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Posted by: Kim Jones on May 10, 2011 at 03:53:33 PM

1. Joe Girardi had a message for his players in the clubhouse after Sunday’s 12-5 win in Texas: “You’ve got to stop making it so hard on yourselves.” Girardi was reacting minutes after the last out was recorded on a 3-4 road trip that featured plenty of blunders. Most obviously, the Yankees committed nine errors, all in the last four games. When asked, Girardi wouldn’t elaborate on his message. But clearly, he intended to give the Yankees something to think about going into yesterday’s off day. And before the homestand begins today.

2. Also on the road trip -- we’re cleaning out the notebook here -- A.J. Burnett and Ivan Nova continued to forge a nice relationship. Or, as Burnett put it, “I was dragging him with me every day.”

Posted by: Kim Jones on Apr 22, 2010 at 07:41:30 PM

So, a few hours ago -- actually, before the game -- I asked Hughes how his arm was. “Great,” he said, elevating and rotating his right arm over his head.

Yes, we knew that. Other arm. You know, the forearm.

“Oh,” he said, laughing. “It’s fine.”

There is a red spot –- not a bruise, not a big mark, but a spot -– on his left forearm, courtesy of Eric Chavez. It’s not painful, Phil said, and it’s not a factor moving forward. It is, simply, a reminder of how his no-hitter didn’t happen.

Maybe that part is painful.

As someone –- don’t remember who or I’d give credit -– was saying earlier, Hughes was more dominant in his no-hit bid than CC was against the Rays. It wasn’t like there

Posted by: Kim Jones on Apr 5, 2010 at 05:20:17 PM

Sometimes when you set goals, you have to be prepared for obstacles that prevent you from reaching them. Or immediately reaching them.

Welcome to my Twitter world. Last night, I could not tweet from my Blackberry. I tried. I failed. I do not know why.

I will try to rectify the situation by tomorrow evening. I can’t make any promises. Like the IPod –- which every single person I know told me was simple to set up but took me days -– my initial Twitter experience has not reached expectations. And I had big expectations -- to equal the number of followers of Ozzie Guillen. At this writing, I’m 47,222 short. I’ll keep working on it.

Hey, the IPod thing worked out well, even if it was a slight struggle. I have no reason to believe Twitter won’t have a similar