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    With regard to the comments made on Cashman: I have recently finished reading Bill Madden's "Steinbrenner, The Last Lion of Baseball." I got a little insight on this Fraud of a General Manager. First of all, this man has virtually no baseball background. He started as an office-intern with the Yankees, a job his father secured for him because he was a friend of Steinbrenner. There is no mention anywhere that he ever played baseball or knew anything about baseball. He was handed the job in 1998 when Bob Watson resigned in desperation after working for Steinbrenner. Gene Michael no longer wanted the GM job after a stormy relationship with Steinbrenner. So, in effect, he was the next stooge to inherit the job. However, while he totally lacked any baseball knowledge, he was extremely shrewd and soon he ingratiated himself with the Steinbrenner family. Since both Hal and Hank know less than Cashman about baseball, they opened the purse strings and let him make the big-ticket purchases. Cashman is a mental-midget when it comes to evaluating talent. His brilliant deals have brought us Marcus Thames who cannot play a lick defensively; Nick Johnson who has a documented history of disability; Curtis Granderson, who leaves a lot to be desired as a centerfielder, who has a history of not being about to hit left-handed pitchers, who strikes out regularly and bats 240. To make matters worse, he trades on of the Yankees brightest prospects, Austin Jackson, who is currently batting over 300 and is being seriously considered as rookie of the year. Cashman never gave this kid an opportunity, even when the other alternative was a considered fourth outfielder, Melky Cabrera. The incompetent further compounded these moves with Randy Winn, who much to his chagrin he had to release; Javier Vasquez, a National League pitcher, with a history of choking, alla 2004. To try erase these errors in judgment and talent, the fool picks up "Fat Elvis," Lance Berkman, with bad knees and who had played in a little league ballpark; Kerry Wood, an injury-prone washed up reliever, and an outfield caddy for Thames, Austin Kearns. By the way, the media along with the Yankee commentators, Kay, Sterling and Waldman, not the most objective people, kissy-assed Cashman, stating all these moves were super. Even slim, Mike Francesca, The Fan, when assessing the aforementioned Vasquez trade, stated in his familiar repulsive arrogant way, that the trade was a no-brainer. So, Cashman has done a wonderful job, not as a general manager, but bamboozling the Steinbrenner family, the non-informed fans and the media. The fake phoney fraud couldn't even manage a little league team. Where would the fool be without the late George's money?

    August 8, 2010
    4:26 PM
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