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Espn Insider Chat with Gary Gillette
12 years ago  ::  Dec 07, 2006 - 9:01PM #1
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Espn Insider Chat with Gary Gillette

Herbert(Tx): Where do you think Andy Pettite will end up, Houston, or NY? Also Why aren't the Yankees making progress with Kei Igawa?

Gary Gillette: (2:25 PM ET ) I think the Astros have the distinct edge in the Petttitte derby. And I think Igawa doesn't sign until we know what happens with Matsuzaka

Idiot Redsox fan ------>Brendan (Cork, Ireland): With the additions of Drew and Lugo, and with Manny probably staying, are the Red Sox as strong if not stronger than the Yankees, considering the Sox have a much deeper rotation?

Gary Gillette: (2:27 PM ET ) As someone who erroneously didn't think the AL East race was over when the Yanks acquired Abreu, I like the Red Sox chances a lot in 2007 if they keep Manny. Aside from the length and money of his deal, the Drew signing was a terrific move in the short run. And Lugo should be a big upgrade over A-Gonzo at short. And I love the Red Sox young pitching, etc. etc.

Jared (NJ): Is there any chance the Mets can get Harden or Haren from the A's in a Milledge, Heilman, and maybe some other prospect package? Have you heard anything new on those rumors?

Gary Gillette: (2:18 PM ET ) Jared, I don't see the Mets dealing both Milledge and Heilman in one package. And so I don't think those rumors have much substance to them.

Ken (Ma): Have you heard anything about the Yankees possibly trying Matsui or Melky at first base next season? Personally, I'd rather see that then trading for Sexson or signing Hillenbrand.

Gary Gillette: (2:41 PM ET ) Ken, I haven't heard anything about Matsui or Cabrera playing 1B, nor do I think it would be a good move. I don't like Hillenbrand at all; he's a marginal bat for a 1B and has proved to be a real problem in several clubhouses in his career.

Gary Gillette: (2:42 PM ET ) OTOH, I think Sexson' BIG power would be a great addition if they Yanks could get him at a reasonable price.

Dave (Midland Park, NJ): As a followup to the Pettite question, I would like to state as a yankees fan I would be furious if he came back. The Yanks offered him a great deal when he signed with the Astros three years ago. He turned his back on the fans of NY.

Gary Gillette: (2:28 PM ET ) Dave, I understand your feelings. But Pettitte's move to Houston was dictated by personal/family reasons, so it's not really something you should be angry about.

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12 years ago  ::  Dec 07, 2006 - 11:30PM #2
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sounds like a red sox fan to me
12 years ago  ::  Dec 07, 2006 - 11:41PM #3
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Andy left for a few reasons but one reason was b/c they Yankee mgt did not show him the love he wanted to from them. Money to the Yanks is nothing is is more about respect. Andy P could have gone to Boston, who made an offer to him but he declined out of respect for the Yankees.

Boston has to overspend to make up for coming in 3rd. If the Yankees came in third w/ their payroll, Cashman would be out and the yanks would over spend too. Epstein is paying for his job but overpaying for every free agent in and out of the US.
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