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Pavano Tex is the new Pavano! 0 Replies
Papelbon booed in Philly 0 Replies
Mccarthy 1.45 ERA in 3 starts.. Just a guess but maybe because they are a roid test away from being suspended for a long time. The Yanks already have to worry about that with Cisco and Arod. 21 Replies
Bowden: Yanks, Padres Discussing Ian Kennedy for Jagielo & Clarkin It shouldn't be either one of them, period. 20 Replies
It's All About the Yankees and Everything Else On March 4, in the year of our Lord 1861, Abraham Lincoln becomes the 16th president of the United States. In his inauguration speech Lincoln extended an olive branch to the... 9718 Replies
Bowden: Yanks, Padres Discussing Ian Kennedy for Jagielo & Clarkin Let's hope that the story is BS. He's smoking crack if he makes that trade. Kennedy again? Wasn't he the one that talked about that he wasn't fond of all pressure it takes to... 20 Replies
Baseball executives accused Yankees of showcasing Cervelli The best thing about this story is the play of the Cisco kid. I have a higher opinion of him than some other guys on this board...I do not think he will ever be durable enough... 28 Replies
Yankees acquire Capuano Also reported .....Red Sox didn't want to release Capuano. It was a numbers game as they wanted to bring up De La Rosa. 12 Replies
Severino continues to impress after being promoted to AA Part of the reason is that the Yankees didn't have many top prospects to trade. You're also forgetting that Pineda was a top of the rotation arm who had red flags because his... 5 Replies
Jeter RE2PECT shirts Hope you make a lot of money. 1 Replies
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