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Winter Leagues--YANKS NEWS - RUMORS
8 years ago  ::  Jan 31, 2010 - 7:52AM #1
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Final Fall and Winter league stats including playoffs are listed below for all Yankees who played this offseason.   



Colin  Curtis--OF--Curtis had a terrific fall league.   In 20 games he hit .397 (31-78),  with 5 homers,   7 doubles,  18 rbi,  19 runs and an OBP of .472.   He’ll be starting 2010 at AAA SWB.

Brandon Laird--Laird had a very good fall league hitting .333 (30-90) in 22 games.  He added  homers,  9 doubles,  24 rbi,  18 runs and an OBP of .406.

Austin Romine--Romine only played in 4 games at the AFL hitting .400 (6-15) with 2 rbi.  He had no extra base hits.   He’ll be starting 2010 at AA Trenton.

Grant Duff--Duff appeared in 10 games in relief picking up 2 saves.   9.1 innings,  3 ER,  7 hits,  BAA .212.


Ivan Nova-- The righty pitcher had a terrific winter league.   He made 5 appearances,  4 starts going 1-0 with a very impressive 1.05 ERA.   In 25.2 innings he allowed only 3 earned runs,  17 hits,  17 K’s--4 walks.    Whip 0.82,   BAA .187   Nova will be starting 2010 in the SWB rotation.  

Edwar Ramirez--The righty reliever appeared in onl 3 games.   He tossed 2.2 innings allowing 1 run on 4 hits and 1 walk.  He added 3 strikeouts.   Whip 1.88,  BAA .333.

Zack Segovia--RHP--recently picked up by the Yankees on a minor league deal.   Segovia converted 6 of 7 save opportunites with a 0.71 ERA.  

Jonathan Ortiz--The righty reliever appeared in 6 games for 4.0 innings.   He did not allow a run,  4 hits,   3 K’s--1 walk.   Whip 1.25,   BAAA .267.

Wilkins Arias--had a busy winter league relieving in 26 games.   17.0 innings,  9 earned runs,  17 hits,  18 K’s--7 walks,   Whip 1.41,  BAA .258.

Noel Castillo--Castillo appeared in only 3 games.   2.0 innings,  5 earned runs,  5 hits,  1 K--4 walks.  

Ramiro Pena--Pena’s Culican team made the playoffs and Pena had an excellent postseason hitting at a .414 clip with 1 homer,  4 rbi and 5 runs scored.  Pena appeared in 26 regular season games hitting .247 (21-85).   He scored 10 runs,  with 4 rbi,  3 doubles and 1 triple.   OBP .340.

Reid Gorecki--recently signed to a minor league deal by the Yankees.  Gorecki hit .250 with 5 homers.   He added 17 stolen bases,  4th in the MWL.  

Jon Weber--Weber was signed as a minor league free agent.   His Mazatlan team made it to the Mexican League Championship series and he led the team in hitting with a .462 in the championship series.     Overall in the postseason Weber hit .373 with 8 rbi,  7 runs,  and 3 doubles.  Weber hit  .396 (65-164) in 40 MWL regular season games.   He pounded 7 homers and 13 doubles to go along with 29 rbis and 30 runs scored.   OBP .429,  OPS 1.032.   He’ll be playing at SWB in 2010.

Jorge Vasquez--Vaszuez had a rough postseason going just 3-21 with 1 solo homer for his only rbi and run scored.   Vasquez played in 32 regular season games and showed some great power,  hitting 11 homers and 5 doubles.   He hit for a .252 average (31-123),  with 26 rbi and 16 runs scored.   He also struck out 25 times.  OPS .877.

Walter Ibarra--Ibarra played in 34 games,  hitting .250 (16-64) with 4 rbi and 10 runs scored.  


Francisco Cervelli--Cervelli only played in 6 games,  hitting .214 (3-14) with 1 double,  4 K’s--3 walks.   OBP .389.

Jesus Montero--Montero got in 9 games as a DH hitting just .115 (3-26) with 1 rbi.  He had 3 K’s--3 walks.   

Reegie Corona--Corona had a very good winter league.   His Maganelles team made the VWL postseason going all the way to the championship series but they were defeated. He hit .344 overall in the postseason with 6 rbi,  6 runs,  and 4 doubles.  He hit an even .300 in the championship series.   In 44 regular season games he hit .317 (44-129) with 2 HR,  17 doubles,  36 runs,  18 rbi,   OBP.  .435.

