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Dec 4, 2012 -- 4:45PM, ArtVandelay wrote:

Dec 4, 2012 -- 2:03PM, 78Bombers wrote:

Dec 4, 2012 -- 1:49PM, ArtVandelay wrote:

Dec 4, 2012 -- 1:43PM, Walton wrote:

Dec 4, 2012 -- 1:36PM, ArtVandelay wrote:

Dec 4, 2012 -- 1:20PM, Walton wrote:

On the HOF...........I read where they did a preliminary survey of perhaps 10% of the voters {I guess there are about 600 people who vote for the Hall of Fame many of which are somehow linked to the AP} so that is perhaps 60 voters. The results were telling. I believe Clemens got a preliminary 45% of the vote, Bonds 43%, and Sosa 16%. "They" {whoever wrote the article} indicated you need a minimum of at least 80% {to start} in order to get in. I'd just like to say that if anyone out there would like to make a little wager on these guys I'd be glad to do it with you. I'll give you double or nothing. I'll take the side that says they WON'T get into the Hall of Fame and as I said I'll give you double or nothing if I'm wrong. No talk. No discussion. No opinions. No rationalizations. I've got more chance of getting into the Hall of Fame than they do. My dog does.

anone who wouldn't take that bet is a fool...  double or nothing?  do you know even what that means?...  ok, I'll wager $1,000,000 - if I win you give me $2,000,000 and if I lose I owe you nothing!!!  I don't think they'll get in either but heck, the bet doesn't cost me a dime!

BTW - I think you really meant to say you were giving 2 to 1 odds....

                I think you've lived in California too long Art. Breathing alot of that air out there.  Where I come from {in the Northeast} "double or nothing" is a term meaning I'll give you 2-1, in other words if you win on a hundred dollars I'll give you 200 dollars and if you lose you have to only give me 100 dollars. I suppose if taken literally one would argue it means if I win I get 200 and if I lose I pay -0- but you KNOW what I mean't. Bottom line. These guys are NOT going to the Hall anytime soon. Anyone who thinks they have a chance must be buying land in Guatamala with a "view of the water."

double or nothing actually means you already lost a previous even money bet and instead of paying it off you are offering to let the other guy double up on his previous win or it's a wash for both sides....   double or nothing is NOT 2 to 1.....

Art is correct...double or nothing means you already won the bet and you are trying to compound it.  If you lose the other guy is off the hook on losing the first best.  He now owes you nothing.  If you win the other guy has lost twice and owes you twice the money.

Bonds & Clemens will get it...it might not be on the first vote but they will get in.  There will be no * or qualification.  Baseball and the HOF are a business.  It will be bad for business not to let arguably the best hitter (don't like the guy) or the best pitcher of their era in the HOF.

they need to let Sosa in only so I can see how much more f-d up his face has gotten...

They need to keep him OUT.... so I don't have to see how much more f'd his face is again!

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