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Posted by: Jack Curry on May 7, 2010 at 10:29:27 AM

BOSTON – Unintelligent, undisciplined and uninspired baseball. That was the way Theo Epstein described the Boston Red Sox’s style of play last Sunday. It was a candid critique from a general manager who had grown fatigued by seeing the Red Sox slog through the first month of the season.

When Epstein spoke to John Tomase of The Boston Herald, he added that the situation had “to change.” Epstein surmised that the sluggish play “would change itself or we do something to change it.” It sounded like a threat. It sounded like a call to WEEI, which is the sports talk radio station that can also serve as a panic hotline here. Epstein added he was not referring to personnel moves when he mentioned the possibility of changes.

If Epstein was that honest with a reporter,