Edwar Gonzalez---Gonzalez was just resigned as a minor league free agent Feb 13 th for minor league depth.   He hit .268 in 37 games with 11 rbi for Lara in the VWL.   In 09 he played at AA Trenton as a rightfielder  hitting .232. 

Marcos Vechionacci--resigned as a free agent 2-13-10.   He hit .260 in 37 games in the regular VWL season with 15 rbis.  He had a very good playoffs for Maganelles.   In 09 the 3rd baseman played in 112 games at AA Trenton hitting .213 with 10 homers and 43 rbis. 


Amaury Sanit---Sanit was the only Yankee player who played in the PRWL this season.  He appeared in relief in 6 games posting 1 save.   4.1 innings,  4 earned runs on 9 hits.  


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New York Yankees and free agent Johnny Damon  still have time to make a deal

Sunday,  January 31st 2010,  4:00 AM

Johnny Damon wants to get paid and the Yankees have resisted  paying him what he wants.


Johnny Damon wants to get paid and the Yankees  have resisted paying him what he wants.

There is still time for the Yankees to make a deal with Johnny  Damon and for Damon to make a deal with them, just because there is no  ticking clock here the way there is no real "budget" for the Yankees.

Damon? He should make a deal for the best possible reason, because  this is the best possible place for him to continue playing baseball.  The Yankees make the deal for the only reason that is supposed to  matter:

They are a better team with him than they are without him and they  don't have to lay off members of the grounds crew to get him.

You know how long this would take to work out? One day this week.  That's if the Yankees really ever wanted him back in the first place.  The idea that this somehow breaks Hal Steinbrenner's piggy bank is  sillier than late-night talk shows.

It is good business for both sides to give a little here. But it is  better business for the Yankees, because they really can make their team  better and their fans happy (does anybody NOT want Damon back?) at the  same time.

You know Yankee fans know the market, they know about all those Carl  Crawfords out there next winter. But they are infinitely more interested  in the season their team is about to play, and winning two in a row,  and having their team resume its play as the baddest on the planet.

They're not being asked to break the bank here. It's not like the gap  between the two sides is as wide as CC Sabathia. But are we really  supposed to believe that Hal Steinbrenner found $180 million under the  bed for Mark Teixeira last winter and now can't find whatever it will  take to bring back a popular, winning ballplayer and stick him back in  the No. 2 slot behind Jeter?

Come on. You know how many home runs Nick Johnson, Randy Winn and  Brett Gardner hit among them last season? Thirteen.

Donnie Walsh, who runs the Knicks, uses a line all the time, one  about how sometimes a player's value is different for your own team than  it is for somebody else's. And we know agents frequently have a  different number in mind than general managers, in any sport. Fair  enough.

And we all sure get what's going on here  between Johnny Damon and the Yankees, both sides have done everything  except hire skywriters to get their messages out. Damon wants to get  paid, the Yankees have resisted paying him what he wants.

The Yankees have discovered a bottom line this winter, which required  more digging, I'm thinking, than the digging they had to do to get that  Red Sox T-shirt out from under the new Yankee Stadium. Most baseball  executives, starting with the commissioner of baseball himself, believed  that young Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman were more likely to produce  the Loch Ness monster than an actual budget.

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Read more: www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yank...

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8 years ago  ::  Jan 31, 2010 - 7:58AM #4
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New York Yankees teammates are sad to see free agent Johnny  Damon go

Sunday,  January 31st 2010,  4:00 AM

Johnny Damon is left to ponder a new team.


Johnny Damon is left to ponder a new team.

While the Yankees are excited to get started on trying to repeat  as World Series champions, a few teammates acknowledged they are sad  that Johnny Damon won't be joining them in that  quest.

"Obviously, any of the guys we lose from  last year, you hate to see that. We wanted to keep that team intact," Andy Pettitte said Saturday at a autograph session for Steiner Sports in New Rochelle. "It doesn't look like we're going to sign  Johnny back ... and that's a big loss, but I think we're excited about  the additions, too. Every year your team is going to make changes.

"But I know Johnny loved it here and wanted  to come back, and I'm sure if there's another chance in the future that  he'd love to come back. Obviously it was a money situation."

Brett Gardner should benefit greatly from  Damon's departure with a chance for a starting role in 2010, but the  speedster called Damon "one of the older guys who's helped me a lot the  last two years," before adding, "Johnny means a lot to the team, and you  hate to see people like that go."

