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Game Thread: WILD CARD: Giants @ Eagles
13 years ago  ::  Jan 08, 2007 - 5:18PM #471
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kinda heartbreaking, so close we could have won this game. Of course penalities, not taking advantage of great field position, lack of time outs at the end of the game doomed us.

positives: Eli, atleast made lead us down the field to tie the game.

Plaxico played well, took advantage of his height.

Shockey, that one play with helmet flying, to make first down, was awesome.

Our Defense was okay, but again the one big stop we needed and didnt get. frown

13 years ago  ::  Jan 08, 2007 - 9:55PM #472
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He's not good in the clutch... HUH?!?!?!?!

HOW many 4th quarter comebacks has he engineered as a Giant? 7? Hm. And that's not including that game in his rookie season against the Cowboys, if I recall, and the other near comebacks that were LOST because the DEFENSE COULDN'T HOLD A LEAD.

Giants scored FIVE, yes, FIVE times, with two PASS TDs, yesterday, once with TWO options and one with only ONE, yes, ONE option.

NO Toomer on an ALREADY WEAK WR CORPS. Unless you consider Tyree and Carter "elite" WRs. Or average ones. And let's not count all the DROPS, yes, DROPS. Are you going to hold THAT against Manning?

qwik, right now, you sound as bad as the clueless yokels who booed Phil Simms mercilessly in the early 1980's.

I defy you, right now, to say Joe Montana could have done any better under these conditions. The Giants HAVE NO POSSESSION RECEIVER, unless you count Plaxico "I'll show up when I feel like it" Burress and his Dropped Pass Ability as a "possession receiver".

13 years ago  ::  Jan 08, 2007 - 9:56PM #473
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Our defense was okay? well, except for Westbrook going for over 140 yards, unable to stop the Eagles after we scored, completely choking in the 4th quarter, sure. devilish
13 years ago  ::  Jan 09, 2007 - 1:19AM #474
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Well, here I am arguing with you that Eli is not a special QB at this time, that his play is pretty average, and at the same time, arguing with couldawouldashoulda that Eli is not a complete bust, is actually worth trying to save, and that a new coaching staff and a better line may make him a better QB.

Jonah, meet wouldacouldashoulda.

wouldacouldashoulda, met Jonah.

You guys fight it out.

13 years ago  ::  Jan 09, 2007 - 1:44AM #475
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Blame the coaching. Blame the line.

Thank you; don't mind if I do. Football is line play; don't you know that? No QB can do anything if his line isn't blocking for him. The two times the Giants beat Montana in the playoffs was when his O Line was beaten by the Giants defense, and the 2nd time, just barely.

So next year when were sitting here at the end of another Eli experiment. We blame well, No Tiki. So what do you expect.

It's not an experiment; he's the starting QB. That ain't gonna change so fast, whoever the coach is.

Will coaching help Eli be more accurate?

It just might; it's been known to happen.

Before we say he led them back lets recap the 2 drives that tied the game. The one that lead to the field goal; they were in the red zone and on 3rd down after eli got flushed out of the pocket he missed Moss in the front corner of the end zone he threw the ball to the wrong side. If , he had thrown the ball accurately the Giants would have trailed 20 to 17. Then, the last drive which ended with three great plays by Burress.

See this is what drives me nuts about guys like you, so determined to see everything that happens through the prism of predetermination. What I mean is, with your blinders on, if Eli makes a bad play, it's because he Eli, and he's awful. But if he makes some good plays, it's because he got bailed out by somebody good.

You're right about the throw to Moss, but you're leaving out that he double clutched because he was uncertain about running or throwing. On the other hand, Burris made a superb catch on the 1st of the 3 plays, but Eli made a more than decent throw under severe pressure (The line caved in on that blitz; you know, the line? The one with all 5 guys going to the Pro Bowl. Oh, wait; none of them are going. My mistake.); first, in getting it off, and second, getting it to a place where Burris could even make a play on it. On the second play, Burris made a superb move for the extra 8 yards and the 1st down, but Eli made a decent throw on that one, hitting him on target and in stride, and allowing Burris time to make his move. On the TD pass that tied it, Burris got open and Eli hit him on the numbers, on stride for an easy TD. No great play by Burris there.

The question I have on Eli is how much more time do we need to waste. He just led us to a 2-7 record on a team that started 6-2.

Last I checked, football is a team game. Moreso, than any of the other sports, even the greatest players can't do anything without support, especially from the lines. Eli lead...Eli LEAD? Eli LEAD????

I thought Tom Coughlin was the "leader" of this team. Eli lost his top possession receiver, lost his starting left tackle, other injuries shifted linemen out of position. The defensive line went down, the defense collapsed as a unit, and the special teams, except Feagles, stank nearly the whole season. Exactly what part of all that is Eli's fault? It's true Eli did not play great as a whole in that stretch, and played poorly in several of his games. But he is not, and cannot be held responsible for everything that went wrong. It's just silly. That's a fine list of backup QBs you have there; I don't think more than a handful are better than Eli even right now, with Eli playing poorly in the 2nd half of the season.

In my opinion, Eli will not make it as a championship QB for the Giants period end of sentence.

Let me say 2 words in response: Trent Dilfer. If he can win a Super Bowl, anyone can. My point here is not that Eli is no better than Trent Dilfer; it's that the Giants have to improve a lot of other things before they can worry about whether Eli is a "Super Bowl QB" or not.

Period. End of sentence. End of Paragraph. End of rebuttal.


Now go fight with Jonah, he's convinced that Eli is about an inch away from being the best QB in the league. I don't make such claims.

You two guys work it out amongst yourselves.

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