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      Location: Newport, NY 13416
      Who is your cable or satellite provider? DirecTV
      About Me: I've been a Yankees fan since I can remember. My wife and daughter's are big fans also. I have seen 55 games at Yankee Stadium in my life and they have won 47 of those games. As a family we have seen 24 games together and the Bombers are an incredible 22 and 2. I enjoy playing paintball for recreation and have a home gym and do personal training. My wife is my best friend and she is the greatest woman I have ever meet. I have over 400 different Yankee players autographs and over 5000 different yankees baseball cards.
      Favorite Sports: MLB
      Favorite Teams: New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys
      Favorite Players: Derek Jeter, Don Mattingly, Thurman Munson, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Pat Venditte, Slade Heathcott, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Gleyber Torres and Mickey Mantle.
      Favorite Sports Memory: Seeing Alfonso Soriano hit a walkoff home run in the playoffs against Seattle and seeing Ruben Sierra hit a walkoff homer against Toronto. And seeing Jeter's first grand slam against the Cubs.
      Least Favorite Teams: Boston Red Sox, Boston Red Sox, Boston Red Sox and the Boston Red Sox. Toronto Blue jays because of Jose Bautista and Any team Ozzie Guillen coaches
      Favorite TV Shows: Yankees baseball, Yankeeography, MLB Quick Pitch, Intentional Talk
      Favorite Movies: Red Dawn, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, American Sniper, Lone Survivor
      Hobbies: Collecting Yankees cards and autographs.
      Relationship Status: Married
      Facebook Page: Brenda Larry Sportello

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    Sportellos1 It is now time to start playing hardball boys
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    Sportellos1 2018 Season is just around the corner
    Sunday, July 2
    Sportellos1 The Baby Bombers are looking good in there debuts
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    DAMN Yankees gave our Boy Jesus away, what a shame...............let's wish our boys the best in 2012.....................also all the best to your family my friend...............

    January 26, 2012
    6:47 PM
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    Best wishes for your family during this tropical storm.

    August 28, 2011
    8:33 AM
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    I DVR'd the game and haven't watched it yet but I don't think we got any air time.

    August 6, 2011
    8:50 AM
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    ahhhh ok I'm with you now. I was up early (3am) that morning my time just to see our boys go down.

    July 30, 2011
    6:38 PM
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    LMAO what 20 game winning streak you sure you're following the right team :)

    July 30, 2011
    8:35 AM
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