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Posted by: Jack Curry on Oct 29, 2012 at 01:06:14 PM

Dave Righetti pitched in the World Series in his first full season of a stellar 16-year career. He didn’t make it out of the third inning for the Yankees in a start against the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1981. That was it. Just two innings and then two more batters in the third and Righetti was done. That outing proved to be forgettable and unforgettable.

After that debacle of a start and a six-game loss to the Dodgers, Righetti kept trying to get back to the World Series with the Yankees, the Giants and in cameo appearances with three other teams. He made it there as a 22-year old. Surely, there would be another chance, he thought. But that next chance never came. Righetti retired with a 13.50 earned run average in his lone appearance in the World Series.

“If you ask me if I

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Pablo Sandoval was about to play an exhibition game against the Chinese Taipei National Team in Taiwan last November, but he wasn’t comfortable. Sandoval needed to get some swings. He needed to find a batting cage. So, as his teammates relaxed in the dugout, Sandoval bolted past them to find a place to hit.

Sandoval’s determination to get his pre-game hacks was surprisingly intense. As important as it was for Major League Baseball to send a team to play in Taiwan, Sandoval’s at-bats weren’t going to be scrutinized. No one was going to criticize or praise Sandoval for what he did against a bunch of 20-year olds. But Sandoval, the San Francisco Giants’ third baseman, treated those at-bats seriously.

As I watched Sandoval’s magical three-homer performance

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John Flaherty doesn’t recall the exact time and the exact place of his conversation with Aubrey Huff, but he speculated that it happened in May of 2001. That was Huff’s first full season with Tampa Bay. Huff told Flaherty, a teammate who was in his tenth season in the major leagues, the new strategy for his career.

At the time, Huff wasn’t hitting much and wasn’t talking much, either. Both of those facts belied the scouting report on a player who had a big swing and a big personality. Huff knew he could instantly change one of those things by simply opening his mouth. He wasn’t so sure about the other, about immediately becoming a better hitter. But Huff had to begin making alterations somewhere.

“He told me that he was going to start being himself,

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SAN FRANCISCO –- He was 22 years old and was starting his first-ever World Series game for New York. He was anxious. Of course, he was nervous. Who wouldn’t be? It was the Yankees against the Dodgers in 1981, the third time in five seasons that those monoliths had met for the title.

Twenty-nine years later, he can recall the pitches he threw and the pitches he shouldn’t have thrown. He can describe how he felt before, during and after a 5-4 loss. He still speaks wistfully about how he hoped to start again in the series, a start that never came because the Yankees lost in six games. Dave Righetti never pitched again in the World Series in his stellar career.

“If you ask me if I remember it, I remember everything,” Righetti said. “You don’t forget