With the addition of Curtis Granderson and Randy  Winn to the outfield mix, GM Brian Cashman said early in the week that it hasn't been  decided whether Gardner will be the Yanks' left fielder or center  fielder this season.

"We haven't really talked about it," Gardner  said. "I just want to get the opportunity to play every day, no matter  where it is."

Nick Swisher also likes the Yankees'  offseason moves, despite Damon's exit.

"It's not my call, but obviously Johnny's a  great friend and was my locker mate from spring training on," Swisher  said. "But Curtis is a great player, too, and Randy Winn, same thing. So  I think this year is going to be tremendous."

Meantime, Joba Chamberlain said he's been preparing as a starter  for spring training despite the addition of Javier Vazquez to the rotation. Whether a starter or setup  man for Mariano Rivera, Chamberlain added that he's  looking forward to the end of the restrictive "Joba Rules."

"It's part of growing up and part of the  process, but I look forward to not having to talk about it anymore,"  Chamberlain said. "I think that's the plan. ... (The rules) get a little  frustrating sometimes, but I was happy they cared enough to do that."

MAC REAX: Pettitte, who  admitted to using HGH after being outed in the Mitchell Report in 2007,  reacted to Mark McGwire's recent steroids admission. "You  really just hate to see it, you hate to see that he has to go through  that," Pettitte said. "You know what he's dealing with from a certain  standpoint with the media. I met Mark a few times and he was awesome to  me, so it's something you hate to see come out. I have no advice for  him. It's all out. He's come out with it and now hopefully he can put it  behind him."

Read more: www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yank...

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Adjusting PECOTA’s Projected Standings

By Mike Axisa

Lots of Yankee fans were up in arms a few days ago when word got out  that the nerds at Baseball Prospectus projected the Yankees to finish in third place in the  AL East despite winning 93 games. How could that be possible with  their lineup and increasingly deep rotation? Well, said nerds have gone  back and adjusted their standings, correcting mistakes,  tweaking the process, etcetera, etcetera.

This time around, they have the Yankees and Red Sox tied atop the AL  East with identical 93-69 records and identical +122 run differentials.  The Rays are knocked back to third place with 92 wins and a +114 run  differential. I’m not going to post the full league standings because  they’re behind a pay wall, but here’s the only division you probably  care about…

Furthermore, they project the Yanks to have the best OBP in the game  by almost ten points, and not coincidentally the most runs scored in the  league by 28.  Only three teams are projected to win 90+ games, and  you’re looking at them in the chart above. Say what you will about the  validity of the rankings, but they are very good at giving us a general  idea of what is likely to happen. Despite laughter from the masses,  PECOTA nailed the Rays’ breakout in 2008 the the ChiSox’s collapse in  2007, for example.

The Yankees and Red Sox might not tie atop the division with 93 wins,  but chances are they’ll finish 1-2 in a tight race. The Yanks will  probably push more than 855 runs across the plate, but the idea is that  they have the best lineup in the league. The Mets … well they’re still  expected to finish in fourth place. I’m not sure if that accounts for  that huge Josh Fogg pickup, though.

River Ave Blues


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8 years ago  ::  Jan 31, 2010 - 8:07AM #6
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Chamberlain ready to fight for rotation spot

Mike Puma  NY POST  1-31-10

Joba Chamberlain's eyes are set squarely on the fifth spot in the  Yankees' rotation.

The right-handed pitcher told The Post last  night that he will arrive in Tampa next week -- well before pitchers and  catchers are scheduled to report for spring training -- with the idea  he's a starting pitcher for 2010. Team brass has told him to have that  mindset.

But Chamberlain also said he isn't taking anything for  granted knowing that Phil Hughes and Alfredo Aceves, among others, are  chasing the same carrot.

"I'm going to go in and understand a  lot of guys are fighting for that spot," Chamberlain said after an  autograph signing in New Rochelle in conjunction with Steiner Sports.  "Nothing is guaranteed."

Paul J. BereswillOFFSEASON NUGGETS: Mariano Rivera jokingly  shakes Alex Rodriguez during an autograph signing yesterday, where Joba  Chamberlain (left) said he plans to be in the starting rotation. Paul  J. Bereswill;
Paul J. Bereswill

OFFSEASON NUGGETS: Mariano Rivera jokingly shakes Alex Rodriguez during  an autograph signing yesterday, where Joba Chamberlain (left) said he  plans to be in the starting rotation. Paul J. Bereswill;

Hughes is Chamberlain's primary competition for the final spot in  the Yankees' rotation behind CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Andy Pettitte  and Javier Vazquez.

