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Sticky: It's All About the Yankees and Everything Else
2 weeks ago  ::  Nov 16, 2014 - 7:40PM #10091
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Nov 13, 2014 -- 4:14PM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:

Nov 6, 2013 -- 1:09PM, bomberhojoe wrote:

Nov 5, 2013 -- 2:45PM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:

On January 15, 1967, at the Los Angeles Coliseum, the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the first-ever world championship game of American football. I don't remember this; but I do remember the first Super Bowl..I've been around for all of them, ya' know...doe that mean I'm old? This was the 1st Superbowl, they just didn't call it that.  Hey!!! you were pulling my leg again! only a little bit and very gently I know how tender you are just between the ears I knowwhen you are kidding me
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1920 - John J "Cardinal" O'Connor, Phila, Roman Catholic Archbishop of NY hmmm?, Iwnder why Cardinal is in that a good thing or a bad thing? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe we should ask "Clipper" hahaha yeah...good one OK, will do...however, I think Mo might be a better source regarding this issue ohhh, he wasn't the St Louis type? oh this definitely  a pants checker...fantastic! Try Rome Italy type


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1 week ago  ::  Nov 20, 2014 - 12:49PM #10092
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Badler: Yankees seen as favorites for Yoan Moncada

Brian CashmanI rarely get too caught up in international free agents. The hype often grows out of control, the possibilities get spun in every direction, and truly covering that market requires basically a full-time commitment to it. I pay attention, obviously, but I prefer to follow reporters truly focus internationally, ask my internal questions about the Yankees involvement, and approach every next-big-thing with a dose of skepticism until convinced otherwise.

That said, I find myself kind of wrapped up in the story of Yoan Moncada. Not so much because of his talent, but because he could single-handedly make the Yankees international spending plan an overwhelming success.

By now you know the basics (mostly because Ben Badler and Kiley McDaniel have done an incredible job providing the information): Moncada is a 19-year-old Cuban shortstop — or second baseman, or third baseman — who has settled into Guatemala, worked out in front of major league scouts, and been declared a free agent by Major League Baseball. He still has to be cleared by the government, but it seems a matter of time before he’s available to big league teams.

As long as that happens before late June, Badler of Baseball America writes that the Yankees seem to be the favorites to sign him. It would require a massive signing bonus that will be taxed at 100 percent, and it might be the final straw toward changing the way baseball handles international amateurs.

According to Badler:

No team seems to be a better fit for Moncada than the Yankees. They took their international bonus pool and lit it on fire, setting an international spending record to sign just about all the top players on their board, including nine of Baseball America’s Top 30 prospects for July 2. … The Yankees have the money to beat anyone’s offer. They’re willing to invest in international talent, whether it’s unprecedented spending on Latin American amateurs or $175 million for Masahiro Tanaka. When you line up all the evidence, if the Yankees truly want Moncada, they’re going to be tough to beat.

So, how might that change the international market and justify the Yankees international plan?

McDaniel explained in his latest FanGraphs piece that Major League Baseball has discovered its current system does not effectively limit international spending. Teams are willing to far exceed the soft cap that’s currently in place, and the penalties involved could actually help establish something like an international draft in the not-so-distant future.

This year, the Yankees decided to spend huge money on international amateurs — paying a heavy tax and facing extreme spending limits for next year — because they recognized this might be one of the final opportunities to take advantage of the current system before something more restrictive is put in place. Again, it was McDaniel who first explained this strategy way back in December.

With that strategy in place, the Yankees loaded up on young, international talent this summer, and Moncada offers the chance to add one more within this window of opportunity (Moncada’s the kind of guy who would surely be the No. 1 pick if an international amateur draft were already in place). These guys are all teenagers, and there’s a chance none will reach his potential, but that’s an issue for another day. Here and now, the strategy is to load up on talent before doing so becomes far more difficult if not impossible. Moncada might be the final chance to do that in a big way.


"Without the Lord, I cannot do it."  Mariano Rivera - 9/22/13

4 days ago  ::  Nov 25, 2014 - 1:58PM #10093
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Top talent signing quickly, here’s the best of what’s left

Chase Headley

Each offseason, it’s pretty easy to find free agent rankings. And it’s just as easy to, one by one, cross those free agents off the list.

These are the the position players who ranked among the top 25 free agents according to MLB Trade Rumors. I’m choosing their list just because, I don’t know, it’s just the one I picked, and the point is the same regardless of the source: It’s not even Thanksgiving and a lot of the top hitters are already off the market.

