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Posted by: couldawoodashoul on Oct 16, 2010 at 12:13:50 AM

CC got clubbed. No clutch hitting. Now,its Hughes at 4pm in the heat. Or we wait for the hangman in NY. Either way CC put us in a big hole. It seems the Yanks are still in a lay off. Too bad they decided to contiinue sleeping through this game. I shut the freakin TV off after CC gave up the fifth run. Some dopey subway commercial is on. I can not stand to listen to that Ernie Jones guy. The guy knows very little about how to call abaseball game.I am sure they are playing him a lot so they want to get their money's worth out of him. He sounds or acts like a fish out of water. Wow the Yanks got on the scoreboard-  Cano drilled a SOLO  HR. Look at these box scores Jeter through Posada oh for 15!

Do these guys have any guts. Its Gardner, Jeter and Swisher - 0h for seven so far -