Hughes pitched effectively from the bullpen  last year, mostly in a setup role for Mariano Rivera, and Chamberlain  had a shaky season as a starter, finishing 9-6 with a 4.75 ERA as he  faced an innings limit toward the end of the season. Chamberlain spent  the postseason in the bullpen, leading to speculation he and Hughes, who  struggled most notably in the ALCS and World Series, might trade places  in 2010. That could still happen, as Hughes is expected to receive a  long look for the rotation.

Chamberlain said he's most excited  about the addition of Vazquez, whom the Yankees obtained last month in a  trade with the Braves that included Melky Cabrera.

Vazquez  pitched for the Yankees in 2004 and struggled, leading to his departure  after surrendering a grand slam to Boston's Johnny Damon in Game 7 of  the ALCS.

"I think Javier Vazquez is excited to come back here  and has something to prove," Chamberlain said.

Even in the dead  of winter, the Yankees are the biggest show around.

Alex  Rodriguez, Rivera, Pettitte, Burnett, Chamberlain and Nick Swisher were  among the players who entertained nearly 3,000 fans at yesterday's  autograph signing.

With pitchers and catchers less than three  weeks away from reporting to camp, several Yankees were still basking in  the glory of last year's world championship, but also ready to start  discussing 2010.

For several of the players yesterday was the  first time seeing each other since November's tickertape parade along  Broadway. Rodriguez had a giant bear hug for his friend Rivera.

"What a great team and great accomplishment," Rivera said. "We're like a  family. It was great seeing everyone. It was like a family reunion. I  like the team this coming year."

Chamberlain said he is done  celebrating last season's accomplishments.

"We understand what  we did last year, but this is a New Year," Chamberlain said. "We're the  2009 world champions, but it doesn't mean anything now that it's 2010."


Read more: www.nypost.com/p/sports/yankees/joba_sta...

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World Series trophy heading to Asia


I think it’s pretty great that the Yankees  are sending the World Series trophy on a bit of a tour this winter.  They’ve usually been very protective it — and they still are based on  the handlers with white gloves — but it’s great to get it out into the  public. Next stop on the World Series Trophy Tour is Asia. Here are the  highlights of the press release, plus a picture of the trophy boarding  it’s flight.


The New York Yankees announced that they are bringing their 2009  World Series championship trophy to Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong on a  six-day tour beginning Sunday, January 31.

The Yankees delegation will include Team President Randy Levine,  Senior Vice President and General Manager Brian Cashman, Vice President  and Assistant General Manager Jean Afterman, Senior Vice President of  Corporate Sales and Sponsorships Michael Tusiani, Director of Pacific  Rim Operations George Rose, Executive Director of Stadium Event Security  Todd Letcher and Media Relations Manager Michael Margolis.


The trophy will arrive at Tokyo’s Narita Airport on Sunday, January  31 at approximately 5:00 p.m. Japan Standard Time (“JST”, 14 hours ahead  of U.S. Eastern Standard Time), marking the first time the Yankees have  brought their World Series trophy to Asia.

On Monday, February 1 at 5:00 p.m. JST, a historic moment will take  place at the MLB Café in Tokyo as the Yankees’ 2009 World Series trophy  will be on display alongside the Yomiuri Giants’ 2009 Japan Series  championship trophy in the first-ever instance of the two titles being  side-by-side. The Yankees’ delegation will be joined by Yomiuri Giants  owner Takuo Takihana and MLB Asia Vice President Jim Small. Following an  exchange of gifts and a brief press conference, the two trophies will  remain on hand for fans to enjoy throughout the evening.


Following a travel day from Tokyo to Beijing, the capital of China,  Yankees officials will meet with the China Baseball Association (CBA) on  Wednesday, February 3. The Yankees created a partnership with the CBA  on January 29, 2007, when the pair drafted a Memorandum of Understanding  that formalized the CBA’s first strategic alliance with a Major League  Baseball club. At 2:00 p.m. China Standard Time (“CST”, 13 hours ahead  of U.S. Eastern Standard Time), the groups will hold a press conference  at New World Hotel Beijing, Hu Jia Lou, Chao Yang District.

