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If you like the DH, you will LOVE this idea Rob Manfred is a joke. Can't stand the non-traditional uniforms and hats. Go ahead and sell them but don't put that trash on the field. The walk without pitches is horrible.... 3 Replies
Where's Judge Thanks for the info New. 2 Replies
Amazing Amazing considering 95% of the media is the most biased against him than any POTUS in history ...the D party is a party of do nothing but resist him and many RINO's ...but it... 0 Replies
Justus Sheffield “I want to pitch in the Bronx,” he told me. Sheffield is a baseball rat, a kid who Tim Naehring, the team’s VP of baseball operations, said has the... 0 Replies
Tigers/Yankees lineup/game thread Hey Art...isn't it nice to come out from under to enjoy a game of baseball? 22 Replies
Yankees line up today! A critical game like this and no Judge in the lineup??? Clueless Boonie.[/quote]This is an OUTRAGE!!!!!FIRE BOONIE NOW! 4 Replies
Massacre survivor getting death threats from conspiracy theorists c'mon new - admit it - whoever he picked for the VP you'd call a right wing kook and go running to the democrat....[/quote]stop telling me who I would or wouldn't vote for.... 23 Replies
CNN Town Hall I was the one that brought you up YOF. I think your constant pronouncements that you want your property to be taken from you for the common good absurd.I don't bow at the alter... 55 Replies
This is comedy to liberals? Those are your words not mine, but if the shoe fits wear it. 15 Replies
Yanks deal Jabari Blash for PTBNL/$$$ Well, if the Yanks got Russell Wilson, maybe they can sign Jabari Parker. 9 Replies
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