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Yankees/Cubs favorites for Cobb? No thanks.. 24 Replies
Yankees/Cubs favorites for Cobb? Ty Cobb cost less, and was a much better player. Plus he'd punch you in the face several times if you had no arms! Talk about a good bang for your buck! 24 Replies
What is wrong with these n.u.t.s? Congressman on tape tells woman he would report her to Capitol Police because she could expose his secret sex life 4 Replies
Judge has shoulder surgery. Lola, it is pretty ironic - me being hired to condense a textbook. I am not even sure why they are doing it because this book is selling well just as it is. Even if they like... 61 Replies
Trumpland: There's A Bad Moon On The Rise CNN rolls supercut of Trump on the links for 80th time since inauguration after he promised he ‘won’t have time to golf’ as president 946 Replies
Judge has shoulder surgery. out 6 to 9 months , that puts him around june or July. ..good luck! 61 Replies
Will Our Favorite Right-Wing Hypocrite Denounce Them? Ok Comrade Art Marx, since it is Black Friday, today only,I will accept a discounted denouncement of Rapin' Donnie. 26 Replies
What is wrong with these n.u.t.s? Certainly not the fake Christian right. 4 Replies
Trump backs Roy More... What we do know is what the women and other people are saying about him and his reputation. He also seems to have a pattern. All that combined is enough for me to believe the... 55 Replies
Trumpland: Plutocratic Socialism 38 socialist economists surveyed. Top 3 answers on the board.[/quote]Must be Republican supply-side socialist economists then. 430 Replies
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