Here, I’m listing only the positions players — with their overall ranking on the MLBTR list — because it’s the position market that’s seen the most movement this winter. The pitching market really hasn’t done much. It’s worth noting that guys who might interested the Yankees — guys like Stephen Drew, Rickie Weeks and recently re-signed Chris Young — did not fall within MLB Trade Rumors top 25.

Here are the names initially considered to be among the best position players available. The top tier has been chipped away. How many of the remaining hitters truly fit the Yankees roster?

4. Hanley Ramirezsigned with Red Sox
Top position player on the market; also one of the most significant injury risks.

5. Pablo Sandovalsigned with Red Sox
Top third baseman on the market; solves infield issue in Boston.

6. Victor Martinezre-signed with Tigers
Top pure hitter on the market; signed through his late-30s.

7. Melky Cabrerastill available
Coming off a bounce-back season; Yankees not in the market for an outfielder.

8. Russell Martin — signed with Blue Jays
Top catcher on the market; turned resurgent season into five-year deal.

9. Nelson Cruzstill available
Coming off career-high 40 homers; Yankees are committed at DH and right field.

10. Yasmany Tomasstill available
The top international free agent; another outfielder who doesn’t fit the current Yankees roster.

16. Chase Headleystill available
Yankees showed immediate interest; strong fit as mid-season addition in 2014.

19. Aramis Ramirez re-signed with Brewers
Never truly a free agent; mutual option exercised to keep Ramirez in Milwaukee.

20. Colby Rasmus still available
Inconsistent but still young; Yankees have no need for another left-handed center fielder.

21. Jed Lowriestill available
Could be an option at second or short; offensive power was down this season.

23. Asdrubal Cabrerastill avaiable
Could be an option at second or short; offense is down but still 29 years old.

24. Nick Markakis -- still available
Seemed close to re-signing with Orioles; another outfielder who doesn’t fit the Yankees roster.

25. Adam LaRochesigned with White Sox
Left-handed power hitter; should split time between first base and DH in Chicago.


"Without the Lord, I cannot do it."  Mariano Rivera - 9/22/13

2 days ago  ::  Nov 26, 2014 - 4:51PM #10094
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Happy Thanksgiving to all.


"Without the Lord, I cannot do it."  Mariano Rivera - 9/22/13

13 hours ago  ::  Nov 28, 2014 - 1:40PM #10095
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Not so thankful: Where do the Yankees have their greatest need?

iFrame Removed

Joe Girardi, Brian Cashman

Enough with holiday happiness. On to the greater issues at hand.

There’s so much attention understandably focused on the Yankees need for a shortstop, but that’s hardly the only position of weakness on the current roster. Based on the guys currently in place, here’s an attempt to rank the positions in terms of immediate need. It’s hard to compare a pitching staff against an individual position, but I’d go with something other than shortstop at the top of the list.

Michael Pineda1. ROTATION — Even if everyone is healthy, the Yankees still have a rotation opening coming out of spring training. Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda, CC Sabathia and Shane Greene can fill four spots, but there’s still an opening while the Yankees wait for Ivan Nova to fully recover from Tommy John surgery. David Phelps, Bryan Mitchell and Manny Banuelos are really nice bits of rotation depth — with Luis Severino waiting in the wings — but given the overwhelming health concerns of the top three starters, it’s hard to overlook the clear need for a starting pitcher. Doesn’t have to be an ace, but the Yankees need someone.

2. SHORTSTOP — How many teams are fully satisfied with their starting shortstop? Almost every shortstop in the game either doesn’t hit enough, doesn’t field enough, doesn’t stay healthy enough, or isn’t nearly young enough. It’s a position of imperfection, and right now the Yankees have an imperfect solution in all-glove, no-bat Brendan Ryan. It’s a position of definite need and certainly a position that could be upgraded, but it’s not like there’s absolutely nothing in place. One caveat: At the very least, the Yankees absolutely need a backup shortstop. After Ryan, the position depth completely disappears.

3. SECOND BASE — I honestly think you could make the case — though not a particularly strong one — that the Yankees current roster has greater need at second base than at shortstop. What they have at shortstop is a guy who’s proven he can defend the position, but has not proven he can hit. What they have at second base are two guys who have never been considered especially strong defensive players, and who haven’t proven they can hit in the big leagues. The fact Martin Prado is floating out there as an alternative eases the desperation, as does the fact both Jose Pirela and Rob Refsnyder have shown legitimate promise.

