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Posted by: Jack Curry on Mar 30, 2011 at 10:07:40 PM

Maybe the Yankees can sneak up on some teams this season. CC Sabathia knew it sounded illogical to say that, but he said it anyway. Then he repeated it.

The Yankees, who are usually viewed as the big, bad bullies on the block, aren’t being given much of a chance in the skirmish for neighborhood supremacy in 2011. That is how Sabathia sees it. The Red Sox improved by adding Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, so the Yankees have been ignored. That seemed absurd, but it was Sabathia’s hasty summation of how the teams have been analyzed.

“As crazy as it sounds with the talent we have in here,” Sabathia said, “nobody seems to believe in us.”

If teams need additional motivation, it is always convenient to mention the doubters. Even if those doubters aren’t