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Dany Heatley broadway bound?
11 years ago  ::  Jun 24, 2009 - 5:15PM #1
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* The Rangers are reportedly offering a deal that may include Chris Drury to the Sens for Dany Heatley.
A source close to the scene in NY said that "There are major wheels in
motion, and I believe Heatley to be a Ranger by Sunday."


If we can get rid of Drury's contract and replace him with Heatley (big time goal scorer)............ :)

edit. ah c rap someone move to NHL forum plz
11 years ago  ::  Jun 24, 2009 - 9:30PM #2
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Hockeybuzz is the most inaccurate hockey site on the web.Eklund is a joke he's a Phllthy Failure fan who loves to make up stuff about the Rangers and Devils .There's no way the Sens will take on Drury's contract.

11 years ago  ::  Jun 26, 2009 - 6:47AM #3
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get him now !!!! i just saw this one !!

Dreger: Rangers in Top Three for Heatley

As per Blueshirt Banter, Darren Dreger has reported that the Rangers are one of three teams (Sharks and Oilers) in the final running for Heatley. This is the second rumor we have heard about the Rangers closing in on Heatley. Again, the players rumored to be involved:

The players involved are Heatley(contract plus $4 mil bonus) to the Rangers for possibly Dubinsky, Stepan(on top line at Univ. of Wisconsin as a freshman),Voros(they like the ⁈Å"Neil Type⁈ ),and Rozsival.

11 years ago  ::  Jun 26, 2009 - 2:22PM #4
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Wow, getting Heatley for those 4 is a virtual steal. I love Dubinsky's play but he's not a difference maker. He will have a long NHL career barring injury but won't be a standout. Voros is a solid 3rd line player but he should be able to be easily replaced. Rozsival is probably the most inconsistent defenseman in the league.

The only question mark in the trade is Stepan. He didn't really stand out for the BADgers last year, but the team was pretty bad as well. From the half dozen Badger games I saw, I'd say he was too conservative for a first line center and he got pushed around a lot. A lot of freshmen have trouble adjusting to the size of the NCAA, especially if they come directly from HS (many NCAA "freshman" are 20-22 years old after taking a couple years in juniors). I believe he played HS at Shattuck-St. Mary's, a class HS program that plays a very speed and offense oriented schedule. The WCHA has its skill players but from top to bottom, it's a very physical league.
11 years ago  ::  Jun 26, 2009 - 4:25PM #5
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nwfire where are you from again ?? youre a very knowledgable hockey guy !! i agree the dubinsky's are the kinds of guys the rangers need, a guy who comes to play every night but heatley is a franchise player who could score more in one game then dubinsky in a week !! here's today's ny papers


MONTREAL -- NHL general managers arriving here for this Entry Draft weekend have been met with gridlock created by a surfeit of...

Isles at center ice, Rangers eye trades

While it's the Islanders under the spotlight tonight making the long-anticipated top pick in the NHL draft, the Rangers still have the chance to swoop in and make a sizable splash of their own.

11 years ago  ::  Jun 26, 2009 - 5:17PM #6
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If I'm Garth Snow, he MUST draft Tavares.
11 years ago  ::  Jun 26, 2009 - 5:30PM #7
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Clouston: Heatley needed consistency

Last Updated: 26th June 2009, 4:59am

Cory Clouston spoke to the media yesterday in Montreal, addressing Dany Heatley⁈⁚s request to be traded. (ANDRE FORGET/Sun Media)
Cory Clouston spoke to the media yesterday in Montreal, addressing Dany Heatley⁈⁚s request to be traded. (ANDRE FORGET/Sun Media)

MONTREAL ⁈” When Dany Heatley⁈⁚s trade demand became public, Cory Clouston kept his lips zipped.

Until yesterday.

The Senators coach says he wouldn⁈⁚t change the way he treated Heatley. For a team to be successful, Clouston says, everybody, Heatley included, has to buy into the team concept.

⁈Å"The biggest concern I have is the dressing room,⁈  said Clouston. ⁈Å"They⁈⁚ve been here a lot longer than I have and they⁈⁚ve worked hard and were very close to winning a Stanley Cup and all of a sudden, this happens.

