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Posted by: Jack Curry on Apr 12, 2011 at 11:42:40 PM

The Faa wanted my uniform back. That was depressing news for a baseball-loving 16-year old: Returning my uniform meant that I was off the team.

“Meet me outside your house,” Faa barked into the phone. “And bring your uniform.”

When I heard that Ed Ford, who was the Faa to anyone who knew him for more than a minute, passed away on Tuesday, I thought about his legacy as a Jersey City icon and about how he wanted my uniform back. The demand was made 30 years ago, but it could have been made 30 seconds ago. Once you knew the Faa, the things he said and did left permanent impressions.

Since I played for the Faa’s summer league team in 1981, I initially knew him as a coach, a brilliant baseball man. I learned more about baseball that summer than I did in any summer