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Posted by: Jack Curry on Aug 10, 2011 at 11:46:26 AM

Joe Girardi has supplied the same answer numerous times to explain why he made a particular lineup decision with the Yankees. He is starting the players that he thinks will give the Yankees the best chance to win. It is a simple answer, a way to seemingly throttle any follow up questions.

But, when A.J. Burnett is involved, nothing is ever simple.

The Yankees have CC Sabathia as their ace and five other pitchers vying for the remaining four spots in their rotation. And, as Burnett continues to falter, Girardi’s words about using the best players are appropriate, because anytime the Yankees start Burnett over any of the other pitchers they aren’t putting their best team on the field. These days, Burnett is their worst starting pitcher.

Burnett confounded the Yankees again

Posted by: Jack Curry on Jun 26, 2010 at 03:50:27 PM

Since A.J. Burnett has labored to throw his fastball in precise locations and has struggled to uncork a consistent curveball, the Yankees have dissected every aspect of his performances to try and determine what is wrong. The Yankees might have discovered one of the reasons that Burnett has been so erratic: he might be tipping his pitches to batters.

General Manager Brian Cashman expressed confidence that Burnett will rebound from a disappointing stretch in which he is 0-4 with a 10.35 earned run average. Yet, the General Manager noted that the Yankees believe the pitcher’s problems might have involved “tipping his pitches a little bit.” Burnett was blitzed for three homers in the first inning in a 10-4 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday.