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1 day ago  ::  Jul 24, 2014 - 9:37AM #9711
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Postgame notes: “It was just squishy”

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Yu Darvish

Getting the tarp on the field tonight was a near total failure. The rain came suddenly, it was a downpour within seconds, the wind was blowing, and the grounds crew literally couldn’t get the tarp out of left field. I wasn’t even paying much attention to them at first, so I’m not entirely sure what started the whole mess, but it was very quickly obvious that the tarp was covered with too much rain to drag onto the infield. It took a full 14 minutes — with various other stadium workers helping — to finally get the infield covered.

And it was all over at that point.

The rain stopped and there was a lengthy, rather impressive effort to get the field playable again. Just looking at it, the infield seemed perfectly fine. But that water didn’t disappear beneath all of that fresh dirt.

“Even if there was no rain, it’s not going to just magically going to dry up,” crew chief Dale Scott said. “It wasn’t the surface, it was underneath. From what you saw, not getting that tarp on, to what it looked like once they fixed it up, it looked beautiful. But frankly, the surface looked great, underneath though it was just squishy. And it was too soft for turns and baselines.”

Although the Yankees clearly had the most to gain from a called game, Scott said that both managers agreed that the surface was far too dangerous. Joe Girardi said that Ron Washington called the infield, “a hamstring just waiting to be pulled.”

And these two teams know a thing or two about pulled hamstrings this year.

“We made a joke that you could put the two teams together with their DL and you could form a pretty good team,” Girardi said. “Neither one of us can really afford anyone else to go on the DL because of conditions that players shouldn’t be on.”

So the Yankees got a win against one of the best pitchers in baseball. Call it karma for what happened just before the break.

“We kind of were owed this one after what happened in Baltimore, I think,” Brett Gardner said. “It’s good. We’ll take a win any way we get can get it.”

David Phelps• Look back at the last out of the fifth inning, when David Phelps came off the mound screaming and pumping his fist. That strikeout stranded the tying run at third base. Turns out to be the biggest out of the night. “I knew I had a base open,” Phelps said. “Cervy kind of told me, ‘Let’s make him swing at some stuff.’ I was able to make a couple of pitches, and he swung at a ball out of the zone. It’s a big moment. We were up 2-1 against Darvish, who doesn’t give up two runs very often. It was just one of those times when you really want to keep the lead for them.”

• Phelps is credited with a complete game for going five innings with one run on five hits, no walks and three strikeouts. That’s the first complete game of his career. Kind of a cheap way to get it, but he went head-to-head with Darvish and got a win. That’s something. Phelps is now unbeaten in his past eight starts going 4-0 with a 2.96 ERA. He has a 2.51 ERA in his past eight starts at Yankee Stadium.

• What’s made Phelps so consistent? Basically, he said being consistent starts with consistency. “It’s nice being on every five days,” he said. “I’ve been able to get on a routine and just getting comfortable with going out there every fifth day. It’s what I’ve done my whole career being a starter, and it’s nice being able to get back into that role.”

• Did Phelps pitch that fifth inning as if it were the ninth, knowing the rain was on its way? “I had no idea there was weather coming in,” he said. “When I got done, I heard one of our bat boys tell one of our coaches that they said they were calling for rain in five or 10 minutes. I looked at the forecast before the game, it said 40 to 50 percent, so I didn’t think we were seeing anything like that.”

• Phelps was not going back to the mound, by the way. Darvish was going, despite the delay of one hour and 49 minutes. Crazy. If Darvish hadn’t actually gone to the mound to throw some warm-up pitches, I wouldn’t have believed he was actually planning to stay in the game.

Bret Gardner• Gardner’s game-winning home run was his 100th hit of the season. His 10 homers this season are a career-high, and the Yankees are now 26-7 in games when Gardner goes deep in his career. “Just being a little more aggressive,” Gardner said. “Trying to continue to work on my swing with K-Long, being more aggressive at the plate, and take my A swing.”

• Two doubles for Francisco Cervelli. He’s hit safely in seven of his last eight starts, batting .379 in those games. “I just try to see the ball and hit it,” Cervelli said. “That’s it. I’m not worried about results because, like you said, I don’t have that many games. I cannot think too much. I just go there and try to hit the ball.”

• Another Yankees hit for Chase Headley who’s actually hit safely in 13 of his past 15 games.

• No hit for Brian McCann, who went 0-for-2 and snapped his streak of reaching base safely in 17 games.

