominant rotation can do when they lost to the Giants and signing Lee to join forces with Roy Oswalt, Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels is

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Dec 3, 2010 at 12:31:31 AM

About two and a half months ago, this space detailed how difficult closing games actually are. It was based on researching the list of closers employed by the other 29 teams since Mariano Rivera became the Yankee closer in 1997.

At some point in the future, the Yankees will face that concern, but that future will not be in 2011 or 2012 based on the Daily News exclusive that states Rivera will re-sign with the Yankees Friday night for two years, $30 million. The fact that Rivera is returning is hardly a surprise, but nonetheless a reason for Yankee fans to somewhat exhale.

What is also not surprising is that how low-key the talks were as opposed to the Derek Jeter neogiotations. It is not surprising since if you've ever spent any time around Rivera of watching him, the greatest closer

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Nov 24, 2010 at 11:18:31 AM

When Derek Jeter walks up to the plate at Yankee Stadium, his music selection is a fairly well-known hip-hop selection. Recently, he has used “Juicy” by Biggie Smalls, “You Gots to Chill” by EPMD and “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

The way this "drama"over Jeter’s first free agency negotiations are going, perhaps his song of choice with the Yankees next season will be “Take it Personal” by Gang Starr

Below are the opening lyrics to this early-1990s song and of course since these talks are dealing with absurd amounts of money, this should be taken in context.

"I never thought that you would crab me
Undermine me and backstab me
But I can see clearly now the rain is gone
The pain is gone but what you did was

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Aug 16, 2010 at 06:51:45 PM

When athletes have press conferences sometimes it's to apologize for their actions or speak in cliches about a milestone or team victory.

There are exceptions to that rule, especially the cliche part and one of that belongs to Johnny Damon,who wherever he goes is among the more affable professional athletes.

Currently, Damon is happily a Detroit Tiger and fondly recalls the four years he spent in New York where he went from an every day center fielder to a productive left fielder DH on a championship ballclub.

As important as those things are, so is connecting with people and fans and in his years with Boston and the Yankees, Damon did that.  He's also doing that with the Tigers.  Not many people speak of trying to win a championship to the struggling economy of a city they