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Posted by: Jack Curry on Jul 14, 2010 at 10:03:01 AM

I have tried to look relaxed while sitting in a chair shaped like a baseball glove inside George Steinbrenner’s office. I have sat beside Steinbrenner at a black tie dinner. I have chased Steinbrenner through parking lots and stadiums. I have had Steinbrenner bestow a nickname on me.

In 20 years of covering baseball, I did a lot of writing and reporting about Steinbrenner. When you cover the Yankees, you had to cover Steinbrenner. It was almost as critical as covering the team. Before Steinbrenner receded into the background in recent years, a reporter who didn’t have access to the principal owner was useless.

After Steinbrenner had a massive heart attack on Tuesday and passed away at the age of 80, I contacted Don Mattingly, Buck Showalter and David Cone to get their recollections