• Derek Jeter played in his 1,600th Yankees victory. According to Elias, Jeter has the highest personal winning percentage (.595) among active players who have played at least 1,000 games.

• No doubt that this rain out really helped the Yankees depleted bullpen. One night after using every single reliever, the Yankees didn’t have to use a single one tonight. Even so, I wonder if they’ll keep Chris Leroux another day before bringing up another position player.

• Apparently Ron Washington said he did not believe the grounds crew’s tarp trouble was intentional. But, when asked if the idea crossed his mind, Washington said, “no comment.” Have to imagine the idea of an intentional tarp mistake at least crossed the mind of everyone watching this one, but I just can’t imagine it being the case. “The grounds crew did everything they could,” Girardi said. “They physically did everything they could and Mother Nature took over.”

• CC Sabathia’s surgery went as expected today. “I guess his surgery went well,” Girardi said. “I don’t know if we’ll see him. Obviously he’s not allowed to travel for a few days, so we’ll probably see him when we get back from the road trip.”

• Final word goes to Gardner about sneaking a win against a guy like Darvish: “He’s a guy who’s tough to get things going on, but we were able to get just enough of the game in before it started raining. The field was in pretty bad shape, so I’m glad we didn’t go back out there.”


"Without the Lord, I cannot do it."  Mariano Rivera - 9/22/13

1 day ago  ::  Jul 24, 2014 - 10:38AM #9712
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Jul 18, 2014 -- 12:42PM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:

Born December 29
1776 - Charles Macintosh, Scotland, patented waterproof fabric – the apple of the fabric world give me a break!...waterproof fabric in 1776?...what was it?...burlap slathered with lard? exactly! How did you know the recipe?? Recipe??? actually, I came upon it by accident...I made it up...but I'm pretty sure it would work though...only problem would be the smell...hmmm? maybe you could substitute bacon fat for the lard? what a magnificent idea!...consider it done... you are so accomodating!
1808 - Andrew Johnson, Raleigh NC, (Unionist), 17th pres (1865-69) – first President to be impeachd why?...aah, why was he impeached; not why was he the first.
11 articles of impeachment charged Johnson with:
WOW!...that certainly answered my question and then some I aim to please poor Andy sounded like a real screw up (this is OK to say, right?) not one of history's fondest Presidents...wonder how Obama will fair  if he is viewed accurately and without bias, I believe he will be considered a very weak president
1813 - Etienne-Joseph Soubre, composer very cool first and second names I particularly like the middle name. yeah, yeah, yeah and the first name is French for see Stephen Joseph is actually my first and middle names well then, shall I call you Etienne. Or do you prefer Etty. hmmm?, Etty...Etty Joe...yes!...I could definitely get used to that..."now batting for the Carolina Mudcats...number 9 right fielder Etty Joe...number 9...yep, I certainly do like it OK, Etty it is!!
1866 - Joseph Limburg, liberal Second-Member of parliament (1905-19) – he stunk is this the fella that crased his plane while flying rans-atlantic and had his daughter kidnapped? nope this made cheeeeeese ah yes, I know who we are talking about...deliious must be patient enough to acquire a taste for it...I like it best on a slice of a good hearty rye (with seeds) and a thin slice of sweet onion (Vadalia, if available) and a dab of mustard (just good old fashioned yellow) I am not a big fan of yelloe mustard.  so much so, I spell it incorrectly....well, then use whatever the heck color mustard you prefer...I was simply trying to keep the recipe simple I appreciate your simplicity, I will have mine with whole grain or horseradish mustard thank you.
1897 - Hermann Heiss, composer sounds like a close friend of Adolph's...maybe he composed his military marches...they were very stirring was he a mixologist?? OK, maybe not stirring, how about "rousing"? sure, lets go with rousing. goo...any particular color of "rousing" you prefer? chartreuse (sp)
1947 - Ted Danson, SD California, actor (Sam Malone-Cheers, 3 Men & a Baby) – Cheers was a great show yes siree...don't watch him o hisnew show...CSI? CSI? Really??? yep, really, I wouldn't kid ya'...I don't watch it but I have seen commercials last I heard he was playing a doctor on a sitcom. Becker?...yes, it was a pretty good show; but he's on CSI now...I think...maybe well this sounds like we need to investigate further and issue a report of our findings
John 3:16 * Ephesians 2:8-9 * Romans 10:9-10 * John 14:3-6 * Romans 5:8
1 day ago  ::  Jul 24, 2014 - 10:42AM #9713
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Hugs and Prayers go out to 115 ... get well soon!