The trophy will make its first public appearance in the world’s most  populous country on Wednesday, February 3 at 5:00 p.m. CST at the New  World Department Store located at No. 3 Chong Wen Men Wai Da Jie,  Chongwen District, Beijing. Media and fans are invited to the press  conference, which will include the full Yankees delegation, CBA  officials and New World representatives.

The Beijing Yankees, 2009 winners of the first annual Diamond Cup,  which is given to the champions of Major League Baseball’s “Play Ball”  youth baseball program in China, are also expected to be in attendance.  Yankees executives and the young players will join together at  Wednesday’s event to celebrate their respective championships. After the  media portion of the program, the trophy will be exhibited for all in  attendance.

Following a travel day on Thursday, February 4, the trophy will make  its Hong Kong debut on Friday, February 5 at 2:30 p.m. CST at New World  Development’s recently-opened K11 mall at 18 Hanoi Road TST, where media  will have an opportunity to speak to members of the Yankees delegation.  Additionally, fans will be able to enjoy the trophy in its final public  appearance in Asia, as it will be displayed among other world-class  works of art.


* The trophy “will be displayed among other world-class works of  art.” How cool is that?

Posted by Chad  Jennings on Saturday, January 30th, 2010

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8 years ago  ::  Jan 31, 2010 - 8:18AM #8
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Some things keep getting better


Earlier this week, the Baseball Prospectus  projection system, PECOTA, predicted a third-place  finish for the Yankees. In an updated version of  the projection, the Yankees are now predicted to finish 93-69, tied  with the Red Sox for the best record in baseball.

The latest projection has the Yankees scoring fewer runs — down to  855, still the most in baseball — but also predicts a much better season  from the pitching staff, with the expected runs allowed down to 733,  which is 56 fewer than in the first PECOTA prediction.

Why the change? I don’t know the entire process, but these folks are  trying to predict an entire baseball season, and that probably requires  some tweaks along the way. They’ve been pretty good at it in the past.  The numbers might not be exactly right, but PECOTA usually gives a  pretty good glimpse of the big picture. The real gutsy prediction here  is the American League West. Talk about going against conventional  thinking!


Also wanted to pass along this picture of CC Sabathia, his wife Amber  and his mother Margie Sabathia Lanier at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for  Thurmon Field, which Sabathia recently helped renovate. Here’s the story  – in press release form — and the picture.

It was only less than one year ago when New York Yankees pitcher CC  Sabathia returned to see the first field he ever played on at North  Vallejo Little League. What he discovered was covered with weeds and  totally unsuitable for children to play baseball. As a man who believes  in the importance of giving youth as many opportunities as possible,  Sabathia and his PitCCh In Foundation™, vowed to make a change. The  reconstructed Thurmon Field will open with a field ceremony on Saturday,  January 30, 2010 at 9 a.m., followed by the North Vallejo Little League  All Star baseball clinic at 10 a.m.

The result of an intense two-month schedule of construction,  coordinated by the Good Tidings Foundation and project general  contractor Robert A. Bothman, Inc., this revitalized field will include  new irrigation including lateral lines, new heads, valves and  controller; new infield dirt, new bases, pitching rubber and home plate;  new dugouts; new electronic scoreboard; a black vinyl coated chain link  fence donated by the California Fence Contractors Association, and  37,000 square feet of sod provided by West Coast Turf. It will be the  exact same turf as the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum where the Oakland  A’s play. In addition, the field will be adjoined by a rebuilt snack  bar with new electrical and the addition of a new water line, floor and  roof.

“We had a lot of help from some very dedicated people who are equally  passionate as me about making sure kids get to play this great game of  baseball,” explained Sabathia. “Thinking back to what was here in terms  of weeds and old dugouts to what we have now, I’m as excited as the kids  on the first day of the season.”


Posted by Chad  Jennings on Saturday, January 30th, 2010

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Yankees' roster suits Girardi just fine

Skipper thinks loss of Damon will be  countered by additions

Bryan Hoch  MLB.com



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8 years ago  ::  Jan 31, 2010 - 10:00AM #10
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..as posted in MLB traderumors....

When asked about the possibility of Damon in Chicago, Sox GM Kenny Williams rhetorically asked, "Who is his agent?"

It seems no one likes to deal with infamous Boras....Money mouth  Luckily Boras doesn't represent Jeter, Rivera or Crawford....Wink

Always proud to be a Yankee fan.


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