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Didi torn cartilage in wrist They both seem to be equally missed to me. When Didi went into that terrible slump I felt like the lineup died, lol! IMO they both provide stability in an otherwise unstable team. 28 Replies
Flowers didn't start... ... Eli dominates.Funny that, huh? 0 Replies
Kavanaugh accuser identified and going public I touched her thigh and death smiled. We have assembled inside this ancient and insane theatre. Kabuki 621 Replies
The Yankee/Sanchez Dilemma Cashman and Boone talk about Gary Sanchez and tell all who will listen how they have faith in him. How good he is, and how he is always just a tick away from coming around.... 0 Replies
Get Ready! Deep State Creating Confrontation With the President The voter ID stuff is just another mindless Conspiracy theory. In most places people have to show some sort of ID. The amount of illegal aliens that are stupid enough to risk... 41 Replies
Didi torn cartilage in wrist I feel more sorry for Didi out for the rest of the season (as Boone has already told us), than I feel for Judge missing 2 months, because at least Judge will get to play in the... 28 Replies
Kavanaugh accuser identified and going public ‘They treated women like meat’: Mark Judge’s college girlfriend calls him out for down-playing Georgetown Prep cultureA three-year girlfriend of Mark Judge has... 621 Replies
I would be so mad if Andujar does not win rookie of the year There ya go. All it takes are 4 or 5 games pitched, and it doesn't matter that a Yankee rookie breaks DiMaggio's record, the anti-Yankee lobby fixes the results against him. 10 Replies
Didi torn cartilage in wrist Is this team snake-bit? How many major injuries to key players has this team had this year? With the injuries and Boone as manager it would be a miracle if this team is even a... 28 Replies
Didi torn cartilage in wrist Get well Didi, we need you, esp. your glove. Just when I thought our infield D was improving too, UGH! 28 Replies
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