"Without the Lord, I cannot do it."  Mariano Rivera - 9/22/13

1 day ago  ::  Jul 24, 2014 - 10:56AM #9714
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Jul 18, 2014 -- 2:03PM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:

Born February 22
1440 - Ladislaus V Posthumus, King of Hungary/Bohemia – received many accolades after his death oh my oh are really on a this name for real? made this up didn'y rascal! nope he's the real deal I just can't imagine it maybe you should try harder. Although imagining shouldn't take so much effort. Am I making this unclear.
1599 - Anthony Van Dyck, Antwerp Belgium, painter – one of my all-time favorite shows, with Morey Amsterdam tell me, how come this got through the censors i think its the spelling I'll take your word for it but just as a test  "the Richard Van Dyck Show" well you see that ... you passed this test. *** A+ *** CONGRATULATIONS!!
1732 - George Washington, Westmoreland, Virginia, 1st American president (1789-97) – father of our country yes indeed; but not 1st President you have such a wonderful memory not really...things that are new to the bucket  I seem to be OK with, while things that have been hanging around awhile, I'm forever having to review  I'm sorry, have we met??
1770 - Jan Matyas Nepomuk August Vitasek, composer don't you think he would have shortened his name to Jan Vitasek...mmight have brewed a few pints on the side? I would have. uhhh would have shortened the name of course I knew that's what you meant I knew you would
1788 - Arthur Schopenhauer, Germany, philosopher (Great Pessimist) –  why did this listing have to come up today what day would you rather have had it comme up on? sorry, I wasn't looking on bright side never fear bhjoe the sun will come up tomorrow thank you Annie, you are such a sweet kid
1810 - Frederic F Chopin, Polish/French pianist/composer [OS] I know him! dog...I know him good for you pal say, I get the impression you might be trying to hurt my feelings not at all, I am happy you were excited about IDing this fellow
1822 - Adolf Kuszmaul, German physician (stomach pump, Kuszmaul disease) – this guy makes people puke well, that's pretty much tellin' like it is...goodness...puking is very, very traumatic for is definity one of my least favorite things to have to do...I would do anything to prevent myself from puking I rarely do it, in fact I think I have done it once in the last 10 or so years actually, I'm about the same obviously we have very strong convictions, or very selfish stomachs that don't want to give anything back this conversation is making me sick
1928 - Paul Dooley, Parkensburg WV, actor (16 Candles, Strange Brew, Wedding) – good character actor I don't know Paul, but I know his identical twin brother Thomas...maybe? yes you do know him, I think.  oh yeah, of course I do...thank you for refreshing thigs for me my pleasure
1929 - Marni Nixon, singer (for Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood & Deborah Kerr) – toiled in anonymity did not know this...amazing kind of sad too yes in a way; but also think of it as a great opportunity to be associated with such special celebrities way to look on the bright side, mon ami
1944 - Robert Kardashian, American lawyer – criminal and patriarch of the untalented Kardashian clan poor fellow...although, I don't feel sorry for him...he must have totally defective X, bhjoe, on the other hand must have exemplary ones...say, have I told you how much I like the Green River Ordinance...they really get my feet to tappin'...which has absolutely nothing to do with my chromosomes, X or Y...say, bhjoe, are we there yet? you realize I just found out there is a TV show by that name...I'm sure it's no good I will check them out check out what?... the TV show or the chromosomes? perhaps both, if possible
1963 - Vijay Singh, Lautoka Fiji, PGA golfer (1993 Buick Classic) very good golfer...hmm?...always thoughthe was Indian (India)...ever had water from Fiji...comes in very unique square bottles is it really from Fiji?? they claim it is, and I believe them good for you .... people are too untrusting these days.  By the way, who are the they that claim it?
1975 - Drew Barrymore, LA California, actress (ET, Firestarter, Poison Ivy) – seems to have straightened her life out yes...why?...I'm glad for her I have no idea me either; yet I'm still glad for you suppose she has found our Lord and Savior? my guess is no, but I hope I am wrong
John 3:16 * Ephesians 2:8-9 * Romans 10:9-10 * John 14:3-6 * Romans 5:8
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Jul 19, 2014 -- 10:09AM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:

