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And a-be, and a-be, and a-be...
11 years ago  ::  Apr 27, 2009 - 12:38AM #21
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yeah and i'm thinking more and more of the tortorella suspension .. i've seen players get called for attempt to injure in the playoffs that didnt get suspended till the following season , not even 1 game in the series .. the league certainly doesnt want the brand of hockey we're seeing from the rangers advancing thats for sure , if anything they've encouraged the caps fans to go after tortoirella even more so tomorrow night and sets a bad tone that if you can bait a coach into spraying you with water you can get him tossed for a game or 2

my local little league is run better then the nhl

11 years ago  ::  Apr 27, 2009 - 12:56AM #22
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The Rangers sent a letter Saturday to the NHL asserting "gross
negligence" by the Capitals in response to "egregious fan misconduct."
Spectators behind the visitors' bench used obscene language and spit on
team personnel, the letter said, and Capitals security did not act on
requests to intervene.

"According to Rangers trainer Jim Ramsay, one patron was screaming at the team, in graphic language, about whether Dan Girardi and Marc Staal
have a sexual relationship," general manager Glen Sather wrote in a
letter to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman that the team released Sunday.
"This was within earshot of several children seated nearby. Several
other fans also made repeated homophobic remarks."

Ramsay alerted a security guard and later a security supervisor, the
letter said, but the offending fans were not removed from their seats.


isn't it amazing that the other day all those "caps fans" in the front row said the fan did nothing to instigate what happened.
I have about had it with this league.
11 years ago  ::  Apr 27, 2009 - 1:09AM #23
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The non-call on the Betts hit was the beginning of the end in the game today. How Brashear didn't get a major and a game misconduct is beyond me. If the NHL was actually unbiased, that hit would even have possibly been worthy of a suspension. With that said, the Rangers played a decent game today. The were not outworked in time of possession, SOG, or even hits. A couple of things I noticed... First, Henrik looked horrible today. He should have stopped 3 of the 5 goals. The Rangers also failed to block even one shot today that I saw.

The biggest difference in today's game... The Rangers don't have skill players that finish and they seem to have lost the desire to go out there and leave everything on the ice. Scotty Gomez was the one bright spot today. He played one of the best games I've seen him play in a Rangers uniform.
11 years ago  ::  Apr 27, 2009 - 1:11AM #24
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Oh, and two other things. Voros needs to be traded and I mean now. He had to have made the dumbest retaliation of all time and should have cost us a power play, but for once the refs didn't favor the Caps.

Also ... fine time for the Rangers to lose their first game at MSG when I was in attendance. angry

Here's hoping for a miracle in game 7.
11 years ago  ::  Apr 27, 2009 - 1:43AM #25
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I will say this, if the league doesn't suspend or fine any players from the caps after the multiple incident that occurred today, I can pretty much say the NHL is staged like the World Cup Soccer. First it was the obvious officiating garbage and now this?
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