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All I Want For Christmas Is
12 years ago  ::  Dec 08, 2006 - 12:33AM #11
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And then, I'm happy.smile

12 years ago  ::  Dec 08, 2006 - 12:35AM #12
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I completely agree with that wish.wink
12 years ago  ::  Dec 08, 2006 - 12:43AM #13
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I've been eerily silent about this subject whenever the topic is broached on this message board. When Andy was under contract to the Astros and they had no intention of dealing him, it was senseless to jump into the argument where both sides couldn't really be convinced that the other side was "right".

But now that Andy is a free agent and he has formally announced that he wants to play "in 2007... and possibly beyond", I can come clean.

I liked Andy in pinstripes. I really liked Andy in pinstripes. Andy brought a calm, quiet professionalism to the staff not unlike that of Mussina - or Wang for that matter. No histrionics, no bulletin board material, just a clean living guy who loves his family and enjoys pitching in the maelstrom that is the Bronx.

Oh yeah, and he's left-handed. That counts for something.

People will point to the times where Andy just didn't have it in a big spot and nobody can deny that's the case.

But what of all the times the Yankees came out and lost the first game of a playoff series only to have Andy come up big in game 2, evening the series at one apiece?

What of the two games he pitched in the 2003 World Series to a combined 0.57 ERA in 15+ IP? Sure, he lost one of those games but that was hardly his fault.

Andy is a big game pitcher that, much more often than not, brings it when it's most needed. He makes this staff better.

Yes, he's older. Yes, there are questions about his elbow (though I think the answer he gave to those questions in the second half of last season speaks pretty loudly). But - and I know I'm going to get hammered from this crew for this observation - I enjoy watching Andy pitch. I'll tune in to the game just to watch. I'll consider buying tickets and coming out in person if I know he's going to pitch. I'll go out and buy another jersey and put 46 on the back if he comes back (with his old number).

Having Andy on the team makes me, the fan, happy. If part of the objective of running a ballclub is to make your paying customers happy, signing Andy Pettitte would be all I would ever really need for the holidays. That, a first baseman and Bernie either signs in NY or retires having been a Yankee for life.

Here's to hoping Andy's a Yankee again before the weekend is out.
12 years ago  ::  Dec 08, 2006 - 1:30AM #14
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nice post, i hope andy comes back to his baseball home, as well he truly is one of the few who has any kind of loyalty over money he proved that when he went to houston, taking less money and no yankee fan can forget that he would not play for the red sox, so for me andy can come home win #200 in the pinstripes, and hopefully win another couple of rings. 46 is waiting.
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