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Sticky: It's All About the Yankees and Everything Else
5 days ago  ::  Dec 13, 2017 - 12:50PM #14941
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Dec 7, 2017 -- 1:28PM, bomberhojoe wrote:

Nov 29, 2017 -- 9:45AM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:


After a loooonnnng delay, and no outcry whatsoever, we present (we??) a NEW entry to the YES Almanac!

On this 11th day of April in the year of our Lord 1970, Apollo 13, the third lunar landing mission, is successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying astronauts James A. Lovell, John L. Swigert, and Fred W. Haise. The spacecraft’s destination was the Fra Mauro highlands of the moon, where the astronauts were to explore the Imbrium Basin and conduct geological experiments. After an oxygen tank exploded on the evening of April 13, however, the new mission objective became to get the Apollo 13 crew home alive. Lovell reported to mission control: “Houston, we’ve had a problem here.” I remember this vividly...what a nail biter...never saw the movie...the phrase has become so famous and fact I use it quite often when people are ignoring me or not paying strange to be back to burnt orange first reply...does this mean I'm catching up?...HAH! Oh my yes, you are almost there! oh my , oh my! this post couldn't have come at a more timely time???...does that sound/look right?...oh well, you know what I mean...I'M HERE...I'm current, no more attempting to post from the more six months in arrears (hmmm?...haven't seen that word in awhile) we shall simply consider the past six months a "right off"...let's say I was indisposed and was told to get current and attempt to stay current for mental health reasons...yeah, that's the everything is good, okay?...or do I need a doctor's excuse? no doctor excuse necessary, we are all certain you need medical attention oh I am so glad we all can agree on this day and age do you have any idea how rare that is?...we should all be so proud of ourselves...say, let me ask you something, why are you typing green again? are supposed to be typing blue...after green comes red and after red comes...oh never mind, you go ahead and type whatever you want...I will figure it be honest with you I am a wee bit testy because I realize I am already 3 to 4 pages behind again..and I refuse to get all nervous and jittery about this again...I refuse to start losing sleep about this again...I refuse to completely lose my appetite (this part is a lie, of course) again...let me tell you something, there should be some rules and regulations about the number of consecutive posts a person is allowed to make...I'm surprised Mo hasn't mentioned this in the past...I will continue to try to catch up; but I think  after 4 (possibly 5) consecutive posts a person should stop...go downstairs and post awhile...or go outside...maybe the backyard or even the garage and not post again here until someone else has...however, when I am struggling to catch up the rules don't apply to me..I have special privileges...Mo has granted them to me because she loves me the that we have that perfectly crystal clear let us move right along

On April 17, a last-minute navigational correction was made, the repressurized CM was successfully powered up after its long, cold sleep. Just before 1 p.m., the spacecraft reentered Earth’s atmosphere. Mission control feared that the CM’s heat shields were damaged in the accident, but after four minutes of radio silence Apollo 13‘s parachutes were spotted, and the astronauts splashed down safely into the Pacific Ocean.

Born April 11
1370 Frederick I the Warlike, elector of Saxony - with a nickname like this, it's safe to assume he was not a peaceable fella I definitely agree what do you suppose is an elector of Saxony? probably what we would call a lobbyist sorry I asked...this is sort of sounding "political" and we sure as hech don;t want to get Mo excited again so soon nope, the Yankees can get her excited but not us good thinking; wise man

1913 Oleg Cassini, fashion designer (Jackie Kennedy), born in Paris, France - would he have been as famous had he dressed Bess Truman? ya' know this sort of thing is very difficult to determine...not that Bess was any more or less attractive than fact, I never thought Jackie was attractive...simply very photogenic you are such an insightful fellow me, insightful?...nope, it was the photographers who were/are insightful...I'll tell you two others that fall into the same category, in my opinion, Cher and Cindy! no! not Cindy, she is very fine...I mean the "Pretty Woman" lady...her name happens to slip my mind at this moment...maybe I need to be indisposed a bit longer...HAH! I believe you mean Julia Roberts or perhaps Robert Julius??? yep, that's the one...thank you for remembering her for what does everyone think?...attractive or simply photogenic? with your eyes; not your heart...I have contracted Neilson and they will tally the votes and report on their results

1931 Johnny Sheffield, actor (Boy-Tarzan Finds a Son), born in Pasadena, California - I thought he played Cheetah? what Cheetah?....a real live Cheetah; or a Boy named Cheetah...any relation to Gary?...Justus?...or the gentleman who makes knives? knives?? you mean Sam Bowie? no not the Bowie one...Sam Sheffield from across the pond (I really dislike that expression)      please be aware you have to be 18 to watch this website....son of a gun we are far too old...oh well...say, let me ask you something do you think Justice will make the 40 man roster?...will CC be part of the rotation?...or assigned to the bull pen or possibly share the pitching coach duties with David Cone?, that's way too much New York Yankee stuff for now...where were we?...oh yeah, knives...I used to have a Bowie knife (way before I was 18, by the way)...I think it is next to my baseball cards in my mother's base...oh never mind... I'd like to see El Duque as pitching coach, hope CC will be back I am convinced CC will be back...Orlando would be an excellent choice! exciting for all

