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Service time Brandon Drury Play all 12-13 players on the roster5-6 innings everyday. That will keep them from rusting due to lack of use.And rotate them through all 8 positions to increase their... 14 Replies
Players of The Game I missed the game... just watched the highlights.... great game! No love here for the heros of the game! Sanchino Bambino! game tying home run! Stantino Bambino walkoff home run!!! 0 Replies
The Yanks aren't really hitting that well lately... A few stats that surprise me a lot, our pitching staff has the best era in the AL ??? Who would have ever thunk that ?? I understand we lead in HR's and runs scored, but like... 2 Replies
Mariners/Yankees (2 of 3) lineup/game thread 6/20 I missed the game! Just watched the Sanchez and Stanton home runs on the highlights! That's great stuff! So happy for both! Woo-hoo! 164 Replies
Chapman hitting 104.3mph If he can keep his control under wrap, he's throwing as good as he ever has, and that slider is a weapon that he's never had like the one he's throwing now... 1 Replies
"Three Billboards..." I just watched Three Billboards. Very powerful and moving movie. It's been compared to Fargo, and that's what drove me to want to see it. It has a healthy sprinkling of humor... 1 Replies
Rumor: Yanks circling in on J.A. Happ I'll continue to say this, whoever gives us what we need will expect us to pay more than any other team... So the Question is this, how bad do we want Happ or Hamel or anyone... 1 Replies
Why wont Aaron Boone wear the uniform Maybe he's superstitious ?? 5 Replies
Perfect Quote about Crazy Donnie: He's an escaped monkey from a... That sounds more like something you or art would come up with... Keep loving a communist leader like Putin, he's the best, only second to donald... 75 Replies
As one agent put it, “The FBI is Trumpland.” "..finally going to... Especially in the minds of the Putin lovers !!!! 5 Replies
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