Lifetime Points: 28
    Location: Unadilla, New York
    About Me: Im pretty laid back can get along with pretty much anyone love meeting new people that have the same interest as mine
    Favorite Sports: MLB
    Favorite Teams: New York Yankees, Green Bay Packers
    Favorite Players: Deter Jeter, A.J Burnett, Hideki Matsui and Andy Pettite
    Favorite Sports Memory: When the yankees won in 98 best season ever
    Least Favorite Teams: New york gaints, Boston red sox
    Favorite TV Shows: That 70's Show, Criminal Minds, CSI Miami
    Favorite Movies: The Sandlot, Ace Ventura, Transformers, pretty much comedies and whatever makes me laugh
    Hobbies: love to bowl and play golf hang out with my freinds
    Relationship Status: Single
    AIM Name: MDeck51
    Gmail Name:
    Skype ID: MDeck51
    Blog Header MDeck51
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