1950 Bill Irwin, Santa Monica, actor (My Blue Heaven, Scenes From a Mall) - funny fellow amaeing!...have you ever tried do you suppose he did this...I really want to know...if anyone out there knows this very cool stunt, please message me...I really need to know

maybe he had accordion parts for legs well wouldn't we have heard the accordion parts playing some sort of tune while he was walking down the stairs?...perhaps a polka? oddly it was not a polka, but a waltz this would for sure be the selection...I am convinced:

1955 Piers J Sellers, English astronaut and climate scientist, born in Sussex (d. 2016) - was great in those "Pink Panther" movies yes indeed...liked him a lot...did not know he was an astronaut and a global warming person also Personally, I've never warmed to this global warming hypeMuUGpnZBvuM personally I think global warming is overrated...and if such a condition truly exists it has probably been caused by the extinction of the dinosaurs... or flatulent elephants always know just the right thing to write in order to keep us on task

1970 Trevor Linden, Medicine Hat, NHL right wing (Canucks, NY Islanders) - I think I've heard of this fellow yep...great name for a city his wife must be Elizabeth Elizabeth Medicine Hat?, no you are confusing her with Jane Seymour...maybe not sure Ive ever confused anyone with Jane Seymour, well maybe Jacqueline Bisset say, I am embarrassed to admit that I am still unable post still images and make them stay in the post after I select would you be kind enough to post mages of Jane and Jackie so we can determine if they are identical twins...thank you

1980 Mark Teixeira, Yankees baseball player - I was always a big fan me too...have you noticed no New York Yankee is wearing #25...why? I haven't noticed and I do not know why. Please tell us!! I have no idea...that's why I was asking you...CLIPPER!!!...anyone?...feel free to chime right in...this is a legitimate, New York Yankee topic Mo will not take away your posting privileges or hack your emails...or blow up your...oh, never mind... such violent imagery, thank you for stopping when you did, I was starting to get scared. still waiting for answer people...I can be extremely patient, believe you suppose players will shy away from #28 as well...I predict Austin Romine will be wearing #25 this season considering he gave #27 to Stanton...comments...thoughts opinions...don't be shy...chime on in

"...let it be known that as of this date in Major League Baseball history the one, truly honest single season home run record...61 in '61..."
4 days ago  ::  Dec 14, 2017 - 11:12AM #14942
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Dec 13, 2017 -- 11:27AM, 115by7and9in61 wrote:


On this 21st day of April in the year of our Lord 1918, in the skies over Vauz sur Somme, France, Manfred von Richthofen, the notorious German flying ace known as “The Red Baron,” is killed by Allied fire. Snoopy continues to profess his innocence. I am certain he is innocent...Snoopy would never shoot the Red Baron down dead...he ejoyed his pizza too much to consider the way, did the Royal Guard do any other songs? yes, but it appears they were mostly covers covers?...covers you say...bed covers...swimming pool covers...are we there yet? ground covers actually. and we have been there for some time now
Born April 21

1816 Charlotte Brontë,English novelist (Jane Eyre), Thornton, West Yorkshire – was her sister also famous?  yep, actually sisters oh, I see ... as opposed to sisters is there any chance you might be able to help me understand what is going on here...please? but of course, back in the early 1800s there were sisters who were not "sisters", but rather "sisters". it is a confusing relationship at times, but if you consider the familial applications and implications, you will find it is really quite simplistic in its most basic terms, Generally speaking, you will find these women to be quite relatable in their relationship with their relatives.

1887 Joe McCarthy, Yankee manager – 1460 – 867 with Yankees, 7-1 in World Series wore a suit and tie...not a uniform...who started with the the way, was he a Communist? I often wonder why only baseball coaches wear uniforms. Wouldn't it be fun to see NFL coaches with helmets and shoulderpads .... OHHHH, he was not a Communist, he was actually a Whig can you imagine???...NFL coaches wearing full uniforms...what an image, my brain is laughing at this right out loud...and just think if Joe McCarthy had been an NFL coach instead of an MLB manager he wouldn't have had to wear a silly old Whig under his helmet...forgive me you are quite forgiven. and it was the other Joe McCarthy who was involved with communists
1911 Leonard Warren, baritone, NYC, New York (Met-1939-60) died on stage, what do you do for an encore?? WOW!...poor soul...did not know this...what was he singing at the time? encore for this poor fellow appearing as Don Carlo in Verdi's "Forza del Destino," collapsed onstage after singing the aria "Urna fatale del mio destino" ("Fatal urn of my destiny") Hmmm? you suppose they cremated him and put him in the urn when all was said and done? that would certainly be appropriate

1926 Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, 1952- ), London, England – is it LIZ or Betsy? I am to understand her very closest friends call her Libby and a young chap back in 1944, affectionately called her Angle Cake hmmm?...can't imagine who would have had such a lovable nick name her except maybe Prince Philip? it would be indiscreet of me to respond

1935 Charles Grodin, Pitt, actor, Woman in Red, Lonely Guy, Heartbreak Kid) – funny fellow very...why didn't we think to cast him in Seinfeld? you were thinking during the casting??? you are right of course...there is no thinking in do you suppose M*A*S*H will progress? thinking allowed based on the rules (no thinking) you have set forth, I have no idea how it will progress.
1935 Robin Dixon, England, 2 man bobsled (Olympic gold 1960) this is definitely a sport...right?...actually, maybe not...hmmm? are any conveyances sports I have given this some considerable thought and you are absolutely correct...unless you might reconsider calf roping? I have never considered calf roping, so I am not sure I can reconsider it

1949 Patti LuPone, Northport NY, actress/singer (Evita, Life Goes On) – don’t cry for her very talented...was the original Grizabella in Cats, the musical meow wasn't she involved or supposed to be involved in "Eight Is Enough?"...a very great show by the way she was the original choice to play the little boy Nicholas, but a scheduling conflict did not allow her to take the part

1951 Tony Danza, (Tony Banta-Taxi, Tony Micelli-Who's the Boss), Brooklyn, NY – Joe Girardi lookalike never thought of that until now...poor Joe, I am very sad for him me too. I would have preferred he stay and Cashman leave yep...I had it all figured out...Cashman was going to fall off the side of a building and become physically and mentally disabled...Alex Rodriguez was going to take his place as General Manager until he eventually bought the franchis you should write crime dramas
John 3:16 * Ephesians 2:8-9 * Romans 10:9-10 * John 14:3-6 * Romans 5:8
4 days ago  ::  Dec 14, 2017 - 1:01PM #14943
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On this 14th day of December in the year of our Lord 1799, George Washington dies at his Mount Vernon home along the banks of the Potomac. Our first president and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. Known for his wooden teeth and love of cherry pie …. or something or other
Born December 14
1503 Nostradamus [Michel de Nostre-Dam], French astrologist and prophet (Les Propheties), Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France – prophet!?! HA! He was a mediocre guesser
1546 Tycho Brahe, Danish astronomer (Golden nose), Knudstrup, Denmark – wasn’t this a James Bond villain?
1738 Johann Antonin Kozeluch, composer
1789 Maria Agata Szymanowska, composer
1829 John Mercer Langston, 1st African American to hold US political office - groundbreaker
1830 Allen Thomas, Brigadier General (Confederate Army),
1832 Daniel Harris Reynolds, Brigadier General (Confederate Army),
1837 William Wells, American businessman, politician, and Brevet Major General (Union Army), Waterbury, Vermont
1870 Karl Renner, Austrian Chancellor/president (1918-20, 45-50) – funny man, so good on the D!ck Van **** Show
1873 Marie-Alphonse-Nicolas-Joseph Jongen, composer
1875 Dobri Khristov, composer
1877 Lieven Duvosel, Flemish music writer/composer (Leiecyclys)
1896 James Doolittle, USAF General who conducted the raid on Tokyo in 1942, Alameda, CA – veterinarian??
1902 Frances Bavier, American actress (The Andy Griffith Show), NYC – Aunt Bea
1908 Morey Amsterdam, American comedian and actor, San Franciso, CA – even funnier on the D!ck Van **** Show
1911 Spike Jones, composer (In a Secluded Rendesvous), Long Beach, CA – one of my dad’s favorites
1919 Felix the Cat, anthropomorphic cartoon character created in the silent film era by Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer
1920 Clark Terry, American trumpeter, St Louis, MO
1922 Don Hewitt, American CBS news executive producer (60 Minutes), NYC
1925 Sam Jones, baseball player – not the sad one
1932 Abbe Lane, singer and wife of Xavier Cugat (Xavier Cugat Show), Brooklyn, NY – wasn’t this the name of a Beatles album?
1935 Lee Remick, actress (Days of Wine & Rose, Long Hot Summer), Quincy, MA
1935 Lewis Arquette, actor (Horror Show, Book of Love), Chicago, IL – patriarch of the troubled family
1938 Hal Williams, actor (Pvt Benjamin, 227, Sanford & Son), Columbus, Ohio – good actor
1939 Ernie [Ernest] Davis, American football player 1st African American to win Heisman Trophy (1961) – college football great
1943 Frank Allen, rock vocalist (Searchers-Needles & Pins)
1946 Patty Duke, actress (The Miracle Worker), New York – didn’t she have a twin??
1946 Ruth Fuchs, German DR, javelin thrower (Oly-2 gold-72, 76) – its pronounced …..
1948 Dee Wallace Stone, [Deanna Bowers], Kansas City Kansas, actress (Critters, 10, ET)
1949 Bill Buckner, California, 1st baseman, error cost Red Sox 1986 world series - OOPS
1960 James Comey, American lawyer and former FBI director, Yonkers, NY – in all the papers last year
1963 Cindy Gibb, actress (Search for Tomorrow, Youngblood), Bennington, VT - crush
1964 Chelsea Noble, actress (Kate-Growing Pains) – lovely lady
1965 Craig Biggio, infielder (Houston Astros), Smithtown, New York – hall of famer
1967 Ali Wood, WPVA volleyballer (US Open-13th-1995), Long Beach, CA – I wouldn’t
1969 Dave Nilsson, Brisbane Australia, catcher (Milwaukee Brewers)
1981 Johnny Jeter, American professional wrestler – John-eeeee Jeeee-ter
1988 Vanessa Hudgens, singer and actress – went off the tracks, but may be back on
1992 Tori Kelly, American singer – lovely

