Lifetime Points: 3
    Location: The Bronx
    About Me: Die hard Yankee fan who was born, raised and is currently living in the Bronx. You got a problem with that?
    Favorite Sports: MLB, MMA, College Basketball, Tennis, Boxing
    Favorite Teams: The Yankees and any Syracuse team.
    Favorite Players: Bernie Williams, Andy Pettite, Mariano Rivera, Paul O'Neil, Tino Martinez, Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter, Scott Brosius, basically any Yankee during the 90's.
    Favorite Sports Memory: Anytime any of my teams wins a championship!
    Least Favorite Teams: Aren't worth mentioning but I'm not that big of a person when it comes to sports, so the Red Sox and the Mets.
    Favorite TV Shows: Most reality shows, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Fringe, Criminal Minds, CSI Miami, The Golden Girls, Sex and the City, Star Trek TNG, Center Stage, etc, etc.
    Favorite Movies: The Notebook, Any Batman movie, Iron Man, etc, etc.
    Hobbies: Pretending I am a color commentator for the YES Network, dancing, cooking, reading, working out, and kicking ass.
    Relationship Status: Single
    AIM Name: amazinamazona
    Gmail Name: ruiz.valerie
    Skype ID: ecuafina