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Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Apr 27, 2011 at 05:44:42 PM

Today is April 27 and 64 years ago, major league baseball celebrated Babe Ruth day as the Sultan of Swat made his penultimate appearance at Yankee Stadium.

Back to the present, if it seems like the last 36 hours have been like the Phil Hughes' watch, that is because it has as Hughes continues getting tested for the mysterious symptons of that troublesome dead arm.

Hughes spent part of last night watching Alex Burrows score the overtime winning goal for the Canucks that eliminated the Blackhawks. Hughes certainly would rather spend his time talking about as well as watching the Tampa Bay Lightning play their seventh game tonight against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Phil Hughes watched Alex Burrows score the overtime winning goal for the Canucks that eliminated the Chicago Blackhawks. He also

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Apr 26, 2011 at 02:23:23 AM

Being selfish is among the worst human traits anyone can have in most aspects of their lives.

There are some exceptions and for me it involves no-hitters. Everyone has their bucketlist of things they've never done and never seen and for me that is a no-hitter, which is what was a distinct possibility when Phil Humber pitched 6 1/3 innings without allowing a hit.

It seemed something special was brewing for Humber when he fanned Russell Martin on one of his 30 changeups but then Alex Rodriguez spoiled it with a single in the seventh.  Rodriguez probably caused some if not all in the press box to exhale since writing a no-hitter story takes extra time and work, but even I had to do extra work, I would not have minded.

"The way he threw today, even if we'd faced him before, it was a

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Apr 25, 2011 at 06:52:43 PM

Today is April 25 and the last time the White Sox met the Yankees on this date was in 1997 at Yankee Stadium.

That night, the White Sox then managed by Terry Bevington were 9-3 winners behind 7 2/3 innings from Wilson Alvarez and home runs from Frank Thomas and Albert Belle off David Wells.

Back to the present, the White Sox scored nine Thursday at Tampa Bay and that represents their lone win since April 12. During that time, the White Sox have scored 16 times and allowed 54 runs in 10 losses.

 So what to do? Do the White Sox panic and the answer is no. 

Of course that’s not important right now when considering the state of Phil Hughes’ dead arm. Hughes continues to be in a state of flux, especially after he experienced the same thing throwing 10 to 12 pitches

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Jan 11, 2011 at 08:42:42 PM

In the time since their disappointing performance in the ALCS concluded with a dreary loss in Texas, the Yankees have added the following players: A former All-Star catcher under 30 coming off an injury and a durable 80-game lefthanded reliever who somehow managed to be the longest tenured Met.

After adding Russell Martin and Pedro Feliciano, the name that has surfaced is Andruw Jones.

You might remember him for being a 19-year-old who crushed some long home runs in the opening game of the 1996 World Series. You might remember him for being one of three White Sox to connect off Javier Vazquez on May 1 in what was perhaps the first sign Vazquez's second stint was not meant to be.

Perhaps you remember him as an outstanding defensive outfielder, who at times seemed to possess limitless