Tonight is the night its CC or bust

    Tuesday, September 28, 2010, 8:25 AM [General]

    Yes guys, what he said you are playing off or you are playing on.Your playing off by the way you are playing now. You are playing on if CC can help you get there. Good news Toronto is throwing you a bone. Bad news you guys never faced him before. Do not let that rookie pitcher garbage be the story of the year. Tag this guy and get to their bullpen and let CC do the rest. Or you will all have very little rest for the rest of your time in pinstripes. 

    Not Doug Drabek its Kyle Drabek-- his son. 

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    Hey Joe

    Sunday, September 26, 2010, 12:26 PM [General]

    Hey Joe, What is going on? We got 7 games left and it looks like this could be a titanic like finish. Every thing was full speed ahead now we have an iceberg dead ahead and it looks like a red sox and a blue jay. The rudders of Sabathia, Burnett, Hughes,Pettitte,Nova,Mosely and Vasquez have all but collapsed. We are close to reaching Met like crashes here. The Sox look like they are playing like they are playing for a
     playoff spot while we look like we are playing out the string.

    Trotting out  AAA pitchers. We need clutch hitting. Some shutdown pitching. I tell ya we have not got far to go. With a couple more bad starts from starters on fumes and it all goes up in smoke. Bumpiss' dogs are right outside the door just waiting to tear apart that turkey starting staff that cannot even give us a sniff of a quality start.Check these numbing numbers out!

    Monday Nova we took him out before he blew up

    Tuesday Hughes walked a 5 batters out he went late bats got us the win

    Wednesday Burnett and your idea to give one away one help open the floodgates-----

    Thursday CC had nothing. The bats had a chance with bases loaded and only one out but heck we are in the playoff any way--Yeah, RIGHT!

    Friday Andy had nothing the ship is getting shaky.

    Boston who was in the rear view mirror is trying to get in the back seat.

    Saturday. What the NOVA is going on here? Another lousy start by a AAA starter.

    Sunday who we got in this spring training game the guy who throws with both arms? No wait, this JUSTIN ... I mean this Dustin in..We are being dusted off in a sweep by the Red Sox as we head north for a lovely series with the Blue jays...

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    Sunday, August 15, 2010, 4:30 PM [General]

    When I look ahead I see an awesome future.That is great attitude to have. When it comes to the world champion best record in baseball  Yankees I have to pause for inventory. I must make inventory of our starting pitchers. As I wander over to a great web site called has the data base for all MLB starting pitchers.

    A quick look shows us that over the past 21 games since July 24th the Yankee  starters: CC Sabithia,AJ Brunett,Javier Vasquez, Phil Hughes, Sergio Mitre and Dustin Moseley have been responsible for the Yankees winning 11 of the 21 games.  The starters record is at 9-9. Compare this small sample of games to the prior 95 games where the Yankee starters were 50 -24. As we all know the Yankees had to put Andy Pettitte on the disabled list on July 20TH. Let us see how the other starters have performed.

    CC  2-2  2.97 era

    AJ  1-1 5.50 era

    JV  1-1 5.87 era

    PH  3-2 3.77 era

    SM  0-1  10.39 era

    DM  2-2  4.50 era


    Does this explain the drop off? What does this tell us about the next 46 games ? Amazingly since Pettitte went on the DL  the Yankees despite playing a little over 500 winning baseball  have stayed in first place 2 games ahead of Tampa at this writing. I suppose the Rays who have played to a 12-8 record have not gained ground on the Yanks but how long can the Yanks count on the Rays to not get it in gear.

    Right now  the Yanks just lost 1-0 to the Royals and are now 11-11 since Pettite went on the DL. The situation with the Rays? Well they are playing the Orioles in Tampa and have a 3-2 lead heading into the top of the ninth.

    Today, the hitting just was not there. But, with such mediocre starting pitching, can the Yanks maintain the best record in baseball? 






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    Will the Yankees repeat?

    Friday, January 29, 2010, 10:10 AM [General]

    The Yankees are the last team to repeat as a returning champion. Yes, that was the 2000 Yankee team that repeated as champion. Here is a question, what was the last team before that team to repeat as World Champions of baseball? Well, guess what, it was the Yankee team of 1999.

    This year the Yankees will try to do what has not been done since the Yankee franchise did it in 2000. There have been a total of nine returning champions and none have won back to back championships. Here is a list of the teams and what they did the following year.

    The New York Yankees won the 2000 World Series and lost in the seventh game of the 2001 World Series to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

    The Arizona Diamondbacks despite winning 98 games, the following year were swept in the division series by the St Louis Cardinals.

    The Angels won the 2002 World Series and the next year and finished third in their division

    In 2003 the Florida Marlins won the World Series then followed that with third place finish in 2004.

     In 2004,the Boston Red Sox after they broke a drought of 86 years won the championship were swept in the division series by the Chicago White Sox.The White Sox went on to Win the 2005 World Series and break a drought of 88 years since their last championship.

    The White Sox finished third in their division and did not make the playoffs.

    The winners of the 2006 World Series were the St Louis Cardinals who in the following year also finished third in their division.

    The Red Sox won the 2007 World Series and followed that championship with a loss in the division series to the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays played the Phillies and  lost the World Series to the Phillies.

    The Philadelphia Phillies won the 2008 World series and then lost the following year in the World Series to the New York Yankees.

    The Phillies and the Yankees are the only team of the nine returning champions that have made it all the way back to the World Series. So, now here we are 66 days until opening day of the 2010 season as the Yankees attempt to repeat as champions.

    While this is the Yankees first attempt to repeat as champion since the seventh game of the 2001 World Series they will be the tenth team to attempt to repeat as champions.

    Why has there not been a repeat champion since 2000? That is a great question! What did the 2000 Yankees have that the other nine champions did not have.

    It has been said that hitting wins games but pitching and defense wins championships. I agree and the 2000 Yankees had the winning formula. To win in baseball you need to have excellent starting pitching,solid defense and better relief pitching. To support all that pitching and defense you need timely hitting. So, my answer to that question of why has there not been a repeat champion since 2000? Simple, the other nine teams did not have those four major components.

    Will the 2010 Yankees have those four components? Well, since the team is not yet fully constructed we will have to see how this team shapes up. As this season unfolds, we will focus on whether they  have what it takes to repeat the last repeat!

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