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Sean Taylor - dead.
12 years ago  ::  Nov 28, 2007 - 8:12AM #21
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If Sean Taylor had a gun instead of a machette, he may still be alive and the coward who ambushed him may have seen his maker instead.

Yeah, because the one thing you want in your home is

1. Crossfire with your wife in the room

2. Shooting someone without seeing who's there

12 years ago  ::  Nov 28, 2007 - 8:13AM #22
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I will agree to disagree because you will never convince me leaving a society unarmed can properly defend themselves against people who do not follow laws like murder.

Uh huh. The people most likely to benefit from loose gun laws are criminals. Before you ask why Sean Taylor didn't have a gun, ask why the ASSAILANT DID. Idiot.

12 years ago  ::  Nov 28, 2007 - 9:28AM #23
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the reason taylor didnt have a gun was because he was already on probation for a stabbing insidence.
12 years ago  ::  Nov 28, 2007 - 2:26PM #24
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Jonah's question was not about why Taylor didn't have one...it was about how the criminal came to have one.

The sheer volume of guns out there and the ways in which they are procured (theft, current gun laws not enforced, idiot, moronic parents buying guns for their 14 year old kids...) makes my initial point which was that there are TOO MANY guns floating around.

The news reports from last night indicate that Taylor has begun to turn his life around snce the 2005 incident Jonah mentioned earlier int he thread..that his life was transformed by a baby daughter. Joe Gibbs was interviewed and discussed the transformation and how he watched Taylor grow up in the last two years.

Just a shame.

12 years ago  ::  Dec 01, 2007 - 10:48PM #25
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Ok I am the idiot.

I am sorry- I was thinking we live in the real world. I almost forgot we all were mysteriously transferred to the wonderful land of make believe where everyone is happy and everyone just loves everyone else and the only reason there is crime is because misunderstood people are walking around having nothing to do, but to buy all these available guns and since the guns go boom- they believe they are not responsible for what happens when they pull the trigger. I forgot that guns kill people, not the foolish notion that people use guns to kill people.

And since guns kill then we cannot trust them to just sit there. They will eventually come alive and kill someone. Just tragic that we cannot even trust shaped metal these days. What do we need to do to stop these rogue guns. THEY MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

What is next? Knives make a brutal comeback- fear of being thrown into the background and losing its reputation of being a cut above the rest, knives are suddenly realizing guns are the most feared tool of murder. Knives have been seen gathering in large kitchens all over the country discussing how they can better their ability to kill people.

Other reports shows poison being sickened by the all the news stories revolving around the mighty gun. Poison's spokesperson says the rise of the gun in recent years is very hard for us as poisons to swallow.

Strange thing about laws- they do not actually come in between the purpertrators and the victim. No law as ever prevented a bullet from piercing a person's skin or protect someone from a fatal dwi accident. Or stopped anyone from kidnapping or abusing children. Laws cannot prevent crime- they are there to give people clear definitions of what actions will result in negative consequence or an agreed upon resolution. Laws give us the ability to punish wrong behavior as agreed to (in principle) by soceity.

Ok- since I am an idiot- if they completely outlawed guns, you really think everyone in the United States would be without a gun?

If yes- you are niave

If no- then who would be carrying the guns - would you give it to the police force? If yes- then the cops would be armed while the citizens they are protecting are not. Ok- what if a cop uses the gun to kill an innocent person? Do we then take guns away from the police force?

If no- what would have to happen before you reconsidered your stance?

If yes- then do you now believe there would not a single person with a gun in the U.S.?

If no- who would then be carrying them?

Criminals right? They would have all the guns since owning a gun would be illegal; therefore, anyone with one is committing a crime - hence the word criminal.

So- you will have what now? armed criminals against unarmed citizens. Where is your money for this bet who begins to take control over neighborhoods? The cops cannot protect you since they are not allowed to have guns. Give the police back their guns to help protect the citizens against criminals right?

So now the police have them back and we are all feeling good now. Oh now if someone comes into my house with a gun- I will just call the cops and they will be here to protect me. I hope the criminal does not use that time to use said gun.

So- unless you do not think people will get there hands on guns (pick up line 1- niaveity is calling) or you really really think that if guns were made illegal- then nobody would ever ever EVER break that law. You really think criminals are more worried about breaking the other laws- like murder and robbery, but not gun laws? Hate to be caught- oooh to think the shame that would come by being caught with a gun.

Ok- lets say you are right and no guns are anywhere- all magically gone from the world. Then the knife would come back as a front runner as the most feared weapon. I guess they would have to make knives illegal and eating steak will have a whole new meaning.

Gun laws do not give criminals a problem- it is gun laws (not all gun laws of course) that keep law abiding citizens away from the right they have to protect their family. I say never bring a kniffe to a gun fight and since the criminal who is breaking into YOUR house gets to determine the weapon of choice, I would take my chances with a gun over a can of pepperspray or a knife. Ask yourself this - you are at home and suddenly a person breaks in with a gun and we just passed a complete ban on guns- are you saying to yourself- jeez- this guy is an @hole- he does not care about the gun laws we have?

And regards to your stupid comment about stray bullets flying around- the shooter fired two shots- one went into the wall, which could have easily found its way to the girlfriend of worse the child. It is not just the good people's bullets that are misfires- I would think criminals have bad aim too. Taylor with gun in hand would have been shooting away from his family towards the bedroom door while the shooter was shooting inside the room where his family was- you are saying taylor shooting would have been more dangerous? Taylor is dead - the criminals are not. Safer??? for who?


12 years ago  ::  Dec 03, 2007 - 2:07AM #26
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can we some putting all this stuff on the guy. he just got murdered. not everyone an angel. and even if ur not an angel u dont deserve to die. nuff said.

the redskins on the 1st play only had 10 guys on the field
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