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Giants first pick
12 years ago  ::  Feb 07, 2008 - 6:20AM #21
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You know anything to replace James Butler. That dude is killing me. You think Cromartie can play free saftey next to Wilson in the secondary?

That would be pretty sick
12 years ago  ::  Feb 07, 2008 - 3:12PM #22
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No, Cromartie is a pure corner and a big bodies corner at that. He has 4.44 speed to go with it as well. He's a possible shut down guy with proper instruction.

HOWEVER, one guy that I do think can play Safety if we draft a corner that can play in the first round is-

a big physical corner who lacks blazing speed.

Corey Webster. He's 6ft 200lbs, so he may need to add about 10 pounds, but if he could make the switch he could be good there.

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12 years ago  ::  Feb 07, 2008 - 6:23PM #23
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trade the pick for Chad Johnson devilish
12 years ago  ::  Feb 07, 2008 - 6:56PM #24
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Why in the world would you want that idiot-loud mouthed fool on this team. Clearly he is a cancer in the huddle. We already had a few of those:
1. Tiki
2. Shockey

Look what they just did without them. I would hate to have a guy like that on the team. More concerned about his stupid touchdown celebrations that winning the game. He scripted out the whole year of celebrations. Look how that panned out. Maybe he should have been practicing with Palmer and watching film (ala the Mannings) instead of planning is next stupid side-show celebration over nothing.

Dance after you win the Super Bowl. Not in week one when you score against a garbage team and then embaress yourself with a HOF jacket. Hall of shame is more like it. He's a disgrace to the game of football.

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12 years ago  ::  Feb 07, 2008 - 8:30PM #25
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will dockery be able to play some FS?

12 years ago  ::  Feb 07, 2008 - 11:01PM #26
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Not unless he's the next Bob Sanders and I don't see that happening. Dockery is only 5'8" 185 lbs or so. The best option is rookie Michael Johnson. He's 6'2" and 211. He showed flashes and now has some experience under his belt. I'd still draft another Safety anyways just for depth as well as exploring Webster at Safety. He's the same size/speed as Gibril maybe a little quicker though. Andrew Shanle is another guy who is 6'1" who was a rookie last year but never played. He would need a huge camp and preseason to be considered anywhere other than special teams. This team has 4 rookies in the secondary and with another strong draft this year, they should be set for years to come. I expect Reese to find another DL and LB as well.

Reese is a great scout and I expect him to be full of surprises again. The only difference is this year I will not question his draft afility.

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12 years ago  ::  Feb 08, 2008 - 5:28AM #27
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butler has never really made a big play or int for this team
12 years ago  ::  Feb 08, 2008 - 6:22AM #28
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he had one interception this season. We need to upgrade that position because he misses alot of tackles.

Here is what i have in mind with the 31st pick.

Tom Zbikowski, SS, Notre Dame

Height: 5-11. Weight: 209.
40 Time: 4.42.
Projected Round: 2.

Failed to register an interception in 2006 after claiming five, two of
which were returned for touchdowns, the previous season. Part of a
horrid secondary that surrendered long bombs to Chad Henne, John David
Booty and JaMarcus Russell. Once was a first-round prospect; needs to
rebound to reclaim that status. Can be a return specialist at the next
level. But also does something that our secondary defense really really lacks. He makes open field tackles. James Butler misses tackles left and right while Zbikowski will wrap them up tight and bring'em down quick. He is athletic and fearless on the field.

Now if Kenny Phillips out of Miami falls down to the 31st pick, which is HIGHLY doubtful, then yes snag him and sign him to 5 years. But the best second option would be Zbikowski.
12 years ago  ::  Feb 08, 2008 - 6:49AM #29
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lol, worryin about the draft already..

have fun with this some more

i know i will be for quite a while wink

12 years ago  ::  Feb 08, 2008 - 7:09AM #30
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If we dont get Tom Zbikowski then here are three other guys we can get in later rounds that i really like and would love to have on our team:

DaJuan Morgan, FS, N.C. State

Height: 6-1. Weight: 203.
40 Time: 4.44.
Projected Round: 3.

DaJuan Morgan has declared for the 2008 NFL Draft.

Morgan really improved this season, leading the team with 117 tackles.

Marcus Griffin, FS, Texas

Height: 5-10. Weight: 198.
40 Time: 4.47.
Projected Round: 3.

Twin brother of Tennessee No. 1 pick Michael Griffin. Started 11 games in 2006, recording 86 tackles and a pick.

Wesley Woodyard, SS, Kentucky

Height: 6-0. Weight: 219.
40 Time: 4.41.
Projected Round: 4.

Recruited as a safety, moved to linebacker but will probably have to
change back into a strong safety in the NFL. Dazzled everyone by
running a 4.41 at Kentucky's 2007 Pro Day. That may have moved him from
the seventh round to the early part of the third. An instinctive player
who is always around the football.

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