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ASG Judge delivered a lead off homer!!! AL leads 1-0Not that I'm that interested in the ASG..just focusing on the guys in pinstripes ... 0 Replies
do you guys think the Yankees will trade for a pitcher? Well, if Cashman is looking for a starting pitcher to help the rotation out, I'm watching the All Star Game and I think I've found him. His name ain't Chris Sale. 8 Replies
Womp Womp! Trump tries to walk back everything he said yeaterday. After fools like you spent all day defending him!!! Keep looking like a fool. You wear it well. It's ****ing hilarious. 80 Replies
Yankees are on pace to win 106 games, I agree but we have just as good a chance at winning the world series as Boston or Houston or anybody. 4 Replies
Home Run Derby ratings down from last year remember when Logan Morrison was complaining about Sanchez being in it last year and not him- when he didn't even make the All Star team? That was funny. 4 Replies
Get ready for the return of the Kraken!!! YankoldfanI agree with you with the return of Sanchez to the lineup and Torres this team is AWESOME. IT is pitching we need desperately. The Mets will face German, Gray and... 44 Replies
Womp Womp! You Dems sure love stirring up hate. 80 Replies
FLASHBACK 2012: Putin Praises Obama, Hopes He Beats Romney- Would... We are divided now, we were divided when he was President. He wasn't a great leader.More Americans feel Obama’s presidency divided the country than brought it together... 24 Replies
Home Run Derby ratings down from last year I'll take the blame. I had to reprimer my Jeep. 4 Replies
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