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58 minutes ago  ::  Dec 08, 2016 - 12:12PM #13791
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Oct 11, 2016 -- 4:00PM, bomberhojoe wrote:

Jun 2, 2016 -- 11:09AM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:


Born March 30

1927 - Peter Marshall, Huntington WV, TV game show host (Hollywood Squares) – his son played professional baseball my nugget for the day his son's name was Pete LaCocke and I think he played for the Royals hmm? Marshall is  good baseball name, why did he change it to some fancy, shmancy LaCocke moniker? I believe the father changed his name to Marshall well, that doesn't make any sense at all to me; why would Peter change such a fancy, shmancy celebrity type name to an ordinary; but good, baseball moniker; and besides, if your dad changes his last name, don't his children's last names change also?...I think we need to consult a genealogist...are there any genealogists out there please? I aint putting my feet in no stirrups for no doctor    ,   -       ;                      :       ,          ,           ,              ...

 I am just now beginning a modest recovery...I truly thought one of the staff was going to have to call 911...I almost lost consciousness..I could not catch my was very scary; but absolutely worth it...this one is the apex...none before it and never after is at the very top of it's own wall in carved gold foil letters...enough said I hope I didn;t cause the staff too much trouble. and thank you for the compliment you are very welcome...well you must know by ow they are no longer my staff, in fact, I have now become part of the staff with the sale of my practice...I very much enjoy the new position...can you I look more at ease...clamer...and also even calmner...and probably even more calmn more confident and sure of the way, everytime I think about your stirrups comment I still totally ose it! and actually I very often lose it!

"...let it be known that as of this date in Major League Baseball history the one, truly honest single season home run record...61 in '61..."
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11 minutes ago  ::  Dec 08, 2016 - 12:58PM #13792
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Sep 13, 2016 -- 8:52AM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:


Born February 25
1398 - Xuande, Emperor of China say, you are good at is this pronounced...Zandy or Shandy? Bubba  whew!...that's amazing!...I never would have guessed, the Chinese certainly some peculiar phonetic are so intelligent to know all this stuff my head is like a steel girder...... uhhh trap what is truly fascinating, I'm sure is all the crazy stuff you got trapped in there as long as none of the recipes spill out

1847 - John Watson, Canada, philosopher (Objective Idealism) – Elementary?? perhaps however I didn't think he was Canadian you are so smart hey!... ya' never know ...who woulda' thought today's most current Dr. Watson would be Asian? say that is an excellent point. You have done it again! what?...what did I do now?...did I ruin aything? nope, you only made it that much better

1937 - Bob Schieffer, Austin Tx, newscaster (CBS Weekend News) – I trusted this fellow, which I can’t say about most newscasters I liked him a lot...I understand your sentiments...I think he is still casting news..sort of retired priests are still utilized...the good ones are never allowed to quit if you say so, I will take your word for it I think the network has finally allowed to let Bob retire in new assignments he will be sorely missed oh, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he is back during the 2016 election returns...can you imagine what he must really think of this fiasco?...poor fellow...poor us!  poor us indeed. I do not recall seeing throughout the nonsense

1943 - Sally Jessy Raphael, Easton, Pennsylvania, American TV talk show host (Sally) hmmm? the names is familiar but I can't place her...Easton...isn't that where they make crayons?... it is, you are so smart do you suppose Sally is presently creating crayons now that her show ain't on no more? she is in R&D coming up with new names for colors. Orange is now Cheddar, White is now Mozzarella, Yellow is now Swiss ........ like the way this lady thinks ... why in the world did her show get cancelled? not sure, perhaps if she served cheese to her audience?

1951 - James Brown, American sportscaster I'm not terribly impressed well alrighty then however, there were a couple of other James Browns I was very impressed with nope, too late wow!?'s only been a few (well, maybe several) months you are really tightening this ship up! well it is long overdue. drop and give me ten

1957 - Stuart "Woody" Wood, Scot, guitarist (Bay City Rollers-Saturday Night) let's listen in to the once popular boys in plaid one hit wonders? are they now? serving egg creams in San Jose never had one; never been there...would love to try one; would never want to go there very well then. try this place, its a bit closer this is so cool!...did not kow of this place but Pam and I will certainly check it out ... ay actually have my first egg cream ... nice looking fellow ... I'll bet he is a great soda jerk ... looks a little like me (ys, I am a jerk, too) ... a striking resmblance ... except for the earring I must refute your jerk comment. you are many things, but jerk is not amongst them ....

1985 - Joakim Noah, American basketball player – needs a haricut yesiree...his Dad was a notable tennis player yesiree, and he still needs a haircut 2015, and he still needs it cut...I wonder if women like men who wear their hair in a bun? chance for me wonder if women like men who wear there bellys in a pot??...sounds pretty attractive to me...but hey, what do I know, I'm such a poor judge of yours a non-stick one? bnope, just about anything will stick to it

John 3:16 * Ephesians 2:8-9 * Romans 10:9-10 * John 14:3-6 * Romans 5:8
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