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Giants dominate -- Barkeley was the right choice Anyone who thinks the Giants should have drafted a QB instead of Saquon -- you're an idiot. 0 Replies
Nets vs. Knicks 12/8 Nets don't choke in the 4th this time!At least, not enough to lose! 2 Replies
Open Borders Donnie: Don't Need Any Stinky Papers To Work For Me Two more immigrants say they were employed by Trump while via @thinkprogress 3 Replies
DOJ: ‘Donald Trump committed a felony’ If Hillary is so guilty then why didn't your GOP majority of the Senate/House put her away after one hearing after another?[/quote]There was nothing found on Hillary Clinton... 60 Replies
Trump: Tillerson was "lazy as hell" and "dumb as a rock" Good question why did he pick him then ? He interviewed him along with many others.[/quote]Tillerson told him the reasons he couldn't do the things donald wanted him to do, he... 13 Replies
Treatise with the MYYES Basement "They were fallible mortal men with lofty ideas who were products of their era..."That's exactly right...and why we in this era have to modify their legislation and the... 62 Replies
Would you trade for Bumgarder ,Bauer or Kubler if they become... Bauer is the guy I would trade for. He is the yongest of the three, and makes the least amount of money. Add the fact that he was very ordinary until last year, which may be his... 22 Replies
The Family Candy Store Anybody who watched the ALDS would agree that THEIR rookie manager outmanaged OUR rookie manager by a wide margin. What bothered me more was that Boone was making teh same... 16 Replies
So far, the Yankees' off-season moves look like 2019 will be a... Paxton is fragile but Eovaldi is.... what?[/quote]...Post season proven![/quote]But he only pitched about a half-season... So he was technically in mid-season form. 25 Replies
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