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23 hours ago  ::  Sep 01, 2014 - 6:22PM #9791
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No game on Labor Day ... this stinks.


"Without the Lord, I cannot do it."  Mariano Rivera - 9/22/13

4 hours ago  ::  Sep 02, 2014 - 1:48PM #9792
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Aug 29, 2014 -- 2:39PM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:

On August 19, 1909, the first race is held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, now the home of the world's most famous motor racing competition, the Indianapolis 500. Not a sport. precisely, just a competition amongst machines...not a sport  I think we have substantially professed this opinion and it should now be a commonly held international viewpoint.
Born August 19
1342 - Katharine of Bohemia, Duchess of Bavaria – nonconfromist hahaha really goo one and a good one also...seaking of goo and Bavaria, do you suppose Katharine knew how to make creme doughnuts...I'm not allowed to have them...I've been told they clog up your prostate among other  things I am sure Kate was an awesome doughnut maker. I too should avoid these delectable indulgences
1859 - Charles Comiskey, 1st basemen/manager (Chicago White Sox) – baseball pioneer wow! and he even had a ball park named after him do the White Sox still play there no they have moved to US Cellular FIeld
1871 - Orville Wright, Dayton OH, aviator (Wright Brothers) – aviation pioneer how come these boys from Ohio flew their plane in North Carolina? the wind was better in NC, by the seashore
1902 - Ogden Nash, Rye NY, humorous poet (I'm a Stranger Here Myself) a very clever of my favorites..."you are only young once; but you can be immature you whole life"... 
1931 - Willie Shoemaker, jockey (won 8,833 of 40,350 starts) - giddyap do you suppose he knew Robin whatshername most certainly
1946 - Bill Clinton [William Jefferson], Hope AR, 42nd US President (1993-01) – first black president?? ??? I'm confused...please explain writer Toni Morrison called Clinton "the first Black president", because he grew up in a single-parent household, was born poor, and was a working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald's-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas
1955 - Ned Yost, baseball player and manager is he the Kansas City Royals manager?...he's pretty good and I like him He is. well done!
1956 - Adam Arkin, Bkln, actor (Busting Loose, Pearl, Northern Exposure) – Alan’s boy I am much more familiar with Alan me too
1963 - John Stamos, Cypress California, actor (General Hospital, Full House) – Uncle Jesse good show that developed a few troubled kids sadly.  But not all of them
1965 - Kevin Dillon, NY, actor (Heaven Help Us, Remote Control, Platoon) – Matt’s bro I don't know fact I didn't know Matt had a brother Kevin who was an actor...I wonder if he is a Boston Red Sox fan...hahahahahaha  you scamp
1965 - Kyra Sedgwick, actress (Phenomenon, Singles, Julia-Another World) – Mrs. Bacon   Mrs. Kevin Bacon?...truly?...he is very fortunate...I did not know this...golly, I'm not goin very well here...I think I need to subscribe to People magazine nah, don't waste your money
1966 - Lee Ann Womack, country musician wonderful...thank you...I know her and I know this song...guess I'm goin to make it after all  but of course you will
1973 - Roy Rogers, NBA forward (Boston Celtics) – Happy Trails say, let me ask you something is Trigger frozen or stuffed? smoked and cured
John 3:16 * Ephesians 2:8-9 * Romans 10:9-10 * John 14:3-6 * Romans 5:8
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