⁈Å"For myself to be painted as the scapegoat, that⁈⁚s fine. I believe we did what was right for the team. No organization will win unless you have that team concept and team focus. For the most part, we did that. That⁈⁚s what we⁈⁚re going to preach for the rest of the summer and going into next season.⁈ 

The Senators hope they can put the Heatley scenario behind them before they make the No. 9 selection in tonight⁈⁚s NHL draft. The talk was heating up, but the indications are teams are still ⁈Å"kicking tires⁈  ⁈” not what GM Bryan Murray wants at this stage.

Sources told Sun Media the St. Louis Blues, Edmonton Oilers, Colorado Avalanche, Vancouver Canucks, San Jose Sharks, Minnesota Wild, Dallas Stars, L.A. Kings and N.Y. Rangers have all made pitches. The Canucks, Kings and Rangers were on the wishlist Heatley submitted to Ottawa.

While the Kings, Canucks and Wild are considered the most serious contenders, the Rangers, looking to unload Scott Gomez, are also anxious to make a deal.

⁈Å"We⁈⁚re not giving him away because he⁈⁚s made the demand to be traded,⁈  said Senators assistant GM Tim Murray. ⁈Å"It has to be a good hockey deal or it⁈⁚s not going to get done. If that doesn⁈⁚t happen, we⁈⁚ll just assume that on Sept. 14, he⁈⁚ll show up to training camp, be part of our team and go forward.⁈ 

Clouston said he challenged Heatley to compete harder.

⁈Å"Nothing different (was asked) than from the rest of the team. You want to see consistency in effort, consistency in practice and to play a team game,⁈  said Clouston. ⁈Å"All you have to do is look at the Stanley Cup final to see what can be accomplished when you play as a team.

⁈Å"Those teams played very well. Not only did the star players put pucks in the net, they were committed to a team game by blocking shots, finishing checks and playing well defensively. That⁈⁚s what we wanted to do as a whole. Not just one individual, but as a team.⁈ 

Clouston said he spoke with Heatley before the trade request was made.

⁈Å"I talked to Dany once and it was a pretty decent conversation. There wasn⁈⁚t any animosity between the two of us, which I think is a positive thing. Since then, I haven⁈⁚t spoken to him,⁈  said Clouston.

⁈Å"The one area (he wanted to see more) was just consistency. When Dany is moving his feet and playing his game, he⁈⁚s one of the best players in the NHL.⁈ 

11 years ago  ::  Jun 26, 2009 - 8:22PM #8
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Hockeybuzz is the most inaccurate hockey site on the web.Eklund is a joke he's a Phllthy Failure fan who loves to make up stuff about the Rangers and Devils .There's no way the Sens will take on Drury's contract.

Check this website out. He's usally accurate.

11 years ago  ::  Jun 26, 2009 - 9:48PM #9
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Jimmy, I'm from right here in the Hudson Valley but I had the pleasure of attending Clarkson University and getting hooked on college hockey. I watch or listen to every Clarkson game (depending on what's available, home games are telecast via internet ... road games sometimes on radio) but I also watch as many other college games as I can. If you are handy with a channel guide and have a digital package, you can generally catch all of Minnesota's home games, all of Wisconsin's "rivalry" games, one Colorado of Denver game a weekend, a CCHA game or two and a random game televised by ESPN-U.

Along with my following of college hockey has come a following of our recruits. Since the bigger college programs are recruiting players 2 to 3 years out (our message board already has a thread for 2011 recruits), I get to do a lot of reading about the prep leagues both here and in Canada.

Jimmy, I don't know where you are from if you're in the tri-state area, I would suggest checking out the local college teams. Princeton is a top notch team these days; they have a fast roster from top to bottom and their goaltender Zane Kalemba is one you might see in the NHL someday. Yale also has a strong team including one of the league's top players, Marc Arcabello. The tickets are pretty cheap (usually around $10) and it can be a great family outing.
11 years ago  ::  Jun 26, 2009 - 10:17PM #10
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we only get a college game on our package once in a blue moon , in a big game !! sometimes we'll get the rangers juniors team in hartford but thats about it
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