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Massacre survivor getting death threats from conspiracy theorists c'mon new - admit it - whoever he picked for the VP you'd call a right wing kook and go running to the democrat....[/quote]stop telling me who I would or wouldn't vote for.... 35 Replies
If you like the DH, you will LOVE this idea Hmmmm.........interesting.Looks like MLB is trying to find something equivalent to the NFL's 2 Minutes Warning abd the final 2 minutes of an NBA Game. So basically, this would... 16 Replies
If you like the DH, you will LOVE this idea There will always be cricket, New.[/quote]I'm running out os stuff to watch Rob. I have trouble watching football with all the stoppages in play. The Knicks haven't been... 16 Replies
Justus Sheffield Not before Willingham 3 Replies
Justus Sheffield Not unless there is more than one injury in the starting rotation . I think Chance Adams would the first pitcher called up. 3 Replies
Gun control The people's voices are being heard. Companies are starting to dump the NRA. 195 Replies
Trumpland: There's A Bad Moon On The Rise Trump doesn't think his bald spot looks that bad 1090 Replies
Oh Those Crazy, Whacky Con Artists Part 9 InfoWars' main YouTube channel is two strikes away from being banned 1040 Replies
Gun control America if the domestic terrorist group the NRA has it way............. 195 Replies
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