On August 4, 1944 acting on tip from a Dutch informer, the **** Gestapo captures 15-year-old Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family in a sealed-off area of an Amsterdam warehouse. While still captive, in March of 1945 at 15, Anne died of typhus. has always amazed me how such simple little tales often become a significant part of history...I'm very glad of it I agree wholeheartedly
Born August 4
1521 - Pope Urban VII – Urban?? yeah, after Saint Urban, the patron saint of nasty, arrogant college football coaches HAHAHA, OH MY!!!! This may be THE ONE folks!!! (FOLKS??)This is pure gold. To the top of the wall. 
1755 - Nicolas-Jacque Conte, inventor (modern pencil) – lead ….. graphite wow... that was a rather long clip, but enjoyable...let me tell you something...your thought patterns behave quite uniquely...inventor of modern pencil, and you immediately recall an "Odd Couple" the way, was it a wooden pencil?...did it have an eraser?...was it wooden?...was it round or hexagonal?...say, are we there yet?  we are just pulling into the driveway. Did you enjoy the ride?
1821 - Louis Vuitton, Anchay France, Founder of the leather goods company - troublemaker absolutely!...and that Coach fella, too lets beat 'em both up. I think we can take 'em
1902 - Wild Bill Hallahan, baseball player Clipper!?! CLIPPER?!?!?!
1939 - Frank Vincent, American actor - fuggedaboudit hahaha, good one...liked him a lot in "Goodfellas" didn't watch this show much
1942 - Cleon Jones, baseball player I remember him...had his baseball was very cool he was a good player
1955 - Billy Bob Thornton, actor (Sling Blade) weird?!? Absolutely
1961 - Barack Obama, Honolulu Hawaii,44th US President (Democrat) and first African--American president – or was it Kenya???? who this point in his career , what's the difference and who cares...let's just move on and close this chapter Amen!
1971 - Jeff Gordon, American race car driver - ….. not a ….ha
1978 - Kurt Busch, American race car driver -  …. sport …haha
1980 - Richard Dawson, English cricketer – survey says …extremely well done! you are so kind my dear man
1992 - Dylan Sprouse, Arezzo Italy, actor (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) who are these Sprouse people?...must do some research kids show, after your kids were not kids. I'm not kidding.  Am I making myself clear?
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2014 Post-Draft Top 30 Prospects

By in Minors. Tags: · Comments (43) ·

“What do you mean I’m not a prospect anymore?” “You’re a big leaguer now.” (Elsa/Getty)

The draft signing deadline was last Friday, and the Yankees were able to sign everyone they were expected to sign. There were no surprises, good or bad. Because they didn’t have a first round pick (or a supplemental round pick), this wasn’t the most exciting draft for the Yankees, who went heavy on college pitching and took a reliever with their top selection.

The Yankees did, however, add an amazing amount of talent to the farm system through international free agency earlier this month. My unofficial tally puts the spending spree at approximately $28.5M total between bonuses and penalties, though I’m sure there have been several deals that were not reported. Most of those players signed 2015 contracts and are not technically Yankees yet, so they are not included in this snapshot of the farm system. I usually wait until international signees show up in the U.S. to rank them anyway.

Two players — righties Dellin Betances and Chase Whitley — have graduated to the big leagues since the pre-draft list was posted late-May. I’ve been doing these for eight years and this is the very first RAB prospect list without Betances. I’m kinda sad. Another prospect, righty Rafael DePaula, was traded away just this week. Those three departures plus the draft and some stateside debuts have led to a healthy amount of turnover since the last list in May.

I feel like it’s clear who the top two prospects are (in whatever order), clear who the next seven prospects are (again, whatever order), and then a total mess after that with no obvious order. As always, this list is my personal opinion and based on how I value things like tools and probability and performance and all that. You’re welcome to disagree with the rankings. I’m sure you will. Rankings don’t mean anything anyway. They’re just fun to look at it. Anyway, the ages listed are as of today, and the levels listed are the player’s current level. The fun starts after the jump.
Read More→


"Without the Lord, I cannot do it."  Mariano Rivera - 9/22/13

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Jul 19, 2014 -- 2:02PM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:

On August 5, 1914 the world's first electric traffic signal is put into place on the corner of Euclid Avenue and East 105th Street in Cleveland, Ohio.  And we have been waiting ever since. hahaha...getting impatient with those intentional very, long "stale yellow"...hahaha patience is a virtue my friend
Born August 5
1301 - Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent, English politician – Snoopy’s pal what a great cartoon...definitely one of my favorites...especially the baseball episodes agreed, Charles Schulz (sp) created a classic
1540 - Joseph Justice Scaliger, proposed Julian dating – proposed that Julian date who?? why Julia of course, or perhaps Julianna whoever is available will be just fine thank you very much Julian and Julianna, could be quite confusing
1604 - John Eliot, "Apostle to Indians," Bible translator, baptized – never heard of this, may have to research please do and share it with us if you will...btw, John Eliot is "our" 2nd baptized...after all these years...only the 2nd baptized...hmmm?

