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Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Apr 14, 2011 at 06:35:21 PM

Today is April 14 and a year ago Pedro Feliciano was in Coors Field, pitching the eighth inning for the Mets in a 6-5 loss. That night, he faced Brad Hawpe, Sean Smith, Dexter Fowler and Todd Helton. It was one of 174 2/3 innings thrown during the past three regular seasons with the Mets and among the roughly 2,800 pitches thrown in game action during that span.

So why bring that it up now? It just so happens that the next time Feliciano faces an opposing hitter on a major league mound will not be until next April. That is because an MRI found a torn capsule in his left shoulder (the same injury Met ace Johan Santana is coming back from) and assuming Dr. James Andrews tells him to get it surgerically repaired, that appears to be the course of action Feliciano will take sometime next week.

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Apr 4, 2011 at 05:20:37 PM

Today is April 4 and a year ago Ivan Nova was preparing to spend most of the season in the International League. Tonight he takes the mound for his eighth career start and will be facing a lineup featuring four lefties and two switch-hitters, meaning there will be at least six at-bats to left-handed hitters when he faces the following lineup:


1 - Denard Span CF

2 - Tsuyoshi Nishioka - 2B

3 - Joe Mauer - C

4 - Justin Morneau - 1B

5 - Delmon Young - LF

6 - Jim Thome - DH

7 - Jason Kubel - RF

8 - Danny Valencia - 3B

9 - Alexei Casilla - SS

In his brief time as a major league (42 innings), Nova has allowed three home runs and 10 walks to left-handed hitters.

Nova's season debut is certainly not based on a brief track record against left-handed hitters, but more upon the 20

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Apr 2, 2011 at 02:44:11 PM

Today is April 2 and three years ago at Yankee Stadium, A.J. Burnett began his 18-win campaign with the Blue Jays by beating the team that later that year would give him a five-year deal. That night Burnett took a shutout into the seventh inning before allowing a home run to Alex Rodriguez.

"A.J. was definitely dominating today. He had a good changeup and breaking ball going tonight.

"He was throwing in the 90s and then he has curveball like that."

Those were the words of then Toronto manager John Gibbons and Rodriguez and as Burnett officially begins Year Three in pinstripes, the Yankees are hopeful those comments will be said numerous times, perhaps something along the lines of 15 to 20 times.

Burnett had a good spring training and a changed mechanical approach that he and the Yankees