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Red Sox don't know Manny market
14 years ago  ::  Dec 03, 2006 - 4:09AM #1
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ESPN insider - By Peter Gammons

Red Sox don't know Manny market


ORLANDO, Fla. -- Look, the Red Sox don't even know if Manny Ramirez will be or can be traded at the winter meetings, so no one does.
They don't know if they can get the Dodgers and Angels in a marketingwar and end up with something close to what they want. They don't knowif the Mariners would trade rookie center fielder Adam Jones and pitching. What they do know is that Jake Peavy ain't walkin' through the Manny Price is Right door.

Heck, they don't even know why Ramirez has asked to be traded through his agent Greg Genske, and, since he hasn'ttalked to anyone with the club they don't know if he'll even go if theydo get something done. It would shock no one if, after weeks ofbartering, the Red Sox got a deal with a team like the Dodgers andManny exercised his 10/5 rights or held up the deal, pressuring Gensketo get 2009 and 2010 guaranteed at the $20 million per year, per thecontract option.

The club has told Genske in no uncertain terms that ifthey accede to his trade request and the deal gets held up, Ramirezwill have to sit in Boston for the remainder of the deal.

The sense around the Red Sox is that while they mayreach for the antacid they aren't going to roll over if Ramirez comesback; if Julio Lugo were to sign (for less than the Cubs' or Mets' offers so he could play short and be with his old friend David Ortiz), then the Lugo/Coco Crisp/Ortiz/Ramirez/J.D. Drew front five would be extremely powerful. And it's not as if owner John Henry wants Manny bagged.

"There will not be enough hours in these meetings for Theo [Epstein],"says one NL GM. "He's got a ton of work and talking to do."

It is assumed that Epstein will complete the Drew deal(my analogy is that J.D. Drew equals Fred Lynn), try to sign Lugo andfind a closer. Would Seattle deal J.J. Putz for Manny? Dubious. Scott Boras would like to get Eric Gagne to Boston; problem is, are the medicals real or off the set of General Hospital? Joe Borowski has been calling now that his medicals were declined in Philly.

Oh yes. Epstein will have to continue his negotiations on Daisuke Matsuzaka, which will likely go right down to the Dec. 13 deadline.


Jonathan Papelbon's recent MRI was precisely thesame as the one he took when he first signed out of Mississippi State,so they are very encouraged by his progress and convinced he will be a200-innings horse.


Mike Hampton told Tom Glavine that he, Hampton, informedthe Braves that he would restructure his contract to see if they couldhave the two lefties for something close to the $15M Hampton gets in2007. No interest, and Glavine never got an offer from Atlanta.


The Giants offered Carlos Lee $113M, and they are trying to get into the Ramirez thing ? anything to not take Barry Bonds back. Boston has no interest in Bonds. Oakland wants Mike Piazza. If he doesn't go back to the Giants, this could be a long winter with constant threats of collusion, etc.

Bruce Bochy's many friends back in San Diego kid him about having so many familiar faces in San Francisco: Dave Roberts and Mark Loretta (in addition to Rich Aurilia) plus the possibility of Ryan Klesko going back.


If Rod Barajas doesn't get $5M on the market, with five kids, he will long regret reneging on the offer sheet he signed with Toronto.


The Padres still believe that David Wells will end uppitching another year. If he pitches, Wells will win. He's the 14thwinningest left-hander of all time. The Padres have dabbled in theRamirez talks but don't think they have enough without trading Peavy,which is not going to happen. Boston does not think Scott Linebrink is a closer, and the one available starter in that kind of deal would be Clay Hensley. "That," says one GM, "isn't going to get it done."

Scouting report on Hideki Okajima, the left-handedreliever signed by Boston: "Not a pure left-on-left guy. Good,big-breaking curveball, mid-80's fastball, great makeup."

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