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New York's Biggest A Hole This isn't a political thread ... it's about the Red Sox and Yankees ... so let's keep it that way. 4 Replies
If team needs a Sweep it's this weekend vs O's By this point of the season, I think Satbathia is on fumes. I really don't know what he has left. He surprised me this season but I don't know what he has remaining in the tank.... 6 Replies
Stanton He hit a Grand Slam against the Red Sox ... nothing bush about it. 6 Replies
Total failure Lol... good one Coco! 5 Replies
HR/RBI Derby Thursday 9/20/18 Red Sox @ Yankees That's more like it! Yanks are back in the game. 37 Replies
Red Sox/Yankees (go for the sweep) lineup/game thread 9/20 That's your biggest fear? Seeing the Red Sox celebrate at Yankee Stadium twice in the same season?[/quote]All I want is a crack at redslobs in the PS. I can’t figure out... 111 Replies
The McCutchin, Walker, Voit, Stanton, Pickle I like that and that is basically what I would do as well. What I know won't happen, but as my dream lineup I would leave Stanton out if he still is hitting .130 like he has... 20 Replies
Go for the Sweep Thread 9.20.18 Lola, I'm out of the loop. Who's this funny dude with the Cuban cigar supposed to be?[/quote]Jobu from Major League[/quote]Thanks LL, I think I saw the movie once, like almost... 5 Replies
Andrew McCutchen I don't care how good McKinney is doing, we wouldn't redo the deal, I don't know where we'd be without Happ... I just hope we can resign him.. I'd also like to try and get... 9 Replies
Players of The Game If we win tonight that will be huge... Judge has brought the swagger back to this team.[/quote] We win tonight and we'll really be in the Sox heads knowing we can beat them. I... 21 Replies
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