4. BULLPEN — Relievers are too unpredictable to think of them individually. They must be a collective, and depth is essential. Each one might have a role to play — some roles more important than others — but it can’t be a one-man show. That means, as great as Dellin Betances was last season, the Yankees need more. Shawn Kelley and Adam Warren have been good, and Justin Wilson is a nice addition, but the bullpen is still an arm short. If it’s not Dave Robertson who fills the void, it has to be someone.

5. THIRD BASE — Without making another change to the Yankees roster, you’d have to assume one of the young guys handles second base and Martin Prado starts at third. That’s why I put third base fifth (even though we all know the two positions are really intertwined). Based on what’s in place, third base has a logical everyday starter in Prado, a wild-card who could be productive in Alex Rodriguez, and a handful of prospects in Eric Jagielo, Dante Bichette Jr. and Miguel Andujar. If the Yankees add a third baseman, it’s really in an effort to upgrade second base by moving Prado.

Carlos Beltran6. RIGHT FIELD — The short-term concern here is all to do with Carlos Beltran’s health and production (which are two pretty important factors for any player). The Yankees committed to Beltran last year, and they have little choice but to stick with him next year. He’s coming off a bad season, though, and it’s hard to look at Chris Young’s entire 2014 campaign and think he’s a lock to provide everyday production should Beltran stumble. Tyler Austin could be an in-house replacement at some point, but he’s basically had a half-year of production in the past two seasons.

7. FIRST BASE — If Mark Teixeira hits like he did in the first three months of this season — with that .474 slugging percentage that’s not too bad by today’s standard — then the Yankees should have at least a power threat at first base. If he continues to slide like he did in the second half, then the Yankees might be in trouble. Providing an immediate alternative is Kyle Roller, who hit pretty well in Triple-A last season and should be in the same role next season (provided he’s not taken in the Rule 5 draft). There’s also Greg Bird who’s slated for Double-A and could hit his way into the big league mix by September.

8. LEFT FIELD — Although he was long considered a fourth outfielder, Brett Gardner just made Buster Olney’s list of the Top 10 left fielders in baseball. Behind him, the Yankees also have Young looking for another opportunity to hit his way into regular at-bats. Beyond that, there’s Ramon Flores, who’s having a great winter and looked pretty good in Triple-A before hurting his ankle this season. There’s also Pirela, the second baseman who has considerable experience in left. It’s a position of relative strength, just not overwhelming strength.

9. CATCHER — Even after a disappointing season, Brian McCann still counts as a pretty good everyday option behind the plate. he has a good reputation with his pitchers, and he showed his power late in the year by hitting eight home runs in the month of September. Beyond McCann, the Yankees have a legitimate young player in John Ryan Murphy, plus a potential backup in Austin Romine, plus a high-potential prospect in Gary Sanchez. McCann’s first season left a lot to be desired, but it certainly didn’t leave the Yankees in the market for a catcher.

10. CENTER FIELD — Not only is Jacoby Ellsbury still one of the better center fielders in the game, but the Yankees also have both Gardner and Young capable of playing the position should Ellsbury go down with one of his fluke injuries. Ellsbury’s a long-term answer locked into a long-term contract, and just in case, the Yankees have Eury Perez still on the 40-man while they hold out hope that either Slade Heathcott or Mason Williams — or both, why not? — will eventually live up to the raw potential they showed just a few years ago.


"Without the Lord, I cannot do it."  Mariano Rivera - 9/22/13

10 hours ago  ::  Nov 28, 2014 - 3:51PM #10096
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Three possible Black Friday deals for the Yankees

Could these potential trades help settle Brian Cashman's winter wish list?

11/28/2014 10:17 AM ET

By Lou DiPietro

Could J-Roll be the short-term solution to the long-term project of replacing Derek Jeter?(AP)

Black Friday is upon us, and this year, the biggest holiday shopping day on the calendar is the beginning of a four-week bonanza that will last until Kris Kringle has slid down his last chimney.

When it comes to baseball, there is no true day like Black Friday, as it sometimes takes all winter (if not longer) for teams to check all the items off their offseason shopping lists. Already this year, Brian Cashman has dipped into both the free agent and trade markets to bolster the Yankees' 2015 roster, but there's still plenty of items on the Yankees' wish list and plenty of options to fulfill them.