John Eliot came to Massachusetts in 1631 and become pastor of the church in Roxbury. For 58 years he pastored the congregation and maintained an energetic concerned Christian witness to the surrounding Indians as well. Eliot was not interested in a mere outward change of the Indians religious beliefs, emphasized repentance and belief in Jesus Christ as Savior. Having learned Algonquian, Eliot began teaching Christian truths to the Indians in their own language. He described the glorious power, goodness, and greatness of God as seen in His creation. By presenting the Ten Commandments to the Indians, Eliot pointed out what God required of them and the punishment which would come from breaking His holy law. All this was preparatory to the comforting words that "God had sent Jesus Christ to die for their sins."

1822 - Johann Georg Herzog, composer – Whitey? aah, as I recall he was a Whefty... HAHA, HEEHEE, HOHO, HAHA. You scalliwag
1862 - Joseph Merrick, the "Elephant Man" – not an animal a very interesting afflicton...truly yes indeed
1887 - Reginald Owen, Wheathampstead England, actor (Dr Watson-Sherlock Holmes) – the game’s afoot why of course it certainly wouldn't be ahand now would it, Doctor....waiting foe "Elementary' to resume....looks like they are headed to London yes, I too look forward to the coming season, or I enjoyed this passed season depending upon when you read this
1930 - Neil Armstrong, Wapakoneta OH, X-15 pilot, 1st Moonwalker (Gemini 8, Apollo 11) – “one small step” thought we were just talking about this Dad had serious concerns about my tiny little gilfriend from Marygrove College...ring a bell? WHY YES, the bell is ringing ... for me and my gal
1937 - Herb Brooks, American ice hockey coach the ice hockey miracle? INDEED
1946 - Loni Anderson, St Paul MN, actress (Jennifer-WKRP in Cincinnati) - uhhhhh I approve...heck of a lot better tan, no not my Pamela...Pamela Anderson I knew what you meant, certainly not in the same league as yours
1947 - Bernie Carbo, baseball player what a great name...have no idea who he is...Clipper!?! played for the Red Sawx in the 70s
1954 - Eddie "Fingers" Ojeda, Bx NY, (Twisted Sister-We're Not Gonna Take It) sounds like a Mexican mobster HAHA, great one. the wall, to the wall
1956 - Maureen McCormick, Encino California, actress (Marcia-Brady Bunch) – Marcia Marcia Marcia hate to sound like a broken record; but  where do you come up with this stuff? the internet is a powerful, corruptible tool
1962 - Patrick Ewing, Kingston Jamaica, NBA center (NY Knicks/Olympic-gold-92) liked him a lot...followed his college career closely...didn't know he was a nugget for the day glad I could impart this nugget upon you
1968 - John Olerud, Seattle WA, infielder (Toronto Blue Jays) I liked him...was a good Yankee a very solid player
1980 - Wayne Bridge, English footballer – sister Brooklyn oh wow this is it...I've been at the office way too long for a Saturday...time to check my pants and then go home!!!...this one really snuck up on are so sly I try my best compadre
1981 - Carl Crawford, baseball player ehh...I changed my mind...I don't like him a all well you are certainly entitled to do so
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McCarthy: “Can’t do anything more than what you can do”

iFrame Removed

Brandon McCarthy

The day Masahiro Tanaka went for an MRI on his elbow, Brandon McCarthy made his first start with the Yankees. He pitched into the seventh inning, allowed one earned run and the Yankees got a win. Since then, Tanaka’s been shutdown with a torn elbow ligament, and McCarthy has continued to pitch well.

Which means, there’s no problem at all! McCarthy will just fill Tanaka’s shoes, and the Yankees rotation will be fine.

“I hope (that)’s not a thought,” McCarthy said. “It’s not a thought for me because I’ve done things like that in the past where you realize it’s the wrong mindset. You’re trying to control something that’s out of your control. I don’t care who it is, for any of us, you just want to throw as well as you can and give the team a chance. If that replaces a really good pitcher or makes up for a bunch of injuries, then great. You can’t do anything more than what you can do, and trying to control that is a quick way to go backwards, I think.”

