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Will he or wont't he?
6 years ago  ::  Apr 02, 2012 - 7:24AM #1
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.......return the money????...what say you?

Top Obama re-election campaign donor accused of fraud

Published April 02, 2012

| Associated Press

JoeGNJ - 2Timothy 4:7 - Acts 20:24
6 years ago  ::  Apr 02, 2012 - 9:06AM #2
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Why would he?  I've been accused of many things in my life that haven't been true.

6 years ago  ::  Apr 02, 2012 - 12:22PM #3
prof. quiz
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He probably will return the donation because of the negative press whether this lady is guilty or not.

I'm not a fan of these contributions since Citizens United gave corporations and anyone for that matter the green light to give as much as they want. The Gingrich campaign was single handedly kept afloat these last few months by a $10 million donation by the Adelson family who just cut the purse strings to his rotund, ethically challenged marianette. This is the same guy who bragged Delay was in his pocket. I wonder what this guy wanted in return?

Obama's camp does divulge the names of these "bundlers" while the Romney side is keeping his donors private. Besides losing in Nov and having to travel by bus with the commoners what is the 1%er Romney afraid of?

Thanks to those 5 knuckeheads on the SC every politico has to go after this tainted money to be competitive but at what cost to fair and balanced legislation.

6 years ago  ::  Apr 02, 2012 - 2:31PM #4
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They should ALL return the money ... Citizen's United is an absurdity!

6 years ago  ::  Apr 02, 2012 - 4:45PM #5
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Dont hold your breath....they happily took scum buckets Mahr's cool million.

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