The Hot Stove is always fired up and certainly takes care of scouting the former market, but in the spirit of Black Friday, we have put on our armchair GM hats and come up with three interesting trade possibilities that, given the parameters and the needs of both the Yankees and the other team involved, could work in both teams' favor if investigated. We're not saying that one, any, or all of them could or even should happen, but they're certainly made to generate discussion.

YANKEES receive: OF/1B Nick Swisher and IF Mike Aviles
INDIANS receive: OF Carlos Beltran and a pitching prospect

It was reported last week that the Indians could be looking to move Swisher and take on a similar contract in the process, and Beltran's deal is identical with what's left in guaranteed money (two years, $30 million). For the Yankees, Swisher could slot into his old place in right field and give the team a true backup for Mark Teixeira - and then, if his 2017 option vests, serve one of a variety of roles depending on the status of a few prospects - while Aviles (one year, $3.5 million with up to $500K in incentives) gives the team a veteran utility player who can fill in at six different positions and complement Martin Prado to give the Yankees a ton of flexibility.

Cleveland, meanwhile, gets a veteran in Beltran who can DH more often than not, snags a pitching prospect of some sort (maybe a Bryan Mitchell type?) to add to their young rotation, saves a few million on Aviles (and perhaps another $14 million in 2017 if Swisher's option vests), and, most importantly, opens up spots for infield prospects Zach Walters and Jose Ramirez.

YANKEES receive: SS Starlin Castro, OF Chris Coghlan, 3B Luis Valbuena
CUBS receive: OF Brett Gardner, C John Ryan Murphy

A blockbuster indeed, but it fills a number of needs.

The Yankees need a shortstop, of which the Cubs have three in Castro, Javier Baez and prospect Addison Russell (who is likely headed to Triple-A this year), and with their glut of upper-level outfield prospects, they could be looking to sell high on a player in Gardner who is coming off a career year but has a very team-friendly deal to get it. The Bombers also need a versatile corner infielder, one who could back up (or even take over for) Alex Rodriguez at third while also being able to spell Mark Teixeira at first.

On the other hand, the Cubs have their own glut of outfield prospects, but Jorge Soler is just arriving and a few others are at least a couple years away, so they could certainly use a veteran presence - especially a strong leadoff hitter if Castro leaves - to steady that group. They are also in the market for a catcher, as they have very little strong depth behind Welington Castillo and were rumored to be heavy suitors for Russell Martin before he signed with Toronto.

Castro's remaining deal with the Cubs (five years and roughly $47.5 million plus potential bonuses, with a $16mm option/$1mm buyout for 2020) is almost identical to Gardner's extension (four years at $48mm with a $12.5mm option/$2.5mm buyout for 2019), and his acquisition would give the Yankees a long-term solution at a position where they have very little depth in the upper levels. They would also get a former Rookie of the Year in Coghlan, who had a strong season and give them two years of immediate outfield help, as well as that needed corner infielder in Valbuena, who also has two years of team control and would allow the Yankees to deploy Martin Prado elsewhere.

The Cubs, meanwhile, get an explosive leadoff man who can play left or center, add a young emerging catcher, and open up the left side of their infield for Baez and top prospect Kris Bryant (and eventually Russell).

YANKEES get: SS Jimmy Rollins
PHILLIES get: SS Brendan Ryan, RHP Shawn Kelley, and a pitching prospect

And if the Yankees don't/can't get Castro? Then perhaps it's another shortstop who is an icon in his city, in this case Jimmy Rollins, who can fill the bill as Derek Jeter's immediate replacement. Rollins, who will make $11 million this season in the final year of his current contract, could veto the trade, but with the Phillies for sure in rebuilding mode, the chance to play for a potential winner in New York could be enticing, and he could certainly handle it.

It would be a shock if J-Roll recaptured his MVP form of 2007, but even so, he hit .243 with 17 homers and 55 RBI last year, plays good defense (he last won a Gold Glove in 2012), and has played 137 or more games in all but one of his 14 full seasons.

In return, the Yanks could send Ryan, who could hold down Philly's shortstop fort in 2015 and 2016 until J.P. Crawford is ready, as well as a reliever - we included Kelley based on his one year of arbitration eligibility remaining and the fact that he could close if the Phils moved Jonathan Papelbon - and another lower-level pitching prospect as well.

Follow us on Twitter @LouDiPietroYES and @YESNetwork for more.

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