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Posted by: Jack Curry on Feb 15, 2011 at 04:24:32 PM

A few months after CC Sabathia joined the Yankees for the 2009 season, I asked him why he decided to live in Bergen County, N.J. Sabathia explained what he liked about the area and how he liked being close to Yankee Stadium, but he quickly turned from the interviewee to the interviewer. He asked me which local high schools had the best athletic programs for boys.

At the time, CC’s son, Little CC, was five years old and in kindergarten. That didn’t stop CC from gazing several years into the future and wondering which New Jersey high school might someday be the best fit for the next Carsten Charles Sabathia. CC knew a few tidbits about some schools, showing that he had already done a bit of research for Little CC’s freshman year in 2017.

When Sabathia reported to Spring