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Chapman signed, time to trade Betances? Actually Betances took all 6 years to get to the majors, and he's been up for 3 years, so he'll be 29 in March, so he's not really "young" anymore.He's not old, but he's not young. 14 Replies
Do NOT fire Cashman Yankees were constantly signing big name free agents every single year and giving up their 1st, and sometimes even their 2nd round picks. Once they started drafting for the farm... 18 Replies
Chapman and Yankees agree on five year deal Why? Its not like he is 34 years old and will be 39 when the contract expires. He is in great shape and is a good athlete. I am not comparing him to Mo but Mo pitched to what he... 44 Replies
Do NOT fire Cashman Good point, Paterson, that's the ideal way to do it. They had more than a few failures but now they seem to have some legitimate prospects on the horizon. Hard to say how... 18 Replies
Do NOT fire Cashman The real problem the Yankees have had over the past 15 years is a bad farm system. That is squarely on the shoulders on Cashman. The 2016 team was only a couple of good starters... 18 Replies
Ohtani still expected to come to MLB after 17 season. Sweet, now we just need to keep Tanaka lol 3 Replies
Scott Pruitt picked to head EPA You might be a deranged-moonbat if you think global warming is settled science but a persons gender is not... 11 Replies
the cabinet The irony alarms are deafening ...Obama's cabinet had as many Billionaires and Generals... 7 Replies
Ohtani still expected to come to MLB after 17 season. is working out together with Otani this offseason and raved about the progress the sweet-hitting flamethrower has made in four... 3 Replies
Trump Presidency: An American Tragedy An American tragedy!! 3 Replies
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