Maybe Brian Cashman will pull off some sort of massive trade in the next week before the trade deadline, but asking prices seem awfully high, and the Yankees might have to keep going the route of incremental upgrades. David Huff is better than Alfredo Aceves. McCarthy is better than Vidal Nuno. Chase Headley is better than Yangervis Solarte. Chris Capuano is better than whoever the next long reliever/spot starter might have been. That’s the basic idea of the Yankees moves so far.

And so far, the moves seem to have helped. McCarthy and Headley — the headliners of the new additions — have been particularly helpful in their first three games with the Yankees.

“Most important are the three wins,” Headley said. “I feel pretty comfortable. It’s a little bit of a learning experience not knowing any of the pitchers really. But, for the most part, swings have felt good. I just missed a couple balls and squared some up too. I’m pretty happy with where I’m at.”

And the Yankees have to be happy with that as well. There’s no true Tanaka replacement on the market — guys like that just aren’t available, especially if you assume the Rays aren’t trading David Price within the division — so the Yankees are going to need good swings from Headley and chances to win from McCarthy. That’s all they could ask for, and they’ve gotten both so far.

“It’s a nice feeling,” McCarthy said. “It’s the opposite of how I felt earlier this year, where I was a burden on my team. … To come here and feel good about myself again, to contribute to a playoff race, it’s a good feeling.”


"Without the Lord, I cannot do it."  Mariano Rivera - 9/22/13

4 hours ago  ::  Jul 25, 2014 - 12:16PM #9719
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On March 4, in the year of our Lord 1861, Abraham Lincoln becomes the 16th president of the United States. In his inauguration speech Lincoln extended an olive branch to the South, but also made it clear that he intended to enforce federal laws in the states that seceded.  A GREAT DAY in US History!!!
Born March 4
1665 - Philip Christoph von Königsmarck, Swedish soldier – 115, do you know this fella?
1678 - Antonio Vivaldi, Venice, Baroque violin virtuoso/composer (4 Seasons) – Frankie Valli??
1798 - John Joseph Abercrombie, Brigadier General (Union volunteers) – partnered with Colonel Fitch to make rather stylish unfiorms
1828 - Elisha Franklin "Bull" Paxton, Brigadier General (Confederate Army)
1884 - Red Murray, baseball player – Old time Giant
1888 - Knute Rockne, Norwegi**** football player/coach (Notre Dame) – win one for Ronal Reagan … or something like that
1891 - Dazzy Vance, hall of fame pitcher (led NL in strike-outs 7-yrs)
1906 - Charles Rudolph Walgreen, Jr., businessman –seems like there is one on every corner
1909 - Harry B Helmsley, NYC, billionaire builder (Empire State Building)
1912 - John Garfield, NYC, actor (Air Force, Destination: Tokyo, Juarez)
1913 - Willie Johnson (guitarist), American guitarist
1926 - Richard DeVos, American billionaire, co-founder of Amway – I have never used these products
1931 - Bob Johnson, American ice hockey coach
1935 - Nancy Whiskey, Scottish folk singer – scotch whiskey??
1944 - Bobby Womack, Cleve, R&B singer/guitarist (Woman's Got to Have It)
1948 - Chris Squire, London, rock bassist (Yes-Fish Out of Water) – very talented fellow
1950 - Emilio Estefan, Cuba, rocker (Miami Sound Machine-1 2 3)
1953 - Christopher H Smith, (Rep-R-NJ, 1981- ) – my Rep and a very good one
1954 - Catherine O'Hara, Toronto Ont, comedienne (Beetlejuice, SCTV) – funny lady
1958 - Patricia Heaton, Cleve OH, actress (Debra-Everybody Loves Raymond)
1960 - John Mugabi, Ugandan boxer – the Beast
1961 - Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini, boxer – tragically killed a boxer in the ring in a fight that should have been stopped
1961 - Steven Weber, Queens NY, actor (Brian Hackett-Wings) – very funny show
1963 - Jason Newstedt, US heavy-metal bassist (Metallica-Kill 'em All) – Enter Sandman
1977 - Jason Marsalis, American musician – member of the talented jazz family
1981 - Donny Tourette, English punk rock singer (Towers of London) – screams abscenities for no apparent reason. I am SOOOO sorry
1993 - Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown – this young lady needs our prayers
John 3:16 * Ephesians 2:8-9 * Romans 10:9-10 * John 14:3-6 * Romans 5:8
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