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1 hour ago  ::  Aug 29, 2016 - 4:25PM #13441
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Jan 14, 2016 -- 11:18AM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:


Born August 2

1672 - Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, Swiss scholar – “his name is my name too” and whenever we go out, the people always shout you know you make me wanna shout  oh, come on now, bhjoe, you are such a silly jingleheimer sorry Jakob say, let me tell you something...please don't forget to kick your heels up n' throw you hands up n' tip your head back... I pulled a muscle just reading your response

1775 - Jose Angel Lamas, composer – he looks mahvelous sounds like he should be a soccer player with with flowing locks down to his...aah, down to his..well, withvery, very long hair I understand perfectly then you also must understand the very low pain threshold and miraculously quick recovery...inexplicable; but a necessity well, necessity is the mother of invention  so what?!? we are talkin FUTBALL here; not mothers inventing stuff well Walter Camp's mother should be credited with something. Sorry, I have no idea who invented soccer
1826 - William Denison Whipple, Bvt Major General (Union Army) – please don’t squeeze the charmin had a classmate in graduate school named Whipple...wonder if he's related  related to who? or is it whom? Denison?...good excellent division three school oh yes, the Wild Whipplesnappers of Denison Tech are you getting enough Vitamin D? are you suggesting I should eat more cheese?
1923 - Shimon Peres, Israeli Labor Party leader/prime minister the stress and strain such individuals must live thank you! no welcome for me too I have read this remark a number of times...I understand what you mean; and yet it makes no sense whatsoever...very unique well many say I make no sense whatsoever as well too   this is really terrific you would actually have to be senseless in order to understand this...which I do...and yet, the statement is totally they give Pulitzer Prizes or this sort of thing? well, I believe they should if not they do, but being rewarded for meaninglessness seems to be an oxym0r0n or at least a conflict of meaning. or is it meaninglessness?
1924 - Carroll O'Connor, NYC, actor (All in the Family, Heat of the Night) – STIFLE!! really terrific...I see that Rob Reiner has performed a Center Stage with Michael Kay...I'm sure it is great he's a meathead. saw meathead in a old episode of "Batman" as a flower delivery man. how did he do?...did he nail it...was he believable?...did he get a tip? did well ... he did ... he was ... he didn't excellent!...... concise and to the point...were the flowers pretty? thankyou, I was going for that, they were
1925 - Jorge Rafael Videla, Argentinian dictator – liked onions mmm, caramelized...oh yeah...with bacon and calf's liver, now were talking! mmm that sounds delicious we have so much in common...such sophisticated palates that is the only sophisticated part I got it's wonderful...we are all's all good thanks for reassuring me

1960 - Apollonia, [Patricia Kotero], Santa Monica Ca, actress (Purple Rain) Apollonia...(not this particular young lady) is the patron saint of dentists...isn't that a great nugget for the day wow, dentists have patron saints? is there any group that does not? very strange in my mind, but then my mind is strange I guess you could consider  a saint somewhat like an "anchor" to keep one focused...who may intercede for us...the patron saint of law enforcers is none other than St. Michael the Archangel...pretty cool, huh? (now, please don't get me started on Mike's sainthood because I thought you had to be human in order to be a saint and an angel is not, nor has ever been there you are not sure how an angel would place their faith in Jesus as their Savior, but .... perhaps we will just move on  yes, movin on boss, but one quite query...there are angels, yes?... oh my yes. the Bible says that angels are created beings and serve many functions, such as watching over us. We, however, do not become angels after death as some people think.

John 3:16 * Ephesians 2:8-9 * Romans 10:9-10 * John 14:3-6 * Romans 5:8
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