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Q & A with Coach Tom Coughlin:12-26
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Q & A with Coach Tom Coughlin:12-26
By the New York Giants


Q: When did you decide to make the change from John Hufnagel to Kevin Gilbride as the offensive play caller?

A: Probably Sunday night. I gave it a lot of thought and, to be honest with you, John (Hufnagel) did, too. When John came in earlier ⁈“ we were both in real early on Christmas morning and we sat down and we talked about a lot of things. There was no question that we needed⁈ ¦In order to win this game, whatever we had to do, both of us were at the conclusion whatever we had to do to win this game is what we were going to do. John was man enough to see it exactly the way that it had to be and what my whole intention is, which is to create some kind of spark for the offense, something that the offense⁈ ¦so that we can feed off of this thing and get some kind of spark and play the kind of football that we⁈⁚re capable of playing here in the 16th game. That⁈⁚s the whole reason. John Hufnagel is a stand-up guy. He is probably one of the hardest workers I⁈⁚ve ever been around. I don⁈⁚t know ⁈“ and I⁈⁚m saying this sincerely ⁈“ I don⁈⁚t know if he ever sleeps, and I don⁈⁚t know when. I⁈⁚m very, very loyal to people who dedicate themselves to seeing things the way that I am, that I see it, and do the things that I ask them to do, and he does. I don⁈⁚t believe in scapegoats or any of that kind of business, so for you to understand where I⁈⁚m coming from, this is simply stated: to create some kind of spark with the offense.

Q: Had you considered this move before or was this the first time you really thought about it?

A: I had thought about it at different times over the course of the last few weeks, but not to the point that it occurred this past weekend.

Q: You often refer to ⁈

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