John 3:16 * Ephesians 2:8-9 * Romans 10:9-10 * John 14:3-6 * Romans 5:8
3 days ago  ::  Dec 15, 2017 - 12:11PM #14944
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On this 15th day of December in the year of our Lord 1791, Virginia becomes the last state to ratify the Bill of Rights, making the first ten amendments to the Constitution law and completing the revolutionary reforms begun by the Declaration of Independence. My favorite is the Right to Arm Bears.
Born December 15
37 Nero, 5th Emperor of Rome (54-68), Antium, Italy (Roman Emperor Nero) – was not a fan of Christians
1534 Lucas Osiander, German composer, Nuremberg
1567 Christoph Demantius, composer
1574 Samuel Besler, German-Polish composer, Brzeg
1610 David Teniers II, Flemish courtpainter (Theatrum Pictorium) – ewww, Flemish paint
1648 Gregory King, English statistician (Natural & Political Observations) – YEAH, I’ve got a few political observations for him
1657 Michel-Richard Delalande, French baroque composer, Paris – if it aint baroque, don’t fix it
1803 August Freyer, composer
1812 Isidor Dannstrom, composer
1821 Auguste Emmanuel Vaucorbeil, composer
1822 Edward Stephen, composer
1823 Friedrich Gottlieb Schwencke, composer
1830 Francesco D'Arcais, composer
1832 Gustave Eiffel, French engineer and architect who designed and built the Eiffel tower, Dijon, France – looks like a high voltage transmission tower
1842 Henry Gadsby, composer – was this guy Great?
1863 Arthur D Little, American chemist (patented rayon) – changed the fabric of society. (I am so sorry)
1881 James Schneider, American actor (The Key to Yesterday, Keystone Kops), NYC
1892 J. Paul Getty, American oil magnate and billionaire (Getty Oil), Minneapolis, MN – brother can you spare a dime
1907 Oscar Niemeyer, Brazilian architect (Brasilia) – my bologna has a first name …
1922 Alan Freed, Penn, DJ, accepted payola/introduced term "rock-n-roll"
1928 Jimmy Nelson, ventriloguist (Nestles, Farfel), Chicago, IL – I saw his lips move
1933 Tim Conway, Willoughby Oh, comic (McHale's Navy, Carol Burnett Show) – VERY funny man
1939 Cindy Birdsong, rock vocalist (Labelle-Rainbow, Supremes), Camden, NJ
1942 Dave Clark, rock drummer (Dave Clark 5-Glad All Over), London, England
1944 Stan Bahnsen, pitcher (NY Yankee, 1968 AL Rookie-of-year)
1946 Carmine Appice, musician (Have You Heard, Keep on Rolling), NYC – great drummer
1946 Art Howe, American baseball player and manager
1949 Don Johnson, Flatt Creek, MO, actor (Miami Vice, Nash Bridges) - EHH
1957 Tim Reynolds, German guitarist (Dave Matthews Band), Wiesbaden, Germany
1967 Mo Vaughn, American MLB first baseman (Boston Red Sox, MVP-1995), Norwalk, CT – intimidating presence
1972 Rodney Harrison, American NFL safety (San Diego Chargers), Markham, IL
1981 Roman Pavlyuchenko, Russian football player – sounds like a name for a chess player
John 3:16 * Ephesians 2:8-9 * Romans 10:9-10 * John 14:3-6 * Romans 5:8
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