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Posted by: Larry Fleisher on May 2, 2011 at 01:21:11 AM

Other than a relief appearance April 19 in Toronto, various circumstances gave Ivan Nova 11 days between starts. That meant between April 15 and 26, Nova had nearly two weeks to receive coaching, guidance and encouragement from pitching coach Larry Rothchild.

Based on the results and the amount of curveballs successfully thrown in those two starts, you have to wonder if Rothchild channeled his Christopher Walken and at some point said "I could have used a little more curveball or I got a fever and the only prescription is more curveball."

Rothchild probably encouraged it, but possibly not to that extent. Whatever extent he encouraged it, using the pitch obviously worked in these last two starts and is a significant reason for Nova pitching 6 1/3 innings in the last two starts against

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Oct 12, 2010 at 07:01:49 PM

Today is October 12 and a year ago, the Yankees were preparing for the Angels in the ALCS. The Yankees knew they would be facing the Angels because on the same day as their victory in Minnesota, the Angels scored three times in the ninth off Jonathan Papelbon.

At a quiet Yankee Stadium, where the only activity is a simulated game the Yankees still do not know if it they will be facing the Rays or Rangers for American League pennant.

One thing they seem to know is that A.J. Burnett will get a start and that will be Game Four a week from today at Yankee Stadium. Normally that would not be a big deal but the fact that Burnett’s numbers during the regular season were among his worst make it a concern.

Manager Joe Girardi said he does have a belief in Burnett since he saw him pitch

Posted by: Larry Fleisher on Sep 2, 2010 at 01:43:09 AM

The personality of inconsistencies in pitching sometimes go to extreme polar opposites of the spectrum. In A.J. Burnett's case that would be a sensible way to describe his second season in pinstripes.

To get back to the high end where stuff translates to results, sometimes a pitcher needs to find a middle ground and in Burnett's case, three runs and six hits to go along with eight strikeouts in six innings is a perfect jumping off point.

The three runs allowed were his fewest since August 15 at Kansas City and it marked the 14th time in 27 starts Burnett gave up three or less.  The eight strikeouts were his most striking out seven July 28 at Cleveland and equaled his season high.

The obvious key to Burnett's first win since that night in Cleveland was derived from the curve, which