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Sticky: It's All About the Yankees and Everything Else
20 hours ago  ::  Nov 25, 2015 - 9:26AM #12331
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Jun 26, 2015 -- 11:06AM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:


Born March 5
1671 - Robert Roy MacGregor, Scottish folk hero – made pretty good sporting equipment too yes indeed, was also quite a horticulturist...grew magnificent carrot patches...never allowed a rabbit to partake from any of his gardens if you say so, you lost me at horticortilorti ..... right after quite Beatrix Potter....Peter Rabbit...Farmer (horticulturist?) MacGregor you are such a renaissance man not really...I don't think so...I consider myself more of a 'Jack of all trades" know how the rest of the expression goes... yep, Jack of all Trades, admired and loved by all
1844 - Anthony Comstock, New Canaan Ct, anti-vice crusader/philatelist – first philatelist?? a stamp collector?... or he collects philatelshahaha...I don't get it??? me neither  as I was saying, you can be so difficult and I do believe you work vry hard at it nope, comes naturally
1942 - Michael Eisner, Mt Kisko NY, CEO (Walt Disney) - ehhh tries too hard; or maybe he is chronically constipated HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh my I just snorted water it's very therapeutic...clears the sinuses...add a little sea salt next Himalayan is recommended...I mean give me a break...seriously?...sea salt in the Himalayan Mountains? left over from the Flood that is the only conceivable expalanation...and I knowyou are right...didn't some one claim they found the ark up in them thare hills? yes indeed
1956 - Bryan Cranston, actor – Tim Whatley, DDS yep,and for the life of me I can't remember who played Dr. Whatley in "our Seinfeld"...let me think on it a while...nope, isn't coming to the surface of the bucket Johnny Depp  thank you, but guess what did come to the top...Carrot Top played the role of Timmy...been driving me nuts for a long time need to chake that bucket every now and then you are absolutely right...and I'll tell you why...embarrassing as it may seem but I will share it anyway...I know this might sound impossible; but I have searched, scoured the bucket  to be successful in retrieving a name, place, situation...felt so darn proud of myself...only to forget it again in a very short period of time...and had to literally dig it out from the depths you think it's serious? there a cure?...should I be contacting Hospice? not serious, no cure, contact Mighty Taco instead
John 3:16 * Ephesians 2:8-9 * Romans 10:9-10 * John 14:3-6 * Romans 5:8
20 hours ago  ::  Nov 25, 2015 - 9:33AM #12332
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Jun 26, 2015 -- 12:47PM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:


Born March 6
1844 - Nicolai Rimski-Korsakov, composer (Flight of the Bumble Bee) (NS 3/18) AH-HA I know him...I really do! is he a neighbor? well, but I still know of him...I'm familiar with his work...I used to attempt to play his most famous piece on my clarinet...a long time ago you will have to make a video of one of your performances and post it for all of us now you know darn right well hat's not going to happen; but here is a pretty decent rendition...however, his "circular breathing" is terrible...he akes it way too obvious thank you for sharing it. I am now in the mood for a tuna sandwich for some reason
1906 - Lou Costello, Paterson NJ, comedian/actor (Abbott & Costello) – legendary funny man and a very decent fellow and from New Jersey!...why of course, where else would such a great person be from?  perhaps our friend paterson might like to elaborate on this entry? paterson who?...where?... our fellow poster who I am sure has never viewed one of our interminable posts...hey!...paterson any year (HAH!) now...we are patiently waiting and waiting ....
1917 - Will Eisner, American illustrator and cartoonist  hmmm?...any relation to the "Disney" Eisner? 43rd cousins, 20 times removed nothing like keeping things in the immediate family I believe they call this ineptotism Noah, new word here...come check it out please where is that darn Noah? Being dead is no excuse for his tardiness!
1926 - Alan Greenspan, economist/presidential advisor, US Fed Chairman I like this fellow very much...I think he would have made a good President his wife is extremely annoying I'm so grateful I'm not familiar with her; and please don't tell me that I am she is an extremely biased "news reporter" for NBC, Andrea Mitchell son of  gun (what does that mean?) wouldn't you know it...I do know her...and you are absolutely right...would make a horrid 1st lady HORRID indeed
1940 - Willie Stargell, outfielder/1st baseman (Pirates, 1971 NL HR leader) – one of my all-time favorites, Pops agreed, that was back when thePirates were wearing strange looking caps? you mean these caps? yes!...exactly, thanks for searching this out...and if I'm not mistken didn't they have stars put on them for good deeds?...sort of like some college football teams do with their helmets...not stars of course, colleges would have buckeyes (Ohio), or cacti (Arizona), or hunks of cheese (Wisconsin)... they were Stargell Stars and Willie would present them for exceptional performance. I would have preferred cheese yes, yes exactly!...real hunks of sharp provolone stuck on your cool would that be? delicious, and a great incentive to perform well
1946 - Martin Kove, Bkln NY, actor (Victor-Cagney & Lacey) – TV/movie bad guy why is it you know so many bad guys? hmmmmm, no comment thanks, I understand perfectly how is it you understand perffectly?? hmmmmm,no you think I'm going to write no comment but I'm not...well not on purpose...ah, not intentionally...oh never mind what an incredible 'NO COMMENT'
1947 - Dick Fosbury, Portland Oregon, high jumper (Olympics-gold-1968) – he was a flop hahaha, well done...I wonder if he was left handed? ???? wouldn't it determine which side he would flop on? well now I understand perfectly I'm so glad for you because this is extremely important...there is a huge difference between being a left flop, or a right flop...don't you think? (this is a perfect "Gracie"so enjoy it) I suppose it depends who is weighting (why did I spell it this weigh) for you to land
1977 - Marcus Thames, baseball player – the Butcher of Left Field s'plain please...I liked him...thought he was a decent player he was a horrible fielder well you know we all can't own all five tools...sometimes you just have to go with what you got I personally am a NO tool player golly, I thought I was the only one that gifted Marcus will be the Yankees assistant hitting coach in 2016
John 3:16 * Ephesians 2:8-9 * Romans 10:9-10 * John 14:3-6 * Romans 5:8
20 hours ago  ::  Nov 25, 2015 - 9:51AM #12333
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May 21, 2015 -- 3:47PM, bomberhojoe wrote:

