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GIO TO THE NATS...that's why billy beane..
9 years ago  ::  Dec 22, 2011 - 4:48PM #1
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Is Billy Beane. As much as I hate the way he tries to rape our farm system I do recognize GM's that are talented and whether you admit or not he knows what he has doing there in oakland and has done it for a while with a limited payroll.. he can ask for  whatever he wants and one foolish team will give him a big return. The nats traded cole and 3 other good young talented kids ....which would translate to Manny, Dellin, Montero and maybe even nova forthat matter. Good job Cash in not over paying and while alot of the boards are complaining I will say it again....LISTEN TO CASH WHEN HE IS INTERVIEWED.

    I believe he said that he couldve done alot this offseason but that it wouldnt make sense and that he would have to face the public for paying such high prices in tlent...COME ON PEOPLE OUR BEST $ PROSPECTS ...for Gio? as strong as he is a pitcher...he isnt LIGHTS out and tends to be wild at times. The Only time I would pay the price is for a  SANDY KOUFAX, RANDY JOHNSON, ROGER CLEMENS (u get my point) type. Other wise watch our kids grow and even if 2 more of them pan out (see nova, cano, gardner0)we will be very strong and other GM's will drop prices just to get one of them as a centrtpiece.Great job Billy.....BUT EVEN BETTER JOB CASH FOR NOT BUDGING.   Our pitching isnt where it needs to be but its getting there....PATIENCE PEOPLE.

                                           The deacon has
9 years ago  ::  Dec 22, 2011 - 5:38PM #2
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the deacon is wise

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