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The Happiest Days of My Life
3 months ago  ::  Jan 26, 2014 - 12:03AM #61
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Jan 21, 2014 -- 10:26PM, craner7 wrote:

How are you doing Jorge? The best to ya. [beerchug]

Good, craner, thanks. How bout you? Have you met your Brooklyn friend?

3 months ago  ::  Jan 26, 2014 - 11:59AM #62
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Jan 25, 2014 -- 11:58PM, jorgecostanza wrote:

Jan 19, 2014 -- 12:15PM, GottaGoToMo wrote:

Jan 18, 2014 -- 1:28AM, jorgecostanza wrote:

Jan 17, 2014 -- 9:13PM, GottaGoToMo wrote:

Jan 17, 2014 -- 8:41PM, jorgecostanza wrote:

Jan 8, 2014 -- 11:28AM, GottaGoToMo wrote:

Jan 8, 2014 -- 1:05AM, jorgecostanza wrote:

Dec 23, 2013 -- 8:50AM, GottaGoToMo wrote:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jorge.


Hi Jorge ... thanks for updating the thread ... I enjoyed reading your latest entry ... it's so much fun to read the love of baseball coming from memories of someone's youth ... being a female, I never had the opportunity to play the game I love to watch ... well, more like I just wasn't the type to play ... a friend of mine played softball ... but I'm enjoying reading your memories of the love of the game.

All my best to you for the New Year.

Thanks, Mo. It's nice to know someone is enjoying reading these. Now I have a question for you: I have stated that I bat left-handed, but haven't said if I throw right or left. Can you hazard a guess?

I'm thinking you're a rightie ... how'd I do?

Correct. I'm assuming that the way you said it, it was an educated guess, which was what I was trying to ascertain. Flyincolors. 

Jorge, I don't remember if you wrote about it ... but exactly who first taught you about baseball and brought you to love the game so much.

I guess I was finally mature enough to understand the rules on that day in the first post, Mo, because I seemed to pick up everything all at once. My father taught me some, but mostly we just played and played and played, and only weather or lack of available participants stopped us. When we weren't playing, we were talking baseball, studying the sports page, (remember, no ESPN, internet, or cable) or watching any game we could, which were few and far between. Our local Channel 8 carried one Yankee game on the weekend, and unless we'd get an rare reception surge from Channel 11, that was the Yankee viewing we got. Since we lived equidistant between New York and Boston, we'd also get a Red Sox game on Channel 3, again, once, on the weekend. Black and white. A big treat was the Sunday New York Times Sports Page which listed the Top 100 hitters in each league. Loved that list! The daily boxes back then didn't carry the up-to-the-minute averages that they do now, so we'd just mentally keep track as to how our favorite players were doing by box-score watching. But that's when we weren't playing, which we usually were. In fact, right in front of our house was a road sign that said, Children at Play. LOL 

I remember as a child that the boys were always outside playing baseball ... our block was like a miniature stadium!  LOL


"Without the Lord, I cannot do it."  Mariano Rivera - 9/22/13

2 months ago  ::  Feb 26, 2014 - 8:35AM #63
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Got, what a read! Have spent a lot more time on this forum than I intended ... There is more to come?

2 months ago  ::  Feb 27, 2014 - 5:47PM #64
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Feb 26, 2014 -- 8:35AM, ismelle wrote:

Got, what a read! Have spent a lot more time on this forum than I intended ... There is more to come?

Yes, I promise. Glad you like it.

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