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Stanton Hit hitting approach was just fine for the few weeks after Judge first got hurt ... he pretty much carried the team ... he's in a slump ... nothing more, nothing... 37 Replies
Didi torn cartilage in wrist Headfirst slides are dangerous, but they're a lot more dangerous when sliding into home plate... The catchers are pads and they block the plate, I know it's a split second... 43 Replies
Hicks hurts hamstring HIcks talked like he could play, he's been playing with a tight hamstring for a while now, but Didi has a much more serious injury, and his chances aren't as good... 3 Replies
ACCUSER’S ADVISER PREDICTED ‘STRATEGY’ THAT WOULD DEFEAT... Probably should eliminate the brain dead voters like Crazy Glenn.[/quote]~~~~~~~~~~~An intelligence test would be like a poll can do.[/quote]These dumb-as-they-come con... 23 Replies
Question about Gary Sanchez Last night against the Rays, HORRIBLE at bats, 2 passed balls, gave the Rays 4 outs in the 9th on a strike three that was called a wild pitch, but should have been blocked. He... 40 Replies
Yankees/Rays ( 1 of 4) lineup/game thread 9/24 I think Mike Harkey gets the kudos on this one ... he is the bullpen coach. 73 Replies
You are the the Yankee GM/Manager for the next 7 days. (Part I) Very passionate ... now we need the Yankees to have your passion ... meanwhile they are getting hurt again ... so far Hicks and Didi down for the count. 17 Replies
Congrats Everyone! Buy the goggles and you get a 10% discount of the beer ! [/quote]~~~~~~~~~So then a beer at YS would only be $18 then? Such a deal...[/quote]And why didn't Meredith get... 62 Replies
Hicks hurts hamstring Not good news.... we just get Judge and Didi back now Hicks and Didi are out... this team is snake bit. I dont think there's been a point where everyone has been healthy and on... 3 Replies
Hicks hurts hamstring Look for Cutch in LF, Gardy in center, and Judge in RF for the playoffs. 3 Replies
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