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What is wrong with these n.u.t.s? Joe Barton, Senior Texas Republican, Apologizes for Explicit PhotoSeriously, with all these guys......what is wrong with them??These aren't 20 year olds with raging hormones and... 0 Replies
Happy Thanksgiving YES Happy Thanksgiving to all on this board!!!!! 4 Replies
Deal reached. Owners need to sign off.. Otani I'm pretty sure the Yanks under Hals direction wont sign any big sticker price free agents till next year so Darvish and others would be out. Thats why Otani is a must sign... 26 Replies
The Good News They're Not Telling You Keep dreaming !! Liberalism is a mental disorder! Thanks President Trump ...finally seeing over 3% GDP and getting better!![/quote]Conservative delusions are a mental disorder.... 6 Replies
Trump backs Roy More... Whens the ambulance chaser Gloria gonna give up the YB to be tested ??? Moore wants it tested.....give it up attention seeker Alred ....what are you afraid of? Test the age of... 48 Replies
chia Trump this is the closest thing they have that resembles Christie...[/quote]Art I said christie not michelle 11 Replies
Judge has shoulder surgery. I hope I am not going to get in any trouble for putting New (or Cocco) to sleep for posting this medical comment but the reason human cartilage cannot heal is because it has no... 25 Replies
Charlie Rose fired by CBS PBS most likely knew all along, once CBS realized this guy was still showing his crusty old applebag to young station hens it was time to put this old rooster out to pasture. 6 Replies
Braves lose rights to Maitan... Depends on his asking price IMO. 5 Replies
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