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Braves got young pitching , looking for catching Yankees ? Cervelli is catching depth=he going to be a F/A. After this season! 29 Replies
Braves got young pitching , looking for catching Yankees ? Who's Cervelli ??? Oh, he's the one on the DL, I forgot... 29 Replies
girardi on drew I maybe wrong but if not mistaken Drew is either 1-22 or 2-22 since June 24th and Pirela is 0-13. Thats below.100 combined. Its hard when you rely on top 5 in lineup every game.... 7 Replies
This team My god....the obsession of Drew and CC continues with you donut boy, eh?TWO THINGS:1. The Yankees will upgrade 2nd base. They always upgrade the "weak" position by the trade... 16 Replies
This team 16 Replies
WOW....Sabathia scratched from Sunday's start I truly doubt that will happen. I can't see him going to the BP regardless of what happened in the past.NC... [/quote]Every start CC walks out on the mound we seemed to be... 41 Replies
For those who have lost a loved dog or pet Anyone that's had a special pet can agree to this post 100% Mo.. Every thing was put on this earth for a reason, I think God does indeed hold a place for our pets.. If only the... 3 Replies
U.S. and Cuba to announce embassy openings Being involved in agriculture this opens a whole new ballgame for Cuba and US trade, they have some very good ag products they grow and they will be huge buyers of our... 12 Replies
Rich String Puller to the Rescue Do you know how ridiculous you sound calling a Jew that suffered through German occupation a N@zi. You should be ashamed of yourself.[/quote]You have to have shame before you... 3 Replies
Poster Boy for Obamalamadingdong's Drug and Immigration Policies. The GOP is nothing close to the party it used to be. The way the current crop of Cons look upon the common man reminds me of the way the aristocracy of France once looked upon... 13 Replies
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