Mar 6, 2015 -- 12:35PM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:

On January 15, 1967, at the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the first-ever world championship game of American football. this would more commonly referred to as Super Bowl you all realize that I've been around for all XLIX Super Bowl games...and I have watched ever one...should I feel old?...time certainly has flown...Super Bowl elle will be here before you know it I have been told that they are going to stop using Roman numerals for Super Bowl L, uhhh 50 What!?!...I certainly hope you are incorrect...that would be wrong...really, really has to be Super Bowl L
Born January 15
1432 - Afonso V "the African", king of Portugal – a Portugese African??!!??! golly, the world was quite a melting pot back then...speaking of which do you fondue?  not for years, but as you know, I love melted cheese I think the imple, classic cheese fondue should make a comeback...let's hav one on every Christmas Eve celebration table; and for sure at every Super Bowl l gathering
1622 - Molière, French playwright – legend, who I am not familiar with thought this guy created a rich brown butter type sauce for...oh  French Toast or sole or something I have no idea what you are talking about, but I am hungry nonetheless as per usual, I got a bit mixed up with Mournaise Suace...not Moliere see after some careful, tedious research I have determined there is no such thing as Moliere Suace or Sauce, for that, it is the Mournaise Sauce I was accidentally, on purpose referring would love it! could actually dump it in your fondue pot and serve it with chunks of...ah, chunks of just about anything...enjoy!

1671 - Abraham de la Pryme, English antiquarian – this is the dawning of the age of antiquarians this is so funny...totally ridiculous...but hysterical glad you liked it
1754 - Richard Martin, Irish animal rights activist – how many kinds of Irish animals are there?? Admittedly, I am drawing a bit of a blank here...all I seem to be thinking of is the great hockey player, Richard Martin, for the Buffalo Sabres ...say, are lemmings Irish?...they sound Irish OK, then they are Irish ... what about McNuggets? oh laddie...need ya ask...absolutely Irish! Irish as Irish as Irish as Michael Flatley's green leather breeches!
1841 - Lord Frederick Stanley, presenter of hockey's Stanley Cup oldest sport trophy competed for in North America I thought the oldest sport trophy was Madonna?  I am so sorry, that was extremely mean it wasn't really that mean...just a bit goofy...which is certianly permissible
1885 - Grover Lowdermilk, American baseball player – I prefer quiet juice oh my gooness, here we go this is it...haven't had a snorting  pants checker in a just feels so right on a Friday at lunch time...thank you so very's oon the wall glad you enjoyed it
1913 - Lloyd Bridges, San Leandro CA, actor (Sea Hunt, Roots, Airplane) thank you, this was so great...really like versatile, willing to try anything...very talented family, especially that one son of his, Kurt Russell yes and the other son, Jeff Daniels hahaha...oh yeah, him too...hahaha
1927 - Norm Crosby, Boston MA, comedian (Young at Heart Comedians) – king of the malapropism my nugget for the day did not know this term I made it up, maybe?  no, no it's a real word...don't look it up and for sure don't read about will never be able to type or write right,...err, correctly ever again in your entire life...and for goodness gracious sake don't look up spoonerism either
1929 - Martin Luther King Jr, Atlanta, American clergyman and leader of the Civil Rights Movement (Nobel 1964) – peaceful God fearing man yes indeed, would be nice if our Lord sent us a few more ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!! Amen
1941 - Captain Beefheart, [Don Van Vliet], rocker (Bongo Fury, Shiny Beast) I am to understand he is presently on tour with Meatloaf...forgive me, I couldn't help it HAHAHA, no apologies, this was fantasmagorical hmmm? feeling OK? been watching too much Disney with the girls again?
1948 - Ronnie Van Zant, rocker (Lynyrd Skynyrd) - Freebird settle in...grab a drink and a's a fairly long version thank you pal welcome, hope Clipper got a chance to enjoy it
1949 - Luis Alvarado, Puerto Rican baseball player please be aware, he is no relation to Luis Aparicio...did I just do a Dogberry?...sort of? whats a dogberry?

1974 - Ray King, American baseball player – good day for Kings sounds like this should be one those memorable Clint Eastwood remarks go ahead make my day for kings not time ty to create a little drier, raspier
1981 - Howie Day, American singer – Howie Day is here again, the skies above are clear again ….Mrs. B what are you feeding your husband?...cheez! and not enough of it at that!!! hahaha...there's always room for cheese!

"...let it be known that as of this date in Major League Baseball history the one, truly honest single season home run record...61 in '61..."
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19 hours ago  ::  Nov 25, 2015 - 10:45AM #12334
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May 21, 2015 -- 4:28PM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:

Jun 20, 2014 -- 2:11PM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:

Jul 29, 2013 -- 9:52AM, bomberhojoe wrote:

Jul 27, 2013 -- 1:55PM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:

Born November 15
1836 - Pierce Manning Butler Young, Mjr Gen (Confederate Army) what a name!...I can almost envision him...a real southern gentleman poofter his great great grandson is Alpha Kappa Pi president at Yale, I am sure I think you are confused...Alpha Kappa Pi merged with Alpha Sigma Phi in 1946 this is creepy, I am a kidding?..(see...every once in a while I don't know if you are kidding or not) what NJ chapter? no kidding, Alpha Rho Chapter you are a "Highlander" cool is that, a Hiighlander!...what an incredibly great college! Yep, I always liked that nickname "Highlander"
1906 - Curtis E Le May, air force general/VP candidate – ran with George Wallace you are absolutely are definitely smarter than a 5th grader agreed, but not a very bright 5th grader you are such a humble fellow its easy when you are unimpressive not true dat!?...hah, I would have never believed I would ever use that term or a derivative thereof...can you imagine that? you mean imagine fat? how timely is your comment...speaking of "fat'... I am on a diet...simply reducing portions and staying out of the pantry and refrigerator after dinner and not pretending to sleep walk to the kitchen in the middle of the nightime...also I have commenced a simple but hopefully effect fitness program...2 (one early AM and one at night after work or after dinner) cardio vascular "bursts" for 10 mins. each...i. e. dashing down the street with the dogs or the treadmill... been at it for exactly a far I've lost no pounds (I'm building muscle and mucscle weighs more than fat...would you like to hear another one?...HAH!)...I've had only a couple of cardiac arrests, but I think I have them under control now...a few more months and you guys won't even recognize me...I'll keep you posted as to how I'm doing I'll be praying for your success

well, thank you so much for your constant prayers...hard to believe, but it's been almost a year since I've responded to this post...I've actually lost 6lbs. however, I don't look or feel any different...maybe I'm retaining fluids...I'll bet it's coffee

well another year has come and gone...and here is the long awaited , overdue update...the "cardio bursts" with the dogs have become a leisurely stroll just with Bravo!...Tucker passed about a month ago (15+ years old!)...I continue to have a great deal of difficulty with it, so enough written...I'm (truthfully, Pam is) still watching my diet...I weigh exatly the same as I did last year...and I am okay with is good...btw, thank you for your constant, continual prayers

well, what do you know...time just keeps marching on...another year in the books...doing well...feel healthy...say, you know that 6lbs. I took off in 2013?...well, I quickly put it back on in early 2015...but now I've lost an additional 8lbs!...I definitely know what is meant by the "yo-yo"'s kinda fun...especially the putting back on part...they say it can be unhealthy so I'd better behave...just think the next time I reply to this post I should weight either 163 or 181...I'm hoping somewhere inbetween would be just fine...keep is most appreciated

"...let it be known that as of this date in Major League Baseball history the one, truly honest single season home run record...61 in '61..."
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